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									                   Wexford Village Homeowner’s Association
                             Fall 2010 Newsletter

As you walk around the many miles of paths within Wexford Village, you can see the
personal pride that individual homeowners have in their homes and yards. During
these difficult financial times, there seems to be a greater emphasis on the quality
within our home and our yards. Also, you may have observed the personal
ownership that many individuals and families have taken in response to the physical
appearance of the neighborhood’s circle islands. In addition, board members have
done some intensive pruning and grooming on some of the islands and along the
various bike paths. We express our appreciation and thanks to the Wexford
residents that have contributed time and financial resources on the maintenance on
several of the cul de sac islands. Again, we ask if you have any concern about the
appearance of any island, please contact any Wexford board member.

We have had very few major expenses during 2010. We have just completed re-
grading and surfacing of the 250 linear feet of path adjacent to Applehill Circle at the
cost of $4000. Bartelt Paving has also resurfaced several path areas that did not
weather very well after the 2008 application.

PKK Lighting has completed the task of removing three light poles and replacing
them with a centralized light near Applehill Circle and East Newhaven at the cost of

TDS, along with their contractor, White Construction, have spent several weeks
within Wexford Village on a project to install and enhance a fiber-optic network. This
entailed significant digging and trenching and has created many areas of barren
surfaces on private yards and Wexford greenways. These areas were seeded and
protected with straw. Hopefully, nature will replenish the areas. Any concerns of
incomplete restoration may be addressed to TDS.

Several members of the Wexford Board worked with Jerry Watts in tilling the soil and
removing the weeds in the two ice rink areas in Wexford Park. In addition, the City
of Madison has graded the rinks to minimize water drainage during the winter.

The ice rinks have remained very popular with the youth and adults as well during
this past winter. However, we truly need more volunteers to give a few evenings
each winter to spray and resurface the ice rink. Since we do not have a Zamboni,
we must rely upon volunteers to complete this task. If you are interested in helping
with the ice rink, please contact Ken Schmidt at kschdt@charter.net

The Fourth of July Parade and Picnic was successful. The crowd was down slightly,
but it was noted that there seem to be many very young children (i.e. less than five
years). We are not sure, but this may be an indication of a change in the
demographics within Wexford, with younger families establishing residency within
Wexford. It was also noted that we had difficulty finding volunteers to assist with
the parade and picnic. In the next request for volunteers that arrives with your
annual dues notice, please consider volunteering for this and other events.

Wexford Village continues to recruit for the editor of the Wexford Watch. We are
continuing with our plans to publishing an electronic version. If you are interested in
being the editor, please contact any board member.
Financially, Wexford is below budget in expenses, with only two more months in our
fiscal year. At this time, we probably do not anticipate any increase in Wexford fees
for 2011 from the current $90 for individual homes and $45 for condos

Contracts for the maintenance of Wexford Village greenways remain with the
following contractors:

   1. Snowplowing with MCJ Services.
        Wexford Village is obligated to plow sidewalks in nine isolated areas that are
        adjacent to Wexford greenways and a 600 foot section of sidewalk at the
        intersection of Old Sauk Road and Gammon Road
   2.   Greenway mowing with Barnes.
        Wexford has had the contract with Barnes for over 15 years with a total
        contract price of about $23,000 per year, which represents about 40% of our
        total annual budget. This year, we reached or exceeded our total contractual
        20 cuttings per year due to the early growing season and persistent rainfall.
        Because of our long term relationship, Barnes will not charge us for the
        excess cuttings.
   3.   Lights with PKK Lighting.
        We have about 100 light poles dispersed along our 30,000 linear feet of
        walking/bike paths. At this point, we have not had any major repair issues
        aside from the occasional lights burning out or perpetual lights on. Typically,
        we do the last check of lights in mid November. No additional work on the
        light repair will be made during the winter unless there is an issue of personal
        safety. We have just completed the task of painting numbers on the all light
        poles and mapped them to a grid. Rather than reporting a location problem,
        residents need only to identify the problem and the pole number.
   4.   Greenway herbicide/fertilizer with Tru-Green.
        Tru-Green has applied a fall fertilizer and broad leaf herbicide to the Wexford
        Greenways. Because of the significant invasion of crab grass in many of the
        greenways and islands, the board is considering applying an early spring
        application of herbicide/crabgrass prevention. Both programs cost about
        $2200 per application.

Please mark your calendar for the Wexford Village Annual meeting to be
held on Tuesday, November 16th at 7PM at the Highpoint Church.

Don Michalski
Wexford Village Homeowner’s Association Board President

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