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Timeline Group 5


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									                                                                                                                                Jem and Dill grow closer
Scout retells the story of                                                                    Scout receives the first gift     and Scout is left out and
when Jem broke his arm in                                                                     from the knothole the two         starts spending time with
the incident that happened                                                                    gums in the tree at the           Miss Maudie Atkinson.
years ago. Scout tells about                                                                  Radley’s. Scout and Jem           Miss Maudie tells Scout
her family history. She tells   Scouts first time at school,    Scout bashes Walter for       receive the second gift           about Boo how he is still
about Atticus being             she finds out that her          getting her in trouble, Jem   from the tree two Indian          alive and that he was a
successful laywer, the Cook     teacher Miss Caroline           intervenes and invites        head pennies. School ends         good boy unlike the
Calpurnia and how her           Fisher cares little for kids.   Walter for dinner. During     and Dill is back, they roll in    rumours and lies the town
mother died when she was        Walter poor family can’t        the dinner Scout criticises   tyres and when Scout              put out. Jem and Dill
two. Scout and Jem meet a       afford food and can’t repay     Walter on how he ate and      rolled into the Radley’s          planned to give a note to
boy Charles Baker Harris or     Miss Caroline Fisher’s          Calpurnia scolds at scout     Jem made the game Boo             Boo to get him out. While
referred to as Dill. Dill is    quarter she was willing to      for it. At school Burris      Radley. The game got more         trying to place the note
fascinated by the rumours       lend. Scout trying to           Ewell scares the teacher      and more like acting out          Atticus catches them and
and the stories of Arthur       explain the situation,          with the cootie and then      the Radley family and then        orders them to stop
“Boo” Radley and seeks to       frustrated the teacher and      upsets the teacher and        Atticus caught them and           tormenting that man with
lure him out.                   hit her hand.                   leaves.                       they ended the game.              either notes or the game.

Jem and Dill obeyed Atticus     School starts, Jem tells        First time in years           Scout nearly starts a fight       Scout saw Atticus as a
till the last day Dill was in   Scout he found the pants        Maycomb had a real            with Cecil Jacobs when            good for nothing old man,
Maycomb, Jem, Dill and          mended and hung over the        winter, there was even        Cecil states Atticus defends      until the day when a mad
scout creep into the            fence the night he lost         snow. Miss Maudie’s house     niggers. Atticus was asked        dog wonders down the
Radley’s, they left when        them. The presents they         was burned to the ground.     to defend Tom Robinson.           street towards the
they saw a shadow and           found when days passed          Scout was given a blanket     Around Christmas, Jack            Finches’. Calpurnia called
they ran, shotgun fired         by a sop that resembled         by Boo and Jem figures        comes to stay with Atticus.       Atticus and he returned
from the behind. Jem lost       them, then gum, a spelling      that it was also that Boo     On Christmas Day they             with Heck Tate. Heck had a
his pants in the fence.         bee medal and an old            that gave them the gifts.     head out to the Flinches          rifle and asked Atticus to
Later Jem retrieves the         pocket watch. After the                                       landing where Aunt                shoot the dog. In
pants                           knothole had been filled                                      Alexandra lives. Francis          amazement Scout and Jem
                                with cement, Jem asked                                        tells Scout that Dill is a runt   saw Atticus take out the
                                Mr. Radley why and Mr.                                        and Atticus is a Nigger           dog in one shot from a
                                Radley said the tree was                                      lover, Scout beats up             great distance. Miss
                                dying.                                                        Francis and Francis tells         Maudie tells Jem and Scout
                                                                                              Alexandra and Jack. Scout         a story about Atticus when
                                                                                              tells Jack her side of the        he was young that he was
                                                                                              story and made him                the county’s best shot
                                                                                              promise not to tell Atticus.      “One Shot Flinch”.
                                                                                              Scout hears the
                                                                                              conversation between Jack
                                                                                              and Atticus about the Tom
                                                                                              Robinson case, that he has
                                                                                              no chance on an all white
Mrs. Dubose a                                                                                                               A week after Dill’s arrival, a
cantankerous old Lady who                                                                                                   group of men led by Heck
always shouted at Jem and                                                                   Scout asked Atticus what        Tate, comes to visit Atticus.
Scout. Atticus warns Jem to                                                                 rape is and Atticus             As Tom’s Trial in nearing
be a gentleman towards                                                                      wonders how she heard           they moved him to
her, but one day Mrs.                                                                       the word and the trip to        Maycomb jail but think a
Dubose said Atticus is no                                                                   Celpurnia’s church comes        lynch has arisen. Atticus
better than the nigger and                                                                  up. Alexandra tries to          takes the car into town.
trash he works for. This                                                                    convince Atticus to not let     Jem, Dill and Scout follow
enrages Jem and he                                                                          them go to the church and       Atticus to town. A group of
trashes her camellias.                                       Aunt Alexandra explains        get rid of Calpurnia, Atticus   men came and demands
Jem’s punishment was to                                      she stay with the kids for     refused to do so. Jem           Atticus to move, Atticus
read to Mrs. Dubose,           Jem had become twelve         awhile, to give them a         lectured Scout which Scout      refuses and Scout comes
which Scout accompanies        and treats Scout different.   feminie influence.             was offended by and             out of hiding, Jem and Dill
him. Mrs. Dubose dies a        Dill Doesn’t come this year   Alexandra thinks Jem and       attacked Jem. Atticus           follow after. Atticus orders
little more than a month.      to spend time with his new    Scout lack the pride of the    broke it up and sent them       them to go home but Jem
Atticus tells Hem that she     dad. The state legislature    name of Flinch and wants       to bed where Jem and            refuses. Scout recognizes
was addicted to morphine       of which into session in      to place that pride into       Scout find Dill. Jem tells      Mr. Cunningham and she
and that the reading was       state capital for two week.   them. She orders Atticus to    this to Atticus. Atticus gets   starts to talk to him about
to combat the addiction.       Calpurnia takes the kids to   lecture them on the            Dill eat, then gets into        his legal entailment and his
Atticus gives Jem a box        her church for blacks. They   subject of their ancestry.     Jem's bed to sleep, but         son. Mr. Cunningham is
that Mrs. Dubose gave to       return home to find Aunt      Atticus makes a valiant        soon climbs over to Scout's     ashamed and then tells his
her maid for Jem in it was a   Alexandra waiting for         attempt but succeeds only      bed to talk things over.        men to clear out. Atticus
single white camellia.         them.                         in making Scout cry.                                           takes the kids home.

The trial begins , people      Mr. Glimer, Question Heck     Mayella who was to testify     Tom testified that he           Mr. Raymond gives Dill a
from all over the county       Tate, to recount what         next testified against Tom.    passed the Ewell going to       drink from his paper page
came to watch, only Miss       happened on the night of      Atticus cross examination      work. He recounts, what         which was not alcohol but
MAudie refused to go. Jem,     November 21, then Atticus     on Mayella he finds that       Mayella asked him to come       coca-cola. When they
Dill and Scout slipped into    cross examines the witness    she is a life is unhappy and   inside and fix the door.        return Atticus is finalising
the court to prevent           and no doctor was             lonely, Atticus asked why      Then she kissed Tom, Bob        his point, that Tom was
Atticus from noticing but      summoned. Bob Ewell was       she didn’t fight back, why     saw and enraged, Tom ran.       innocent that there was no
they did it too late and       next for the question and     couldn’t the kids here her     Mr. Gilmer cross examines       doctor involved can’t prove
miss the seats and sat with    Atticus cross examined and    screams and how Tom            Tom. Mr. Gilmer points out      that Tom raped Mayella.
the Reverend Sykes in the      finds Bob is left handed.     Robinson Managed the           Tom was once arrested           As soon as Atticus finished
balcony where blacks were                                    crime when his left arm        and was strong. Tom said        Calpurnia comes into the
to sit.                                                      was useless. Atticus pleads    he felt sorry for Mayella       courtroom.
                                                             Mayella to admit there was     which was a bad idea. Mr.
                                                             no rape and that her father    Gilmer accused Tom of
                                                             beat her. Mayella enrage       lying about everything. Dill
                                                             scream at Atticus and then     begins to cry, and Scout
                                                             burst into tears. Atticus      takes him out of the
                                                             calls Tom to the stand.        courtroom, where they
                                                                                            encounter Mr. Raymond.
                                Jem cries and angered         Bob’s threats were             Alexandra invites her
                                about the injustice of the    worrisome to everyone but      missionary to tea. Scout,
                                verdict. The next day         Atticus. Tom Robinson has      wearing a dress, helps
                                                              been sent to another           Calpurnia bring in the tea,
                                Maycomb’s black
                                                              prison. Atticus thinks his     and Alexandra invites
                                population delivers huge      got a chance to get Tom a      Scout to stay with the
                                amount of food to Atticus.    pardoned. When Scout           ladies. Scout listens to the
                                Neighbourhood was             asked what will happen if      missionary. Miss Maudie
                                questioning Jem and Scout     Tom loses, Atticus says        shuts up their nonsense.       Scout thinks Jem acts more
                                bout the trial, but Miss.     that Tome will go to the       Atticus calls Alexandra to     and more like a girl and not
                                Maudie calls them in for      electric chair.                the kitchen. There he tells    her. She remembers Dill
                                                              Jem trying to argue against    her, Scout, Calpurnia, and     saying that they say Atticus
                                cake. Jem complains that
Calpurnia hands Atticus a                                     justice. Atticus tells Jem.    Miss Maudie that Tom           on the way back home
note, that the kids where       Maycomb was not the           That one man on the jury       Robinson attempted to          when Helen collapsed even
gone. Mr. Underwood tells       town he thought it to be,     wanted to acquit               escape and was killed. He      before Atticus could tell
Atticus where Jem and           Miss Maudie points out        amazingly, was the             takes Calpurnia with him to    her Tom was dead.
Scout were. Jem, Scout and      that there were people        Cunningham. Scout              tell the Robinsons’ of         Maycomb rumours of a
Dill return home for            who tried to help, like       announces that she wants       Tom's death. Alexandra         black man doing wrong
dinner. When they return        Judge Taylor. The jury took   to invite Walter to dinner,    asked Miss Maudie how          was just a typical thing. Mr.
they find the jury still gone                                 but Alexandra expressly        the town lets Atticus wreck    Underwood writes a story
                                so long because someone
and the court room full. At                                   forbids it. Scout is furious   himself in justice. Maudie     of a murder of a innocent
just about midnight the         or some people wanted         and Jem takes her to his       replies the town trusts him    man, then a rumour of Bob
jury enters and convicted       Tom to be innocent. Miss      room and try to cheer her      to do right. They return       saying one down and
Tom guilty. Everyone            Stephanie runs over to tell   up.                            managing to act as if          about two more to go.
slowly empties.                 them Bob spat on Atticus                                     nothing is wrong.              Summer ends and Dill
                                and swore revenge.                                                                          leaves.

School starts her teacher,      Bob Ewell gets a job with     That Halloween, the town       It is dark on the way to the   Bob jumped on Scout and
Miss Gates, lectures the        the WPA and loses it a few    sponsors a party and play      school and Cecil Jacobs        was stuck on the suit and
class Hitler and about          days. Judge Taylor is home    at the school. The play is     jumps out and frightens        when he got loose he
                                alone and hears someone       an “agricultural pageant”                                     broke Jem’s arm and
equality and democracy.                                                                      Jem and Scout. The play
                                prowling around. Bob Ewell    in which every child                                          grabbed Scout then Boo
Scout listens and asked                                       portrays a food; Scout         starts but Scout fell asleep   got Bob off her. Scout runs
                                then begins to follow Helen
Jem how Miss Gates can                                        wears a wire mesh shaped       and mucked the play up.        home to see a man with
                                Robinson to work, keeping
talk about equality and tell    his distance. Deas sees       to look like ham. Both         Scout is so ashamed that       Jem with him. Alexandra
Miss Stephanie Crawford         Ewell and threatens to        Atticus and Aunt Alexandra     she ruined the play that       calls Dr. Reynolds Atticus
that it was about time that     have him arrested if he       are too tired to attend the    she and Jem wait               calls Heck Tate. Alexandra
someone taught the blacks       doesn't leave Helen alone.    festivities, so Jem takes      backstage until the crowd      removes Scout's costume,
                                The events worry              Scout to the school.                                          and tries to comfort her,.
in town a lesson. Jem                                                                        is gone before they make
                                Alexandra, who points out                                                                   Dr. Reynolds arrives and
becomes furious. Scout,                                                                      their way home. On the         goes into Jem's room.
                                that Ewell has grudge
upset, goes to Atticus for                                                                   walk back home, Jem hears      When he informs Scout
                                against everyone
comfort.                        connected with the case.                                     noises behind him and          that Jem has a broken arm
                                                                                             Scout. Jem and Scout gets      and a bump on his head,
                                                                                             attacked by Bob Ewell.         but that he will be all right.
                                                                    Scout takes Boo down to
                                                                    the porch, and they sit in
                                                                    shadow listening to Atticus
                                                                    and Heck Tate argues. Heck
                                                                    insists on calling the death
                                                                    an accident, but Atticus,
                                     As Scout tells everyone        thinking that Jem killed
                                     what she heard and saw,        Bob Ewell, doesn't want his
                                     Heck Tate shows her            son protected from the
                                     costume with a mark on it      law. Heck corrects him
                                     where a knife slashed and      Ewell fell on his knife; Jem
                                     was stopped by the wire.       didn't kill him. Although he   Scout takes Boo upstairs to
                                     When Scout gets to the         knows that Boo is the one      say goodnight to Jem and
                                     point in the story where       who stabbed Ewell, Heck        then walks him home. He
                                     Jem was picked up and          wants to hush up the           goes inside his house, and
                                     carried home, she turns to     whole affair, saying that      she never sees him again.
      Scout goes in to see Jem.      the man in the corner and      Boo doesn't need the           But, for just a moment, she
      Boo was in the room but        really looks at him for the    attention of the               imagines the world from
      Scout does not recognize       first time. He is pale, with   neighbourhood brought to       his perspective. She
      him. Heck Tate appears         torn clothes and a thin,       his door. Tom Robinson         returns home and finds
      and tells Atticus that Bob     pinched face and               died for no reason, he says,   Atticus sitting in Jem's
      Ewell is lying under a tree,   colourless eyes. She           and now the man                room. He reads one of
      dead, with a knife stuck       realizes that it is Boo        responsible is dead: Let the   Jem's books to her until
      under his ribs.                Radley.                        dead bury the dead.            she falls asleep.

The message the reader is suppose to find in this book, is killing the Mockingbird, this could be done by people prejudge people in wrong ways, like the
blacks in this case Tom Robinson was accused of something he didn’t do and guilty and shot dead facing a fate he didn’t deserve, but if he had been
white it would have ended differently. People misjudge people on there mistakes and over exaggerate it like Boo, Arthur Radley, he was judged
because the he stabbed his father and he was in a gang. He was different because he didn’t like being social and people make bad lies and rumours
because of that trying to lure him out or tormenting him is wrong.

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