The Lazy Rabbits by jutawan4emas


									The Lazy Rabbits

Children's story about two friends.
In a forest lived a pair of friends. They are a rabbit and a squirrel. Every day they spend time
together. One day, a squirrel said to the rabbit, "Let's make a nest. Now it's already rainy
season. When it rains, we have shelter. "" Yes, you're right. But let me rest a bit, "replied the
rabbit. In the evening, it was raining heavily. Squirrel and rabbit shelter under trees. They
were wet and cold. "Where we have nests, we certainly will not get wet like this," said the
squirrel. "Yes, you're right!," Replied the rabbit. "Tomorrow morning we will make a nest,"
said the rabbit again.

  The next morning, the weather was so good. Menbuat rabbit squirrel nest invite. "We better
go looking for wood to make a nest," said the squirrel. "But not now," replied the rabbit. "We
still have plenty of time. Let us go and look for food. I'm very hungry! "Squirrel shook his
friend and see attitude. In the evening, it rained again. Squirrels and rabbits wet from the
homeless. "It would be nice if we have a nest," said the squirrel. "Tomorrow we must make a
nest. I do not want to continue like this wet when it rains. "Rabbit companions pemalasitu
ignoring complaints. "We'll wait for tomorrow only one," said the rabbit.

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