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									Novex Group Insurance

 Air Cadet League of Canada
 Ontario Provincial Committee
What is group personal insurance?

 A program that provides the opportunity for
   eligible members of the OPC group and
 some of their immediate family members to
purchase home & auto insurance at preferred
  Advantages to your the OPC

•  Preferred rates for members
•  Voluntary involvement
•  An additional no-cost benefit
   offers added value to your
•  Novex and broker dedication to
   establishing strong and lasting
   partnerships with you
Advantages to members of the OPC

•  Members enjoy savings offered by group buying power
     −  Group discount on home & auto insurance
     −  Additional savings on each car if member owns 2 or more cars
     −  Wide range of additional discounts available such as non-smoker,
         mature, claims-free, mortgage-free
•  No service or interest charges
•  Flexible and convenient payment plans to suit individual member needs
•  Expert advice on all their insurance needs
•  Service handled by licensed brokers
   About Expo Insurance Brokers Inc.
    Contact us at 905- 212- 7007 or
• Active supporter of the Air Cadet League of Ontario for 20 years, with full understanding on how the
   league operates, and how valuable it is to support your volunteers who work for the betterment of
   the cadets!
• Member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario
• 100% Commitment to Success of Program.
•  5200 Dixie Road suite 204 Mississauga, Ontario
  About Novex Group Insurance

It’s always better to be part of a group.
•  For more than a decade, Novex has been delivering
   individual home & auto insurance to members of
   employee and association groups.
•  We sell our products through independent brokers,
   across the country and in your community and/or
   through our dedicated call centre
•  We’re a member of Intact Financial Corporation
   (formerly ING Canada Inc.), a wholly Canadian-owned
   company and the largest provider of home, auto and
   business insurance in Canada
Why OPC Novex Group Insurance?

We offer a unique combination of products &
services that you won’t find anywhere else!

Our product suite

    my home & auto™
    Responsible Driver Guarantee®
    my umbrella™
    my name™ Identity Theft Assistance Plus
    Novex Assistance services
    TravelWell®
    24/7 Claims Service Guarantee
    Rely Network™
  my home & auto             ™

Members can combine their
home & auto policies and save!

 convenience                savings
  one package                15% on car insurance
  one payment                5% on home insurance
  one expiry date

no worries
√ easipay – flexible and convenient payment options
√ one deductible will apply if there’s a claim on both the home and
        auto policies at the same time
√ extra personal liability available with my umbrella™
     Responsible Driver Guarantee                         ®

     Even a responsible driver can have a bad day.
     Shouldn’t your insurance company see that?

As a matter of fact, we do.

That’s why we created our Responsible Driver Guarantee. It’s our guarantee that
your members won’t be penalized after their first at-fault accident.

The first at-fault accident is treated as if it never happened. We guarantee your
members’ premium and good driving record won’t change.* And they keep their
claims-free renewal discount. If they have a second at-fault accident, it will be
treated as if it were their first.

*Certain conditions and restrictions apply.
 my umbrella            ™

Extra personal liability over
over and above my home & auto
Ideal for:
•  Home or condo owners
•  Owners of cottages, rental properties, boats, snowmobiles
•  Well-established individuals
•  Community volunteers

my home & auto benefit – 5% package discount applies
Extra peace of mind for your members!
my name Identity Theft Assistance Plus

you are unique
        don’t let anyone take that away from you

•  Reimburses costs associated with restoring lost
     identity such as legal fees, lost wages, and more
•    24/7 assistance & advice
•    Legal information service
•    Guidance throughout the resolution process
•    Easily added on to any property policy
•    No impact on claims record
•    Peace of mind for your members!
  24/7 Claims Service Guarantee

If faced with an emergency claims situation…

Your members can call 1 866 464 2424 at any time of the day or night. They
  will be instantly transferred to a claims representative who can authorize
  cash transfers to cover hotel, clothing and transportation expenses, and
  dispatch 24/7 suppliers to make emergency repairs.
There’s more.
We guarantee that within 30 minutes of their call in an emergency situation,
  they will be put in touch with a claims representative or we will write them
  a cheque for the amount of their annual premium, up to $1,000.
 Novex Assistance

peace of mind
Novex Assistance services are provided to all Novex
customers at no extra charge. The services are there
for members of your group and anyone else in their
household when they need them.

 Legal Information Service
        speak directly with a lawyer to get answers to legal questions

 Family Care Assistance (available on property policies only)
        emergency baby-sitting, homemaking, housekeeping, nursing
        services and NEW online referral resource

travel often, covered always
Affordable, comprehensive emergency medical and travel insurance for
your members and their families.

two plans to choose from
Basic                                               For all types of travel…
• Up to $5,000,000 in emergency medical insurance   •    Frequent flyer
                                                    •    Sunny southern getaway
All Inclusive                                       •    Cross border shopping
• Up to $5,000,000 in emergency medical insurance   •    Last minute deals
• Trip cancellation & interruption                  •    Trips with your grandchildren
• Baggage loss, damage, delay
Rely Network           ™

Quality service. Guaranteed.
•  The Rely Network is a carefully selected group of
   qualified auto repair shops, building contractors and
   other specialized repair facilities.
•  We guarantee complete satisfaction by recommending
   a Rely Network vendor.
•  Our Rely Partners work closely with us to keep repair
   costs down, which ultimately helps keep premium costs

In a nutshell…
•  Faster repairs – work can begin immediately
•  Convenient – close to your clients, multiple estimates not required
•  We guarantee the repair
•  Priority service from our Rely Partners
    In closing….

Why should the OPC enjoy the benefits of Novex Group Insurance?

                      •    Preferred premiums
                      •    Financial strength and stability
                      •    Plans developed to meet your needs
                      •    Unique products and services
                      •    Novex & Broker work as a team on your behalf

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