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									Exercise and Cellulite

Cellulite problem? We all know how it looks, but a lot of misconceptions about it more
contagious. The first thing you need to know that in a real medical sense, cellulite is simply
fat old.

But it has features such as dimpled or orange fruit that looks like the skin peeled. This is the

Everybody has connective tissue that separates fat selsel into the space above the surface of
the box your muscles. Men have a horizontal pattern of squares or crossed fat, while the fat
compartments patterns of women are as a honeycomb pattern in which fat is more prominent
or berbonjol.

As a result women tend to have more cellulite than men, especially around the hips and
thighs. Cellulite will be more pronounced in tandem with increasing age.

This is because the skin becomes thinner over time and generally occur when people in the
age 30 years and above.

Of course not everyone will get cellulite in their lifetime. That is because of genetics that
determines where your fat cells are located and how many fat cells you have.

The level of activity is also an important factor associated with cellulite. If you exercise
regularly, is likely to reduce cellulite or even if there's the problem of cellulite less noticeable.

No immediate treatment

Unfortunately, too many people still believe in the idea of a quick and easy recovery. Be
careful with cellulite cream and treatment methods such as fat suction and cosmetic
treatments such as body wraps.

This method is usually not successful. Actually no cream applied to the skin can penetrate the
skin and rearrange the fat cells beneath the surface.

While suction fats, designed to remove excess fat deposits but it does not change the
appearance of fat.

For body wraps, the effect is only temporary. Fat can be compressed, when you do it just
wraps your skin smooth but your skin will return to normal the next day.

Among other misconception is the only diet can lose fat. Although there is a diet that makes
you lose weight, at least a quarter of the weight lost is muscle.

It reduces your metabolism, but if you go back to eating normal range, you might get back the
previous weight because of low metabolism.

Cellulite Solution
Experts suggest that cardio exercise program combined with two to three weight training
sessions a week with a healthy diet practices.

Such an approach is shown to work and respond well. Its a form of cellulite reduction
program that is easy for you to follow.

Must have an element of exercise such as weight training for 20 minutes with five types of
exercises for the upper body and five for the lower body.

Accompanied by more than 20 minutes of brisk walking or jogging. Target heart rate around
70 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate.

You are suggested to do this program at least three days a week. Through these programs, you
can run down about one kilogram per week, or about 8 kilograms of weight after two months.

But if you combine an exercise program with good eating habits (diet based on the food
pyramid), you can actually achieve twice the fat loss.

Brief exercise

Exercise program does not have to be so complicated to be good. For weight training, various
tools can be used as dumbbells, rubber bands, its own weight and machine force

Still not sure where to start? One or two sessions with a qualified personal trainer can help
you get started on the right track.

You must be realistic, the results will not happen overnight. A consistent exercise program
and often combined with a proper diet can help. Not only improve the appearance but your
overall health as well.

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