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					Monterey Downs
 More Than an Equestrian Village
The goal of the Monterey Downs project
is to balance nature with everyday
living. Monterey Downs plans to
become the model for equestrian
communities by providing new:

   •   Jobs
   •   Tourism
   •   Recreational Amenities
   •   Educational Opportunities
   •   Residential Neighborhoods
Monterey Downs is on less than 2% of former Fort Ord land
               Fort Ord History
• Between 1945 and 1975, the
  Fort Ord Army Base housed
  and trained some 1.5 million
• The resident population
  totaled 31,270 in 1991.
• An estimated 21,000 jobs
  were lost as a result of the
  base closure.
• The population of Marina and
  Seaside declined by 18,700
                   Fort Ord Reuse Plan
                      1998 APA Outstanding Planning Award
The Fort Ord Reuse Plan was
developed in concert with the Habitat
Management Plan (HMP).
The Reuse Plan and HMP preserve                              Downs
habitat while supporting economic
recovery after closure of the base.

The 28,000 acres of Fort Ord were
split up as follows:
  18,000 – habitat reserve
  4,000 – open space, parks, public
  facilities, and visitor serving uses
  2,300 – education and research
  2,000 – residential
  1,500 – office and retail
  Remaining - R.O.W. and Army
     Monterey Horse Park History
• An equestrian venue has
  been a part of the Fort Ord
  Reuse Plan since it was
  approved in 1998.
• In 2005, the Monterey Horse
  Park entered into an ENA with
  the County to develop its park
  on 390 acres.
• The project is designed to be
  able to host the World
  Equestrian Games, Olympic
  Trials or the Olympic Games.
            Bringing it All Together
• In 2009, the Monterey Horse
  Park partnered with the
  Monterey Downs team to
  bring the new vision to life.
• A new synergy of uses was
  needed to make an
  economically feasible project.
• Monterey Downs has also
  included the veterans
  cemetery in its EIR and
  Specific Plan to move the
  project forward as well.
              Monterey Horse Park
• Plans to host around 50
  events/shows per year
  including western and FEI
• FEI disciplines include
  dressage, driving, endurance,
  eventing, para-equestrian,
  reining, show jumping and
• The Monterey Horse Park
  plans to partner with CSUMB,
  MPC, equine therapists and
  local youth organizations.
                      Sports Arena
The Sports Arena will be
designed to accommodate a
variety of events such as:
• Dog Shows
• Concerts
• Indoor Graduations
• Veteran Events
• Car Shows
• Trade Shows
   –   Gourmet Food
   –   Bridal
   –   Antiques
   –   Home Garden
           Equine Training Facility
• State-of-the-art
  thoroughbred training
• Develop young racehorses
  and rehabilitate older
• Create a new industry of
  jobs including, grooms,
  stable hands, exercise
  riders, barn foreman,
  assistant trainers, farriers
  (blacksmiths), nutrition
  specialists, veterinarians,
  veterinary technicians.
                    Country Walk
• Connecting the Horse
  Park and Training Facility
  will be an open-air town
  center known as Country
• Country Walk will include
  restaurants, outdoor
  cafés, shops, museums,
  office space, a movie
  theater and a farmer’s
• This pedestrian-friendly
  environment will not allow
  vehicles except for horse-
  drawn carriages.
                   Hotel and Office
• The project will include a
  hotel and office component
  located within walking
  distance to Country Walk.
• The Hotel will cater to
  business travelers, parents of
  students attending local
  colleges, and guests
  attending local events.
• The additional office space
  will help achieve a project-
  wide jobs/housing balance.
            Tennis and Swim Center
• The Tennis and Swim Center will offer
  both recreational and competitive
  sports to the community.
• Tennis and Swimming are both life
  long sports that parents can teach and
  play with their children.
• Recreational sports help build
  confidence, self-esteem, teamwork,
  and create a sense of achievement.
• Competitive sports bring participants
  in from around the world.
• Currently planned to have around 20
  competitive swimming events through
  the year.
         Residential Neighborhoods
• A variety of housing choices
  will be provided, including
  apartments, courtyard homes,
  and various single-family
• Affordable, seasonal
  residences will be provided in
  a hotel-style format.
• Residential communities will
  be conveniently located within
  walking distance to
  recreational, commercial and
  office uses.
                 Veterans Cemetery
• By including the veterans
  cemetery in the EIR and
  Specific Plan, the site will be
  rezoned from open space to a
  cemetery, a needed change to
  move forward.
• Monterey Downs pays for the
  cost of the preparation of the
  EIR and Specific Plan for the
  veterans cemetery.
• If either the EIR or Specific
  Plan is challenged, Monterey
  Downs will pay for the cost of
                  Trails and Staging Areas
•   Uses within the Village
    will be interconnected
    by an extensive trails
•   Trail access will be
    provided to the
    adjacent FORHA Open
    Space and trails in
    coordination with local
    trails groups.
•   Open space buffers
    will be provided along
    major roads to provide
    scenic routes and
    transitions between the
    developed and rural
 Over 100 Acres of Open Space and Parks
• More than 100 acres of open
  space and parks are planned
  within Monterey Downs.
• Includes approximately 75
  acres of open space linking
  Eastside Parkway and Country
  Walk to FORHA Lands.
• Numerous community parks
  are planned around the
  residential neighborhoods,
  which will be reachable by
  grass walking paths mingled
  throughout the neighborhood.
         Fort Ord Trails Corridors
• The Fort Ord Reuse Plan
  established a regional open
  space system with trails
  corridors running North/South
  and East/West.
• Monterey Downs is located
  wholly within a development
• Monterey Downs plans to
  enhance trails links and
  corridors by including open
  space, parks, trails and
  staging areas throughout the
Trails and Staging Areas

                  Existing Bike Lanes
                  Proposed Bike Lanes
                  BLM Trails
                  FORHA (Potential Trails)
                  Eastside Parkway
                  Monterey Downs Trails
Working with our Community
 Expanded Educational Opportunities
• Assist local colleges in
  developing new educational
  opportunities in the field of
  animal sciences.
• Provide recreational,
  cultural and entertainment
  activities to enhance the
  student experience.
• Offer part-time jobs for high
  school and college
           Tourism and Recreation
Monterey Downs expands upon the
strong tourism and recreational base
by providing venues for:
• Festivals and Fairs
• Gathering places for trail users
• Eco-tourism
• Equestrian events
• Shopping and Dining
• Night-time entertainment
• Tennis and Swim Athletics
                    Creation of Jobs
Monterey Downs plans to create:

• Hundreds of construction jobs.
• Thousands of permanent jobs in
  office, hospitality, retail,
  recreation and others.
• A new industry in the Monterey
  Bay region, providing hundreds
  of new equestrian jobs for
  grooms, stable hands, exercise
  riders, barn foreman, assistant
  trainers, farriers (blacksmiths),
  nutrition specialists,
  veterinarians, and certified
  veterinary technicians.
                Economic Benefits

• Creates a project with a value in excess of $750 Million.
• Creates $12 to $15 Million in new annual tax revenues.
• Pays $50 Million in FORA impact fees.
• Pays $23 Million in County/Seaside impact fees.
• Creates approximately $100 Million in annual gross revenues
  from retail, hotel and weekly events.
• Will be fiscally neutral to the County and City’s General Funds.
Thank You
  You can contact us at:

3180 Imjin Road, Suite 102
    Marina, CA 93933
    831.883.1400 Tel



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