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									                                      Top 5 Driving Pet Peeves

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Every driver has their own list of driving pet peeves that get on their nerves when they
drive. And, there is definitely a long list of annoying driving habits to choose from. From
not paying enough attention to completely disregarding the rules of the road, there is
no shortage of driving errors that interrupt the normal flow of traffic.
While we could probably easily develop a list of 100 or more driving pet peeves, the
following are 5 of the most annoying and potentially dangerous that is done by drivers
all the time:

    1. Distracted drivers when the light turns green: While distracted drivers in
       general pose a serious threat to other drivers on the road, distracted drivers that
       fail to start driving when the light turns green at an intersection makes many
       peoples blood boil. From playing their radio, to checking their phone, talking to
       passengers, or those who are daydreaming, no one likes to get stuck behind
        these drivers, especially if you are near the end of the line of cars and may not
        get through the light because of them.
   2.   Drivers who do not signal: Signalling is not only part of good driver etiquette, it
        is the law. Each and every time that you change direction, you are required to
        properly signal to tell other drivers your intentions. Failure to do so is not only
        annoying; it can catch other drivers by surprise and can lead to sudden stops or
        even an accident.
   3.   People who drive slowly in the passing lane: We all know the passing lane is
        meant for drivers to overtake slow traffic. However, every now and then there
        are some drivers who clog the passing lane for some reason or another and fail
        to move over to let faster traffic through. This often leads to a huge back log of
        traffic, which also leads to a large number of frustrated and unimpressed drivers.
   4.   Double Parking: There is nothing worse and more frustrating than driving to a
        busy parking lot and spending some time looking for a parking spot only to find
        one, but you can’t park there because someone has decided to double park and
        block off two parking spaces. And, this always seems to happen at the most
        inopportune times like when you are in a rush.
   5.   Unsure drivers: We have all been in the situation where we are behind a driver
        that is either unsure about where they are going or what to do. There is nothing
        more frustrating than drivers who slow down, speed up, and slow down again
        because they are not sure where to turn. In the same sense, it is just as
        frustrating when drivers veer half way into lanes only to change their mind.

These are only a few of the many driving pet peeves that drivers see on the road all the
time. While they can be frustrating, drivers need to take a deep breath, relax, and
realize that they just have to remain calm and move on.

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