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									How to Choose Picture Frame Colors
The color of a Picture Frame and mat board combinations can make or break your picture frame display.

Different Color Schemes and their importance in custom picture framing.

Color plays a vital role in custom picture framing.
With the right choice of colors your pictures will come alive.

You should consider the following color schemes.

Monochromatic themes are based on one color or usually a combination of one pure color with its tint and

Analogous themes combine colors that are adjacent on the color wheel such as blue, blue- green and
green. They are usually based on three to five adjacent hues of varying intensity.

Complementary color schemes are based on pairs of opposite colors on the color wheel such as blue and
orange or red and green. Red and Green complementary colors are the the most common ones that people
with color blindness cannot distinguish.

Tertiary color schemes use double complementary schemes such as red orange and red with blue-green
and green. This can create a very dramatic look.

What are the fundamentals of Line, Balance and Scale ?

Consider the fundamentals of line, balance and scale.

There are several points to consider when designing a good frame.

The aesthetic principles of framing are mostly a matter of taste but here are some tips that will help your
pictures look their best.

The lines found in your pictures and framing can convey different meanings that are deeply rooted in our

Curved lines tend to imply femininity where straight lines portray masculinity, strength and simplicity.

Combinations of curved and straight lines in your picture framing can strengthen or soften the overall result.

Balance in pictures and framing is the visible harmony between shapes and distances.
The widths of the border around pictures can be varied to achieve different effects. Usually the bottom
margin of a mat border is wider than the top and two sides, this creates a reassuring feeling.

How you judge size when framing a piece is also important.

Pictures can look cramped if the matting is too narrow and a feature piece will lose that importance if the
picture frame is too small. Try varying the width of the border until you arrive at something that looks

The rhythm between frame moulding, the matting and the picture being framed can create interest.
This is usually done by introducing a variety of textures and shapes which complement the picture and the
surroundings where it will hang. The texture will add depth and interest without distracting from the

The first secret to picture framing is to be true to the art.

What does being true to the art mean?

Does it mean being true to the art of picture framing because picture framing is truly an art in itself
or is it being true to the art that is being framed?

Choosing sympathetic frames that harmonize with the artwork and the decor begins with knowledge.
Knowledge of the history of framing, knowledge of design principles, knowledge of art styles and decor.

Being true to the art means consulting with the artist or the owner of the piece and extracting what it is that
they just what to achieve. How do they want to present that artwork and while considering what has been
done in the past what feels right and what will work in the present. You can investigate what frames artists
have chosen for their pictures by researching frame styles or by visiting your State or National Art Gallery.
The Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane has several examples of frames from each period on public display.

Being true to the art comes with knowledge, knowledge and experience, knowledge and experience that
grows with every frame you encounter, with every picture frame you make and with every frame that you
look at.

Begin that journey today.

Follow your heart and the lifelong quest for knowledge.

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