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					Champagne Selection . . .                                    The essence of celebration.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy your Champagne
    bla bla bla

                                                             It’s Veuve O’Clock time!

                                                             Come Quickly! Im tasting stars! Dom Pierre Perignon,
                                                             French Benadictine Monk when he first tasted his newly
                                                             created Champagne.

                                                             Never compromise on quality.

                            Champagne Toast “May all your champagnes”
Champagne Selection . . .

                                                                          Come Quickly! Im tasting stars! Dom Pierre Perignon,
  The essence of celebration.                                             French Benadictine Monk when he first tasted his newly
                                                                          created Champagne.
  Moët & Chandon, Brut Imperial                                £49.50
  Distinctively dry and light in character.               Snype £9.95     Dom Perignon, Cuvée                                        £165.00
  The best selling champagne in the world.               200ml £14.95     Named after the famous Abbot of Hautvillers this full
                                                                          bodied and rich Champagne is arguably the worlds
  Moët & Chandon, Rosé Imperial                                £65.00     finest.
  Rosé Imperial is a complete, generous and dynamic
  Champagne, true to the Moet & Chandon Style.

                                                                          Never compromise on quality.

                                                                          Krug Vintage                                               £345.00
                                                                          A truly rare and sophisticated wine which unleashes
                                                                          spicy notes of gingerbread and crisp hints of white
                                                                          flowers integrated with ripe aromas of melon and
                                                                          pink grapefruit.
                                                                          Krug Grand Cuvée                                           £195.00
                                                                          A unique, magnificent and unforgettable
                                                                          experience. The champagne combines richness and
  It’s Veuve O’Clock time!                                                balance with a long, lingering, nutty and toasty finish.

  Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Brut                              £55.00
  Beautiful golden yellow colour reflects                Snype £9.95    Some Bubbles . . .
  aromas of white fruits, vanilla and brioche.
                                                                          Cava Brut Rosé, Campo Viejo, Spain                          £29.95
  Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Demi-sec                           £52.50     Bright, pink and bubbly, this super wine combines
  The delicious mellow and soft flavours finish with a                    delicious sweet berry and strawberry fruit flavours to
  delightful silky sensation.                                             make the perfect aperitif.
                                                                          Prosecco Extra Dry, Guerrieri Rizzardi, Italy               £29.95
  Veuve Clicquot, La Grande Dame                             £165.00      Prosecco has been known since Roman times and
  The icon of the Veuve Clicquot house and named in                       it’s refreshing, crisp and citrus style is the perfect
  honour of it’s matriarch the widow Clicquot.                            aperitif.

                                      Champagne Toast “May all your champagnes”
The Whites . . .                                                                     The Reds . . .
  House White                                                              £14.95      House Red                                                                £14.95
  Changes weekly, please ask server.                             125ml Glass £4.25     Changes weekly, please ask server.                             125ml Glass £4.25
  Wyndham Estate, Bin 222 Chardonnay, Australia                            £21.95
                                                                                       Casillero del Diablo, Concha y Toro                                      £20.95
  Quality aromatic, well balanced wine with delicious            125ml Glass £5.95
                                                                                       Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile                                      125ml Glass £5.95
  peach and gentle oak flavours from this famous New
                                                                                       Oak aged and filled with powerful cassis and vanilla
  South Wales Estate.
  Stoneleigh Vineyards,
  Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand                                 £22.95      Brancott Estate, South Island Pinot Noir, New Zealand                    £23.95
  This wine displays passionfruit aromas alongside crisp and                           Spicy cherry and blackberry aromas well integrated with
  succulent citrus flavours.                                                           herbs, spices and black cherry flavours.

  Seaglass Sauvignon Blanc                                                 £21.00      Guerrieri Rizzardi, Bardolino Classico, Veneto, Italy                    £19.95
  Santa Barbara County, California                                                     Gently aged in oak, the enhanced cherry and red berry
  An exceptional Sauvignon blanc displaying aromas of tropical fruits and              flavours combine to create a light spicy wine.
  crisp citrus flavours enhanced by the cool pacific ocean breezes. A truly
  remarkable wine.                                                                     Wyndham Estate, Bin 555 Shiraz, Australia                                £17.95
                                                                                       One of the provinces favourite Shiraz. The wine displays
  Campo Viejo, Rioja Blanco, Spain                                         £19.95      ripe plum and pepper characters.
  A superb fruit driven Rioja made exclusively from the Viura
  grape.                                                                               Bodegas Siglo, Rioja Saco Crianza, Spain                                 £21.95
                                                                                       This exceptional wine is wrapped in traditional Saco, and
  Alpha Zeta, Pinot Grigio, Italy                                          £19.95      displays elegant fruit, vanilla and toasty characteristics.
  This excellent example has a purity of fruit rare in a Pinot

  Domaine Long Depaquit, Chablis, France                                   £27.95
  Now owned by the Bichot family the wines remain true to
  their fine heritage.

  Jean Sablenay, Sancerre, France                                          £39.95    Hello Night . . .
  Superbly refreshing with a deceptively full body.
                                                                                       West Coast Cooler                                                   200ml £3.80
The Rosé . . .                                                                         Refreshing wine cooler with tropical fruit flavours.

                                                                                       West Coast Cooler Rosé                                              200ml £3.80
  Etchart Privada Malbec Rosé, San Juan, Argentina                         £16.95      A stylish refreshing wine cooler with berry and exotic fruit
  The delicious fruity flavours are reminiscent of               125ml Glass £4.75     flavours.
  peaches, pears and red berries.
We Recommend . . .                                       Premium Selection . . .                                      Other Spirits . . .
   ABSoluT Vodka                      35ml   £3.70
   Beefeater Gin                      35ml   £3.70       Rum                                                          Liqueurs
   Jameson Whiskey                    35ml   £3.70             Havana Club 7yr old               35ml    £4.85              Gran Marnier                            £3.75
   Havana Club 3yr old                35ml   £3.95             Bacardi                           35ml    £3.70              Benedictine                             £4.25
   Hennessy VS                        35ml   £4.95             Bacardi Gold                      35ml    £3.85              Frangellico                             £3.75
   Ballantines                        35ml   £3.70             Sagatiba Sugar Cane               35ml    £3.75              Absinthe                                £4.50
                                                               Morgan Spice                      35ml    £3.80
                                                         Cognac                                                       Ports
Premium Selection . . .                                        Hennessy VSoP                     35ml £6.50                 Sandemans Port                   35ml £3.75
                                                               Hennessy Xo                       35ml £8.50
Vodka                                                          Hennessy Paradis                  35ml £24.95          Bourbons
   ABSoluT 100                        35ml   £4.75       Scotch Whisky                                                      Jack Daniels                     35ml   £3.90
   level from the makers of ABSOLUT   35ml   £4.25                                                                          JD Single Barrell                35ml   £4.45
                                                               Cream of The Barley               35ml £3.70
   Bison Grass Vodka                  35ml   £4.25                                                                          Gentleman Jack                   35ml   £6.90
                                                               Chivas Regal 12yr old             35ml £4.75
   Belvedere                          35ml   £4.75                                                                          Woodford Reserve                 35ml   £5.25
   Grey Goose                         35ml   £4.75       Tequila                                                            Canadian Club                    35ml   £3.95
   Finlandia                          35ml   £3.70             olmeca Reposado Gold              25ml    £3.70              Makers Mark                      35ml   £3.90
   Smirnoff Black                     35ml   £4.75             Patron                            25ml    £4.50
   Sobieski                           35ml   £4.25             Patron Xo Café                    25ml    £4.50
                                                               Tequilla Rose                     25ml    £3.70
                                                                                                                      Soft Drinks
Gins                                                                                                                        Coke                            200ml   £1.80
                                                                                                                            Diet Coke                       200ml   £1.80
   Plymouth                           35ml   £3.80
   Plymouth Sloe                      35ml   £3.90
                                                         Other Spirits . . .                                                lemonade                        200ml   £1.80
                                                                                                                            Tonic                           200ml   £1.80
   Bombay Sapphire                    35ml   £3.90       Liqueurs                                                           Slim line Tonic                 200ml   £1.80
   Hendricks                          35ml   £4.75
                                                               Ramazotti Sambucca     25ml               £3.70              Gingerale                       200ml   £1.80
   Juniper                            35ml   £6.75
                                                               Ramazotti Sambucca Black                  £3.70              Bitter lemon                    200ml   £1.80
   Tanquery                           35ml   £4.75
   No 10 Tanquery                     35ml   £8.50             Malibu                                    £3.70
                                                               Baileys                                   £3.70              Coke                            330ml   £2.20
   Whitley Neill                      35ml   £5.25
                                                               Amaretto                                  £3.70              Diet Coke                       330ml   £2.20
                                                               Kahlua                                    £3.70              Fanta                           330ml   £2.20
Irish Whiskey                                                  Drambuie                                  £3.75              Sprite                          330ml   £2.20
   Jameson 12yr old                   35ml £4.70               Galliano                                  £3.75
   Jameson 18yr old                   35ml £6.50               Irish Mist                                £3.70              Eco Pure Still water            500ml £2.50
   Powers Gold label                       £3.70               Cointreau                                 £3.70              Eco Pure Sparkling              500ml £2.50
   Bush                                    £3.70               Jaigermeister                             £3.80
   Black Bush                         35ml £4.25               Southern Comfort                          £3.70              Chilled tap water available at all times

               * Please note that a 10% service charge is applicable to all tables of 4 or more. * A 70 pence charge is applied to all card payment transactions.

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