Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Is Right by JefferyLeving


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									Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Is Right

I strongly supported Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s stance in seeking a restraining order
which would have required Chicago public school teachers to return to work.

The disputes which caused this strike had been looming for months (if not years) when the
Chicago Teachers Union chose to have their teachers walk off their jobs a week after school had
begun. This caused hundreds of thousands of children and their families major disruptions and
impacted the entire city financially. The children of this city were the real victims of this strike.
Special needs children and children living in fragile families and poverty were not only being
deprived of their education, but were destabilized as their needs for structured education were

When balancing the hardships of thousands of innocent children and the families of this city with
the collective bargaining rights of the CTU, I find that the teachers should have been
immediately required to return to work if there had been any court intervention. The fundamental
right of public education should never be denied due to procrastination and delays that were
imminently foreseeable. The Mayor is right, and the obligation to protect the public good should
be paramount.

I thank Leading Chicago Matrimonial Attorney James M. Hagler for contributing to this short
but poignant article.

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