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Held at:       Dainton Park Golf Club, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot

Chairman:      Ian CURSON

Secretary:     Adrian LEISK

Attended by:   Martin HAMMOND, Jim HINCHLIFFE, David ANTILL, Jonathan ROWE,
               Adrian LEISK, Paul DOROTHY, Ian CURSON, Simon PIMLEY, Steve
               MUDGE, Simon JENKINSON, Dan DAVIES, Brian DOWNING

Apologies:     Shaun FRIEND, Rob CLEMENT, David PULLINGER, Karl ROWLAND

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1.             The minutes of the previous AGM on 24/01/06
               were checked and agreed as accurate by all

2.             Chairman’s Report

               Ian CURSON thanked the committee for their
               efforts during the previous season in building on
               the successes of the previous season. The
               principles of sportsmanship and enjoyment had
               shone through everything that had been organised
               in 2006. This year’s golf was expected to bring
               more of the same with several fixtures arranged
               against local clubs.
               Secretary’s Report

               Congratulations were given to Shaun FRIEND
               for winning the Annual ‘La Liga’ Monday night
               stableford competition for the second year in
               succession, with Steve MUDGE a close second.
               Ian CURSON was in third place.

               Steve MUDGE had won the annual medal
               COMPETITION, with Martin HAMMOND in
               second, and Adrian LEISK in third.

               A tour had been organised between 6th July and
               10th July 2006 in Marbella, Spain. 10 members of

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          the society had been involved.

          A Christmas Golf Day and Dinner has been
          scheduled for Friday 7th December 2007, as well
          as a number of golf fixtures both Home and
          Away against local clubs. The draft 2007 fixture
          list was distributed to all present.

          The society had faired much better in 2006, and
          had won the inaugural Three-way match
          involving Wrangaton and Plymouth Police.

          TPGS golf shirts will be made available in 2007
          at a cost of £20 to members of the society.

          The 2007 ‘La Liga’ season will commence on
          Monday 26th March 2007 and will run for 30
          weeks until Monday 15th October 2007, which
          will also be the Annual Awards Presentation
          Evening. The rules of the 2007 competition can
          be found on the P drive under 3 Area/Torbay
          Torquay Police Station/Torbay Police Golf

          The 2007 medal competition will run on three
          nominated Monday evenings. These dates will be
          circulated in due course.

          Election of Officers

           Ian CURSON. Nominated by Jim HINCHLIFFE,
           seconded by Martin HAMMOND.
          Jim HINCHLIFFE. Nominated by Ian CURSON,
          seconded by Joff ROWE
           Adrian    LEISK.    Nominated   by Martin
           HAMMOND, seconded by Dai ANTILL.
           Martin HAMMOND. Nominated by Adrian
           LEISK, seconded by Jim HINCHLIFFE.
           Paul   DOROTHY.       Nominated   by Jim
           HINCHLIFFE, seconded by Ian CURSON
           Steve MUDGE. Nominated by Joff ROWE,

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          seconded by Adrian LEISK


          Treasurers Report

          Martin HAMMOND presented a rough
          breakdown of income and expenditure for the
          2006 season. The society has a bank account set
          up with Barclays PLC, and regular standing orders
          have been set up by all members for £10 a month.
          The society generates income of £160 a month
          from members.

          The society had been successful in obtaining £800
          from the Sports Association Fund and this has
          been spent on fixture fees for the home matches

          In total the Society members contributed a total of
          £1,800.00. This money was used in the main to
          subsidise the matches against other clubs, to
          subsidise the two days out to Dartmouth Golf &
          Country Club and to Woodbury Park, and for the
          year end prizes.

          The breakdown of prizes for the respective
          competitions are as follows;

5.        Match-play competition
          £50 1st Prize
          £30 2nd Prize
          £20 3rd Prize
          £10 4th Prize

          Medal Competition
          £50 1st Prize
          £30 2nd Prize
          £20 3rd Prize
          £10 4th Prize

          La Liga Competition
          £100 1st Prize
          £80 2nd Prize

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            £70 3rd Prize
            £60 4th Prize
            £50 5th Prize
            £45 6th Prize
            £40 7th Prize
            £35 8th Prize
            £30 9th Prize
            £25 10th Prize
            £20 11th Prize
            £15 12th Prize
            £10 13th – 16th Prize

            In addition to these prizes, there will be a weekly
            winner’s prize of 6 TITLEIST NXT Tour golf

            The balance as of 8th December 2006 was
            approximately £600 however some of this would
            be used for the end of year Christmas competition
            and meal.

            Any Other Business

            No Matters Arising.

6.        D Date and Time of next Meeting

            Friday 7th December 2007 at 0830, Dainton Park
            Golf Club.

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