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					Master of Public Health Program
Field of Study: Health Policy and Management
               : Community Health Development and Reproductive Health
               : Environmental and Occupational Health
               : Urban and Global Health

ACADEMIC INSTITUTION: The College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University

DURATION: One (1) years (start in June)

The College’s overall programme has been designed to achieve the following human resource development

1.   To address emerging and/or critical public health needs through a postgraduate academic course that
     directly links education with research in applied setting using enquiry – problem-based approach;

2.   to prepared public health manpower in response to current and emerging needs so as to complement
     objectives undertaken by other public health academic institutions;

3.   to focus on alternative learning theories and processes that recognize existing educational constraints
     and opportunities;

4.   to pursue the development of new method and technologies for learning in the context of the

5.   to increase the relevance of content through integration of theory and practice by interrelating the
     research and educational activities of the College;

6.   to facilitate continued learning by establishing a basis for such effort and providing active services
     after graduation, including short-term training, access to data bank and reference resource, joint
     research, etc;

7.   to adopt long-term, broadly defined human resource development approaches in partnership with
     major consumer; and

8.   to undertake research and educational program development through ongoing monitoring and
     evaluation of need, processes, content, outcomes and impacts.


In the one- year programme, students are exposed to board interdisciplinary areas such as health system
organization, critical thinking, health economics, health law, through their interest to one of the four majors
namely Health Policy and Management, Community Health Development and Reproductive Health,
Environmental and Occupational Health, Urban and Global Health.In addition to more traditional practical
tools and methods such as epidemiology, biostatistics, and research methodology. The programme
prepares its student to make and effective contribution in either the public or the private sector.

Core courses (15 credits): Health Problems, Determinants and Trends, Health Systems Development,
Research Methodology in Public Health, Statistics in Public Health Research, Public Health
Administration, Thesis Seminar(S/U)

Compulsory Course for the Major (6 credits):
1. Health Policy and Management:
  Policy and Strategic Planning, Implementation and Management
2.Community Health Development and Reproductive Health:
 Reproductive Health, Community Assessment
3.Urban and Global Health:
 Introduction to Urban and Global Health, Globalization and Contemporary Public Health
4.Environmental Health and Occupational Health:
 Introduction to Environmental Health, Environmental and Health Risk Assessment

Electives courses (9 credits): Health Development and Change, Health Financing, Resource Development,
Seminar in Health Systems Development, Fundamental Skills in Sciences and Research, Fundamental
Skills in Planning and Management, Health Services Organization and Management, Health Insurance
System Management, Community Health Development, Global Health Impacts on Drug Use, Leadership
and Organization Behavior, Behavioral Science Theories as a Basis for Health Promotion, Urban Health
Travel Medicine and Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health Epidemiology, Law and
Management of Environmental and Occupational Health, Directed Studies, Field Study, Advanced Skills in
Science and Research, Practical Study I, etc.

Thesis (12 credits)


                                                      Plan A1                     Plan A2
                                                     Thesis only            Course work & Thesis
     Total Credits                                      36                          36
     Course Credits                                      -                           -
     • Core Courses                                      -                          15
     • Compulsory Course for the Major                   -                          6
     • Elective Course                                   -                          3
     Thesis Credits                                     36                          12
Course Requirement
  A. Core courses Plan A2 (15 Credits)

     5300501 Health Problems, Determinants, and Trends        3 Credits

     5300505 Health Systems Development                       3 Credits

     5300506 Research Methodology in Public Health            3 Credits

     5300507 Statistics in Public Health Research             3 Credits

     5300508 Public Health Administration                     3 Credits

     5300893 Thesis Seminar                                 S/U Credit

  B. Compulsory Course for the Major Plan A2 (6 Credits)

     Health Policy and Management

     5300503 Policy and Strategic Planning                    3 Credits

     5300504 Implementation and Management                    3 Credits

     Community and Reproductive Health

     5300526 Reproductive Health         3 Credits

     5300527 Community Assessment 3 Credits

     Urban and Global Health

     5300528 Introduction to Urban and Global Health          3 Credits

     5300529 Globalization and Contemporary Public Health     3 Credits

     Environmental Health

     5300538 Introduction to Environmental Health             3 Credits

     5300541 Environmental and Health Risk Assessment         3 Credits
C. Electives Plan A2 (3 Credits)

   5300512 Health Development and Change                                 3 Credits

   5300513 Health Financing                                              3 Credits

   5300514 Resource Development                                          3 Credits

   5300515 Seminar in Health Systems Development                         3 Credits

   5300521 Fundamental Skills in Sciences and Research                   3 Credits

   5300522 Fundamental Skills in Planning and Management                 3 Credits

   5300523 Health Services Organization and Management                   3 Credits

   5300524 Health Insurance System Management                            3 Credits

   5300525 Community Health Development                                  3 Credits

   5300530 Global Health Impacts on Drug Use                             3 Credits

   5300533 Leadership and Organization Behavior                          2 Credits

   5300534 Behavioral Science Theories as a Basis for Health Promotion   3 Credits

   5300536 Urban Health                                                  3 Credits

   5300537 Travel Medicine and Public Health                             3 Credits

   5300539 Environmental and Occupational Health Epidemiology            3 Credits

   5300540 Law and Management of Environmental and Occupational Health   3 Credits

   5300550 Directed Studies                                              3 Credits

   5300570 Field Study                                                   3 Credits

   5300605 Advanced Skills in Science and Research                       3 Credits

   5300670 Practical Study I                                             4 Credits

D. Thesis

  5300811 Thesis                                                         12 Credits

  5300811 Thesis                                                         36 Credits

    Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

    1.   Applicants must be working professionals in the public, private or international sectors related in
         public health and public health sciences such as hospital directors and managers, primary health center
         staff, administrators, policy makers and other officials or public health professionals.
    2.   Applicants must have at least a Bachelor degree in a related field such as medicine, nursing, public
         health, social work, physical therapy, pharmaceutical sciences, political sciences, sociology and
    3.   Applicants must have at least one year working experience, a commitment to personal professional
         development, the support of their superiors, good English reading, writing, and speaking abilities, and
         other capabilties for scucessfully completing this course of studies. Or have score 450 (a minimum of
         400) or 5.0 in IELTS within last two years.
    4.   Applicants should be able to communicate effectively and able to use computer and other learning
    5.   The college encourages applicantions from people who, due to gender, age, geographic location, social
         group or other cheracteristics, have not previously had a fair and equal opportunity to undertake
         postgraduate studies.
    6.   Preference is given to those nominated as learning teams (consisting of at least four) by the Institute
         for Health Manpower Development, Ministry of Public Health, and internation agencies or similar
         sponsoring authorities, Individuals will also be specifically recruited through these agencies to
         participate in ongoing research that reflets their institutional needs as a theme for their stuidies.


    1. Application for admission, with Three recent 2x2 inch photograph_(Fill in an online form and print
       the complete form at or download word
       document @ our website
     2. A copy of transcript record for a Bachelor’s degree and/or the higher degree obtained, in form
        of certificate/transcript/grade-sheet, from your university.
     3. Report of English test score. (Application whose native language is English or have passed TOEFL /
         IELTS / CU-TEP within the two years are exempted from the English requirement)

    * Application whose a previous degree taught in English need to send report of English score within
    the first semester

     4. A copy of identification document.
     5. Concept paper ( Only for Doctoral Degree program)
     6. Application fee
           500 THB for Master’s degree program or 1,000 THB for Doctor of Philosophy program
    ______to be paid in form of transfer or bank draft to:

 Account Name     : College of Public Health Sciences - Education
Account Number : 038-2-48917-4 ( Saving A/C)
     Bank         : The Siam Commercial Bank (Public) Co. Ltd.
    Branch        : Siam Square
    Address       : 222/1-7, 244 Siam Square Soi 1,Phyathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok,10300,Thailand

    Application fee may be paid / Transfer/ bank draft in US dollars in to Thai Baht equivalent at the current
    exchange rate and up- to -date

     Please retain your payment slip with all Application document and send a copy to :

    1. College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, Institute building 3 (10th – 11th floor),
       Chulalongkorn soi 62, Phyathai Rd., Bangkok 10330 Thailand
    2. Fax Number : 66(2) 251-7041
    3. E-mail address:
    *Incomplete applications will not be accepted .
Admission Calendar 2012:

Students with the following Qualifications / Completed all Application document are eligible to apply

Admission Deadline                                        1st: March 31,2012__ _2nd :April 30,2012
Announce the list of interview @ CPHS Website _           1st: _April_5, 2012 ___2nd : May _4,2012
Announce the list of Successful Applicant                 1st: April 20, 2012____2nd : May 18,2012
@ CPHS Website _
Orientation Program : 4th Week of May 2012
Open Trimester :        1st Week of June, 2012

Interview Process:

        (Oral examination)                   Date/Time                             Venue

                                          1st : April 9, 2012
      Master's degree program
                                         2nd : May 10, 2012
                                                                   The College of Public Health Sciences
                                                                     Chulalongkorn University Institute
                                                                                Building 3,
                                                                    Floor 10th 9.00-12.00 Hr. *Skype &
   Doctor of Philosophy program          1st : April 10, 2012
                                                                    Telephone Interview please contact
     (Present concept paper)             2nd : May 11, 2012
                                                                              academic Affair

    If you have a disability and therefore require any special facilities to be available for the Skype or
    Telephone interview please contact academic administrator

Estimated Living cost:

The basic living expenses, including accommodation, meals, and personal expenses, are estimated at
20,000-25,000 Baht (US$ 500-600) per month for a student who wishes to live in Thailand.

                 Accommodation fee          5000-7000 baht per month

                 Day budget                 300 baht per day / 100 baht : meal or cheaper

                 Transportation             100 baht per day : not possible to out everyday

Total estimated 7000 + 9000 + 3000 = 19000 per month: estimated all expense per month round 633 US
per month (~30 BAHT = 1USD)
 Estimated Expense Tuition fee:

                                    Estimated Expense Tuition fees **
                                                      Estimated Expense : Trimester/Semester
                                                 For Foreigner (THB)       For Thai Student (THB)

Master of Public Health in Public Health
(In-house Program : Trimester)                         101,500                      46,000
(36 Credits/ 3 Trimesters/ 1 year)
Master of Public Health in Public Health
(Learning at the work place Program:                   101,500                      46,000
Trimester) (36 Credits/ 6 Trimesters/ 2 years)
Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health
(In-house Program : Trimester)                         111,500                      56,000
(60 Credits/ 9 Trimesters/ 3 years)
Master of Science Program in Public Health
                                                       101,500                      46,000
Sciences (In-house Program : Semester)
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public
Health Sciences (In-house Program :                    116,500                      61,000

 ** Subject to change with notice / *Update Dec, 2008
    Note: Administration Service include Central Library, IT, Computer Service, Health Service by
 chulalongkorn University Health Center only«(Chulalongkorn University Health Center : Primary Health
 Care Services Center in chulalongkorn University for Diagnosis and treatment of common health
 conditions / Accident )

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