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									Emerging Artists Theatre presents
The 8th Annual New Work Series
February 27th– March 18th, 2012 at the TADA! Theatre, NYC
Paul Adams, Artistic Director
Julie Feltman, Production Manager

Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT) New Work Series is a three-week developmental festival that provides
artists of different disciplines the opportunity to present one night of a “work in progress” with audience
feedback. Successful Fringe, NYMF, and Off-Broadway shows have been born out of this festival, and
Emerging artists is excited to present a new round of opportunity to local artists for the 8th year in a row.
Scheduled to run February 27th – March 18thst, 2012, the four series now accepting submissions are:

A series of one woman shows in all stages of development. Male or Female playwrights may apply.
Running Time 5 – 60 minutes.
Festival Curators: Andrea Alton, Julie Feltman and Jessica Phillips Lorenz

A series of one man shows in all stages of development. Male or Female playwrights may apply.
Running Time 5 – 60 minutes.
Festival Curator: Scott Klavan and Scott Raker

A series of short musicals: 15 minutes or less in all stages of development.
Festival Curators: Paul Adams, Derek Jamison

A series of full-length ensemble musicals in all stages of development. Open to NYC, NJ and CT
composers/lyricists. Please include a CD and full or partial script with your submission.
Festival Curators: Paul Adams, Derek Jamison, and Barbara Grecki

All application materials must be postmarked by December 18th, 2011. If you have any questions,
please email them to the Curator of the series you’re applying for, or call 212-247-2429.

If your show is chosen, you will receive notification on or around January 9th, 2011. Please check
www.emergingartiststheatre.org for updates, and more information on our company.
             7th Annual New Work Festival / May 3rd – May 21st, 2011 / New York City / www.eatheatre.org / Application

  1. Fill out and sign this application. Please print clearly or type. Application may also be copied
     into an email document.

    2. Include the following support materials with your application:
               Cover letter stating why your show is a good fit for Emerging Artist’s New Work Series
               Script of proposed show (full or partial)
               Bio(s) of yourself and any proposed collaborator(s)
               Headshot & Resume (Performers ONLY)
               CD of Music, or wav files or Efiles. We prefer CD.
               Press and Video materials from submitted piece or past performances (optional)

    3. Submit Materials postmarked by December 18th, 2011 using one of the following two options:
          a. Email application and support materials to the appropriate email address (listed on page
              one) with NEW WORKS SERIES APPLICATION in the headline.
          b. Mail application and support materials to:
              Emerging Artists Theatre
              15 West 28th St.
              Third Floor
              New York, NY 10001
              ATTN: (appropriate category from page one)

        applying for more than one category you MUST submit to each category separately. Application
        materials will NOT be returned. Please include SASE with instructions if you require otherwise.

        If you are accepted into the Festival, there will be an Information session / Meet and Greet on
        Sunday, February 26th from 5-8pm. There will be snacks.

  NEW WORK SERIES APPLICATION                                  POSTMARKED OR EMAILED BY December 18, 2011

SHOW TITLE __________________________________________________________________________

CATEGORY (OWS, OMT, NFP, WNS) ________________________________________________________

NAME OF APPLICANT (All correspondence will be addressed to this individual)


ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________________________

CITY________________________________________________________STATE______ ZIP___________
             7th Annual New Work Festival / May 3rd – May 21st, 2011 / New York City / www.eatheatre.org / Application

PHONE(S) ____________________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ___________________________________WEBSITE _____________________________________

NAME(S) AND ROLE OF OTHER COLLABORATOR(S) (e.g. director, writer, composer, choreographer, solo
performer, musician)


SHOW BLURB (A one sentence description used to promote your show. This is for marketing purposes,
press releases and will appear in the festival brochure. You will have an option to edit this blurb at a
later date.)


SHOW SUMMARY (Brief summary of your piece for internal use only. 500 words max. This could also be
on a separate sheet of paper.)







SHOW RUNNING TIME (The maximum running time for solo shows is 60 minutes) PLEASE BE AS
ACURATE AS POSSIBLE as performance scheduling will be based on this time.

PRODUCTION HISTORY (Priority is given to new work. If your show has been produced before please
describe what stage of development it will be in for this Festival)

             7th Annual New Work Festival / May 3rd – May 21st, 2011 / New York City / www.eatheatre.org / Application




There is no fee for submissions or acceptance and artists do not receive a percentage of box office.
However, each show is required to provide an audience for their piece. A minimum of 20 paid
audience members for every show is REQUIRED, but we really want you pack our 99-seat house for your
single performance. The more support you have in the audience, the more you’ll get out of your
performance and talk back, plus we’ll like you more. If you feel you cannot provide an audience for your
piece, don’t apply. EAT charges $10 per ticket for this festival and no comp tickets are available.

Each production is responsible for casting, director, musicians or recorded music. Please include
collaborator information with submission, if available. The New Works Series is a workshop
production. Union and non-union performers are encouraged to apply. EAT can make introductions to
EAT directors, actors, and other artists if you are seeking personnel to work on your production. EAT
cannot guarantee that its Company personnel will accept work offered.

Each show will receive at least 1.5X the running time of their piece as tech rehearsal. These rehearsals
will be scheduled sometime the week before your performance. EAT provides a board operator and
stage manager for the entire festival. EAT may provide rehearsal space for musical performances, based
on availability at our host theatre, TADA. EAT does not provide any other rehearsal space, all other
rehearsal space is paid for and arranged by the individual shows. Each production must bring an UP TO
DATE final script to tech, with the moments for light and sound cues marked in pencil or sticky notes.

Each show will receive ONE performance during the festival. There will be 30 minutes OR LESS on
either side of your production to load-in and out of the theatre and dressing rooms. You must provide
labor to accomplish your load-in and load-out. If your piece is less than 60 minutes, you will be sharing a
timeslot with another piece.

EAT will provide the artists with minimal furniture (i.e. chairs, cubes, piano, etc). All other props and set
pieces are the responsibility of the individual productions. There is no storage space available at the
theatre. The set for the festival will be a simple blank stage. In the New Works Series, less is more in
terms of props and set, and please keep in mind the short changeover time while preparing for your
              7th Annual New Work Festival / May 3rd – May 21st, 2011 / New York City / www.eatheatre.org / Application

A basic light plot will be provided for the entire festival. A maximum of FIVE internal light and sound
cues for each show is allowed. This does not include the opening and closing cues. Any special
requirements must be provided and operated by the individual shows. EAT cannot guarantee the
availability of lighting specials in all areas of the stage, as we will be working with a rep plot with limited
options. Each production must provide its own sound cues, in order, on CD.

There will be a brief audience feedback session after each performance, curated by some of EAT’s
seasoned veterans of OMT, OMS, NFP and WNS. This is a great opportunity to get honest feedback on
your work. You may prepare questions to ask the audience.

EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE'S mission is to provide a dynamic home for emerging writers and artists, providing
the unique opportunity for playwrights to collaborate with directors, actors, and designers throughout the
development process—from idea through fully realized production. EAT's supportive environment nurtures a
close-knit group of artists working toward the common goal of creating dynamic theatre, and its commitment to
the development of new works is integral to the cultural enrichment of New York City.

“I, the undersigned, have read and understand all of the technical, audience, casting and
performance requirements listed above. I understand that notifications of participation will
be sent out on a rolling basis, and any materials I’ve submitted for application will not be
returned to me. I understand that previous participation in the festival does not guarantee
acceptance. I understand that upon acceptance, all deadlines must be adhered to in order to
secure participation in the festival. I promise to relay technical and performance
requirements to my artistic team. “

Signature of applicant (REQUIRED):_                                                                             Date:     .

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