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									               Program Updated 3/07/2012

                 Sunday, April 29, 2012

5:00-7:30               Registration --North Lobby

6:00          MSRC (Mayo Suite) & WSRC (Elliott Suite) Board

7:30                    Meet the Board Social Hour
                       (Skyway outside Mayo Suite)

                Monday, April 30, 2012

7:00                           North Lobby

8:00-8:15                   Presentation Hall
                            Welcome Remarks

8:15-9:15                    Presentation Hall

                          Timothy Meyers, RT-
                     RT Profession in 2015 and Beyond

9:15-9:30               Outside Presentation Hall
9:30-10:25                 Presentation Hall

                          Denise Johnson, RT –
                       Leadership in the 21st Century

10:30-11:30                  Presentation Hall

                 H. Frederic Helmholz Memorial Lecture

                          Rolf Hubmayr, MD –
                   The Physical Exam of the Critically Ill
                     Mechanically Ventilated Patient

11:40-1:10                     Auditorium
                             Lunch & Awards

1:15 – 2:10                  Presentation Hall
                               Keith Lurie, MD –
                  Harnessing the Other Side of Breathing to Treat
                            Hypotensive Emergencies

                           Breakout Sessions

             Presentation Hall          Legion Suite           McDonnell Suite
2:20-3:10   Acute Care/Diagnostics    Acute Care              Management/Educators

            Imaging Case Studies-     High-Flow Oxygen        Using backward
            X-ray, CT, &              Therapy: Real Benefit   instructional design:
            Ultrasound                or Just a Fad?          Aligning instructional
            John Litell, MD                                   tactics, learning
            Edwin Lee, MD             Timothy Meyers, RT      outcomes and
                                                              John Boatright, RT

3:20-4:10   Acute Care/Diagnostics    Sleep                   Education/Quality

            The Scope of Things       Sleep Center Testing;   STAR: Safety
            Sue Wiersgalla RT         Home Sleep Testing,     Program and
            Mick Powell RT            Home Screening: The     Importance of RT
                                      Future of Sleep         Education
                                      Medicine                Rebecca Long, RT
                                      Pete Weber, RT

                              Hilton Doubletree-2nd Floor
                                     Sputum Bowl

5:00 pm                              Preliminary Rounds
7:30 pm                                    Finals

                                  Sponsor: Fisher & Paykell

                     Tuesday, May 1, 2012

7:00                                   North Lobby
7:45-7:55                            Presentation Hall
                                     Welcome Remarks

7:55-8:45                            Presentation Hall

                            Roger D. White MD –
               The Role of Continuous Capnography as a Guide to
                         Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

8:50-9:45                            Presentation Hall
                                   Sam Giordano, RT –
                        RTs and Helath Reform: Keys to Future Success

                   Sponsor: American Association of Respiratory Care

9:45-10:00      Break - Outside Presentation Hall

                                 Breakout Sessions
                    Presentation Hall          Legion Suite           McDonnell Suite
                Acute                     Safety/Quality          Student
                Organ Transplant and      Stressed-Out?           Job or Profession the
                the Role of the RT        Join the Club!          Choice is Yours
                Kathleen Johnson
                                          Thomas P Cary Jr, RT    David Cooksey, RRT

10:55-11:45     Acute Care                Pediatrics/ED           Student

                High Risk Safety          Conversion from         What The Manager
                Protocol: Patient         Nebulizers to Metered   Looks for in a Quality
                Safety. Respiratory       Dose Inhalers in        Respiratory Therapist
                Care Preventing           Infants and Children
                Patient Harm                                      RT Manager Panel:
                                          John Salyer RT          Q&A
                Pete Weber, RT            FAARC,


11:50 - 12:40                             Presentation Hall

                                      Bob Kempainen, MD –
                                   Case Studies in Respiratory Care

11:50– 12:40                      Exhibit Hall
                Exhibits/Lunch (Managers Only)

12:45 – 3:30                                 Exhibit Hall
      3:15      Door Prizes Drawing
3:30 - 5:00                     Minnesota Managers Meeting
                               DoubleTree Board Room 2nd Floor

4:30 – 5:30                           Ventilator 5K Run/Walk

6:00 – 10:00                 Goonie’s-2nd floor (1 block from hotels)

                                 Burger Bar & Celebriy Karaoke
                       Sponsors: ElectroMed, HandiMedical

                   Wednesday, May 2, 2012
7:30                           North Lobby--Registration
8:00-8:25                          Hotel Check out

                                   Presentation Hall
8:25-8:35                          Welcome Remarks
8:35-9:25                          Presentation Hall

                               John Salyer-RT, FAARC-
              When All the Cheese Holes Line Up: Errors and the Respiratory

                              Sponsor: Monaghan Medical

9:30-10:20                         Presentation Hall

                               Carrie Black Bourassa RT-
                  RTs Role in End of Life Care for the Pulmonary Patient

                        Sponsor: Saint Jude Healthcare

10:20-10:35                            BREAK
                               Outside Presentation Hall
10:35-11:25                       Presentation Hall

                          Nikolas Job-The Little Things in Life

                             Sponsor: Hill Rom Respiratory

11:30-12:20                         Presentation Hall

                                 Judy Hannigan, RRT-
                          Patient Advocacy: My Patient, Myself

12:20                       Closing Comments & Door Prizes
                                   (Be Present to Win)

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