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					Make The Most Out Of A Brand Video

Making use of a brand video as part of a marketing campaign these days is key to
having a successful business online. However, there are certain factors that must
be considered in making one. Keep in mind that a sloppily made video will just
turn off the interest of viewers instead of attracting their attention.

When it comes to their production, you would need to invest on having the
right pieces of equipment. Besides a computer, you must have a reliable video
camera and a microphone that is able to capture sound clearly. Your camera and
microphone do not have to expensive. So long as they can perform their purpose
well, their cost does not matter at all. Come the shooting proper, it is advisable
that you do it in a quiet place to prevent unnecessary distractions from being
included in your recording. Ensure that your spot is well-lighted as well.

Next, think about your content. Having a targeted content is an essential part of
leverage marketing. With your niche consideration, think of the appropriate
keywords that will define the content of your video. Put yourself in the shoes of
your prospect clients. If they will be using the search engines to look for your
product or service, what do you think are the words that they are most likely to
type in the search boxes? Follow through with the use of a keyword tool that will
show you the total number of monthly searches. From the figures that will be
shown to you, decide which keywords would be appropriate for your business'
use. Do not forget to incorporate these keywords in your script.

Do further research about the interests and needs of your prospect customers.
With that, provide content that they will find informative and/or useful.
Presenting yourself as an expert, say, in providing search engine optimisation
services can be captured in your brand video. In fact, you can even make a series
of it. People are always looking for leaders in the industry. They are always on
the look out for authorities they can trust. Utilizing this concept well can give you
increased sales and profits in the long run.
Once completely done, give your video a title, a description and a set of tags of
tags. Again, do not forget to include your target keywords in all these. More so,
provide a transcript of your video just underneath it. This can make your video
more visible to search engine spiders especially when you need a boost in the
rankings in the search results pages.

For easy recognition, embed your brand video on the landing page of your
website. Besides having it broadcast in video sharing sites like YouTube and
Vimeo, post it in your blogs, accounts in social media sites and podcasts. If direct
distribution among your current and future customers is what you want, have it
sent to the contacts in your e-mail list.
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How To Target Your Audience Through Promotional Videos
Although promotional videos are great advertising tools for all types of
businesses, its efficiency depend mainly on the content they hold. In fact, content
is everything when it comes to driving the much-needed amount of traffic to a
business website.

Every advertising film you produce must offer relevant information to your
target viewers. Keenly knowing your audience's interests and needs is everything.
Do not make the mistake of plainly advertising your brand in your films. While
that is your main objective, you must also take in consideration the fact that
viewers always ask what is in store for them.

With these insights, you can create promotional videos that are educational or
informative in nature. Through tutorial videos, you can teach your audience how
to properly use a software. You can also share, say, your expertise in web content
copy writing by providing a step by step video on composing a keyword-rich
More on positioning yourself as an expert, you can also make review videos
about certain products and services. In them, you can share your honest
evaluation on how effective a product or a service is as you make use of it in your
own business needs. Present facts and figures that viewers can relate to. This will
silence their doubts on the credibility of your review.

Promotional video production is not all about getting the attention of your
viewers. Once you have gained their interest, do something that will make them
want what you are offering them. In here, you can make use customer
testimonials and case studies. Identify the problem of your target market. Next,
show how your product or service can be a solution to it. Then, provide proof on
how your customer acquired profits or experienced an increase in sales after
doing business with you.

As you encourage viewers to purchase your products or subscribe to your
services, make irresistible offers that will keep them thinking what a miss it
would be if they don't get a hold of your bargain. Be ready to give bonuses and
money back guarantees. More than making your offer desirable, money back
guarantees can give an image of superior quality to your brand.

Lastly, tell your viewers what to do. It is wise to always include an action phrase
that instructs your customers to call, e-mail, visit your website or contact you in
any way to place an order and grab your offer. And so, be ready to give them your
contact details. Make sure that they are all functional.

Let it be your aim that the content of your promotional videos is about the
benefits of your prospect customers. Why is this so? People in general face
challenges whether in their business or personal lives. Often, they need help on
these things as they handle them on their own. There is nothing more interesting
to them but have a person or company that can identify their problems, offer a
perfect solution and deliver what they promise the right way at the right time.


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Tips On Securing Your Promotional Videos Online
More and more companies are now utilizing promotional videos in their online
marketing efforts. Their respective productions are characterized by different
kinds of clips with different purposes. Filmed tutorials, testimonials and free short
courses are just a few of these.

Internet users desire to acquire information as quick as possible. In response to
this, businesses are creating and posting relevant clips online in a snap. They do
this without even thinking about the security of their original content. Owners or
producers must understand that without proper security, their masterpieces can
be easily distributed without their permission.

To combat similar situations from happening to your business, here are some
insights which can help you secure all your promotional videos.

Choose Online Streaming - Choose online streaming over progressive download.
Both are key in the distribution of the message or information contained in your
videos. However, it is online streaming that gives the owners full control over the
distribution of the content.

Progressive download became rampant along with the rise of YouTube. It allows
every viewer to watch any video they prefer without asking permission from the
owner. They can go ahead and save the item in their computer and retrieve or
edit it for any purpose they want.

If your clips hold original content exclusively created by your company, online
streaming is a better option to take for your web video production. For one, this is
advisable for free courses on video which you plan to distribute to your target
market. Through streaming, you can send to the viewer only the information that
he requests from you - nothing more, nothing less. Another good thing about
streaming is that it does not allow storing of any clip at all.

Set Access Controls - This is more on defining the select few who can access your
clips online. Creators are usually instructed by the owners to limit the people who
can see the videos and the number of times they can be seen while they are being
processed. This is very appropriate for clips which are intended not to be seen by
Secure Sockets Layer - Releasing your promotional videos through the Secure
Sockets Layer can also protect them from being distributed without your
knowledge. This is like encrypting the data of your video stream in between the
server and the browser of the internet user. Should some content ooze out, it
would be in the form of characters which do not make sense when read. This is
the exact opposite of what happens in YouTube. Here, clips are released in
readable and understandable text in the internet.

Although the cyberspace is filled with ingenuous films, only a few seem to have
secured content. This could either be caused by ignorance or by the lack the lack
of initiative from the owners to safeguard and claim ownership over their craft.
Do not let this to happen to any of your well-made and innovative promotional
videos. Take charge over the creation and distribution of your content.


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Improve The Search Engine Optimization Ranking Of Your
YouTube Videos
Creating YouTube videos can help promote your website. However, it can never
help in bringing the much-needed traffic unless each of your videos comes with a
high search engine optimization ranking.

As YouTube is now the second largest search engine worldwide, the results it
holds can affect the standing of any website in any industry. Just like Google, it
continues to be instrumental in drawing more and more online users who are
looking for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems on a daily
A lot of entrepreneurs have already discovered this fact and so they produce as
many promotional videos as they can to send their sales message across their
target market. This scenario has created cut-throat competition among
entrepreneurs utilizing websites to boost their sales. Consequently, it is becoming
harder for every website to aim for the top rank. Plain use of keywords is no
longer enough to secure a decent search engine optimization ranking for your
website especially in YouTube. You will need a good set of procedures. The best of
them are as follows.

Include The Keyword In The Video File Name - Keywords are the terms by which
your target audience is able to reach your videos online. It is best to name your
digital clips after these keywords to ensure their visibility. Make it a point that you
look for the appropriate keyword you will optimize your video with. This is still the
foundation of getting found online. It is not actually the viewers who will take
notice of this but YouTube itself. YouTube rates videos according to relevance and
informs the online users about it.

Post Your Video Script - Others call this video transcription. As your video script
would definitely be rich with keywords, it is best that you post it in the description
area. This will allow the spiders of search engines, other than YouTube, to easily
locate the whereabouts of your videos. In fact, Google indexes this part as well.

Utilize The Closed Caption Feature - This feature originally allows more people
around the world to consume your videos filmed in native languages. This feature
is now part of effective search engine optimization as YouTube also crawls on the
caption provided. This goes to show that videos with captions are more likely to
rank well in their respective niche.

Post High Definition Videos - With all the technological advancements happening
around, an increased number of high-definition videos is sprouting online. This
gives more than enough reason for viewers to leave the standard videos behind.
It is not true that high-definition videos eat a lot of storage space in comparison
to standard ones. Additionally, YouTube does not limit the bandwidth because it
discourages the posting of such videos. YouTube limits bandwidth to simply limit
uploading of films with copyright.
Produce Engaging Videos - Engage your target market with your filmed clips after
all they are the ones who can provide you with the highest possible search engine
optimization ranking in your niche. They can easily share your video link to
everyone in their circles should they find the content helpful and interesting.


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