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									Treatment For Spinal Column And Joint Decay
Treatment for Spine Column and Joint Decay

The beginning of the end for the human is when the vertebrae of its refined spinal column begin to be
subluxated, then fixated, and then fused. This is the beginning of our end, and it can only be
addressed by means of a very specialized hand.

The cause of the rigidity, inflexibility, and ultimately the fusion of our skeletal joints are always in the
minor misalignments of these joints. The minor misalignments of these joints are referred to in the
literature as subluxated joints, or subluxations. Vertebral subluxation, the misalignment of spinal
vertebra, is the most damaging of all skeletal misalignments. The misalignments create the fusion,
the wear, and the breakdown of our spine, nature's proudest pillar.

This synchronous tower, left to its own design, is the single greatest source of power for the fragile
venous, lymphatic, and arterial systems. This tall, balanced structure is one large, powerful pump,
whose force is harnessed by every transportation system in our body. The greatest transport vessels
hug the spine and depend on its brute pressures. The gastrointestinal systems depend on its power
to create flows within the GI tract, to pump our foods and liquids along the long journey through our
digestive system.

But most fantastically, this skeletal structure houses and transports the delicate nervous system,
ensuring each strand of our powerful mental pulse travels to its appropriate cell and back again.

All of the stretches in the world cannot restore a micro section of the spine, such as the intervertebral
disc, to its exact proper form. For this sort of work you will need a body worker. You will need a body
worker who can x-ray the area and, following the alignment issues noted on the x-rays, create a
perfect alignment of the misaligned vertebrae. While many chiropractors are able to follow this
system, some do not, and some will have no concept of how to follow through on these concepts.

I absolutely recommend that you insist on your next (or possibly first) meeting with your chiropractor,
that you and he or she review x-rays of your affected area, that all subluxations and any scoliosis are
reviewed, and that a plan for reduction of the misalignments, subluxations, and signs of degeneration
be proposed and undertaken. You should be able to have a re-x-ray taken within four to six months,
in which your misalignments are corrected, and many of the signs of decay or degenerative arthritis,
are reversed by up to ten percent. You do not want to be in the group whose spine is decaying; you
want to join the group whose spine is returning to full strength.
Regular monitoring by use of an x-ray, no more than twice within a year, is appropriate and necessary
to ensure that your work is moving your body forward. Regular improvement of your spine will place
you in the very small minority of people on the planet whose spines are being strengthened with time.
The very large majority of us are living with internal dysfunctions that are creating our early demise
and the literal destruction of our spine, followed by the decay of our energy and our power.

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Dr. Bryan Brodeur has a Family Chiropractic Clinic in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, and is the owner of

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