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									                                             BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN

                                       Nursing: ABSN
                                            Accelerated Program
Accelerated BSN Overview
Mission & Values                                                 order to meet the complex demands of today’s
The mission of the CSUN nursing student to                       health care environment.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is to                Other study outcomes suggest that patient morbidity
develop professional nursing leaders in all areas of             and mortality may be reduced by increasing the
practice who can apply new and past nursing                      number of BSN-prepared nurses on staff.
knowledge and build upon existing competencies.
We value integrity, advocacy, excellence, life-long              CSUN BSN graduates are working as school nurses,
learning, respect for others, and competence.                    public health nurses, managers, staff educators, and
                                                                 clinical instructors in schools. Many have pursued
Framework                                                        graduate degrees and are now nurse anesthetists,
The BSN framework emphasizes the practice of                     nurse practitioners, faculty, and clinical specialists.
professional nursing including the design of nursing
systems to provide assistance to individuals,                    Structure
families, groups, communities and populations who                The Accelerated BSN major is offered through the
are unable to meet either self-care and dependent-               Department of Nursing within the College of Health
care needs without nursing intervention.                         and Human Development at California State
                                                                 University, Northridge (CSUN).
BSN History
The RN-to-BSN evolved from the commitment and
                                                                 CSU/Northridge Overview
dedication of nurses in the San Fernando Valley.
                                                                 Since 1958 California State University Northridge
Local nursing leaders worked with faculty to design
                                                                 (CSUN) has provided a strong foundation in liberal
RN-BSN track,and they also provided resources of
                                                                 learning first as a state college and now as the third-
faculty, clinical sites, and financing in order to make
                                                                 largest public university in Los Angeles County. A
the CSUN BSN a reality. The first students entered
                                                                 member of the 23-campus California State
in fall 1993 and graduated May 30, 1996. The
                                                                 University system, CSUN offers an affordable,
CSUN BSN enjoys the continued support of local
                                                                 quality education to an enrollment of over 30,000
nursing leaders, and each spring new BSNs
                                                                 CSUN exists to enable students to realize their
Why pursue a BSN
                                                                 educational goals. The University’s first priority is to
The rising complexity of acute health care and the
                                                                 promote the welfare and intellectual progress of
shift toward a more community-based primary care
                                                                 students. To fulfill this mission, CSUN designs
and other ambulatory and home health care sites
                                                                 programs and activities to help students develop the
will create new patient-care opportunities for BSN-
                                                                 academic competencies, professional skills, critical
prepared nurses.
                                                                 and creative abilities, and ethical values of learned
                                                                 persons who live in a democratic society, an
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that
                                                                 interdependent world, and a technological age. The
employment for RNs will grow faster than the
                                                                 University seeks to foster a rigorous and
average for all occupations in the next century.
                                                                 contemporary understanding of the liberal arts,
Increasingly, positions are in non-hospital settings
                                                                 sciences, and professional disciplines.
and employers are seeking graduates with additional
education and skills. According to recent surveys,
                                                                 Students can pursue a baccalaureate degree within
nurse executives in U.S. hospitals are seeking more
                                                                 our 9 colleges. There are 64 baccalaureate degrees,
staff nurses with baccalaureate-level preparation in
                                                                 52 master’s degrees, 55 teaching credential
                                                                 programs in the field of education. CSUN also offers
                                                           1
focused professional and career preparation                     knowledge of human development, assessment
combining scholarship and a variety of direct                   skills, and theories relative to nursing – with a focus
learning experiences that refine professional skills.           on ethics and current issues in the practice of
Through hands-on projects, field experiences, and               professional nursing, community health, leadership,
internships, students can attain particularly valuable          and research.         The A-BSN community field
educational benefits.                                           experience is an important component of the
                                                                educational experience and provides the best
The student and faculty population reflects the                 possible career preparation.
University’s rich diversity of cultures, ethnicities,
religions, age groups, and learning styles. The                 Benefits of Cohort
technologically advanced learning environment                   Participants begin, move through, and complete the
provides all the resources and advantages of a                  A-BSN with the same group of 18 peers. This
major university with the individualized attention              ensures the development of a cohesive and strong
found only at small liberal arts colleges. Classes are          learning community that fosters the exchange of
taught by faculty not graduate students.                        ideas, peer support, and an ongoing focus on the
                                                                application of learning to practice. Other benefits of
From the arts, entertainment and social and health              studying in this cohort A-BSN:
sciences to fields in business, advanced technology              Convenience of class locations with mix of on-
and higher education, graduates of this University                  campus & online classes
are regularly found among the leaders and                        Full-time enrollment for adult learners
innovators in Southern California and beyond.                    Student support services that provide individual
                                                                    attention, guidance, and mentorship
HHD College Overview                                             Faculty, who are nationally and internationally
The College of Health and Human Development                         recognized professionals
(HHD) consists of nine academic departments:                     Close ties with nursing communities and
Nursing Department, Health Sciences, Child                          contemporary practice
Development, Communication Disorders, Family                     Arranged clinical experiences in your own
Environmental Sciences, Kinesiology, Environmental                  community as much as possible
and Occupational Health, Physical Therapy, and                   Networking & support with peers from a variety
Leisure Studies and Recreation. The College is                      of clinical practice areas
dedicated to educating the whole person –                        Development of critical thinking, communication
psychologically,     emotionally,      socially,   and              skills, & team and organizational problem
academically – with an emphasis on transforming                     solving
the desire to help others into a practical career.               Option of challenging selected courses by exam
                                                                 Maximizes learning within a set time frame
Features of the Accelerated BSN                                    Builds a strong foundation for a master’s degree
Students are admitted as a cohort each year and                     and advanced practice.
most continue throughout the A-BSN with that same
group of colleagues. Once accepted into the A-BSN
track, all students are assigned a Nursing Faculty
                                                                Objectives of the A-BSN
Advisor who will give one-on-one counseling with                Upon completion of the Accelerated BSN option,
cohorts to ensure understanding of graduation                   graduates will use critical thinking, therapeutic
requirements.                                                   interventions and communication in order to:
                                                                1.     Acquire, develop, critique, and convey ideas
The A-BSN is a 15-month intense program.                        and information in the professional context.
                                                                2.     Guide decision-making using scientific,
Faculty use adult learning theory and Orem’s self-              ethical, and humanistic perspectives.
care deficit model to guide learning and clinical               3.     Demonstrate leadership skills in providing
experiences. Course work is reviewed regularly to               care to individuals, families, groups, communities,
assure that the curriculum remains clinically relevant          and populations in a variety of settings.
and current.       Experienced, practicing nurse                4.     Demonstrate the ability to manage, organize,
preceptors are selected by the faculty to guide                 implement, and evaluate the delivery of nursing
clinical experiences in leadership and community                services in a variety of settings.
health courses.
                                                                Using New Technologies for Learning
The curriculum provides students an opportunity to              Computer use is transforming both workplace and
broaden their base of liberal education through                 education. The CSUN A-BSN includes primarily
upper division general education and elective                   campus-based classes, and students have
courses. In addition, the nursing courses enhance               opportunity to learn basic computer skills through
                                                                classes and individual instruction. A CSUN email
                                                          2
address is provided to every student, and computer                        Requirements in the Major for the BSN
labs are available to those who may not own a                             Degree:

Application Procedures for the A-BSN                                      Lower Division (BSN Core Requirements):
                                                                          Dept/Course                    Title                Units
      1.   Submit Cal State Northridge application,
           fee, & transcripts as a Pre-Nursing major.*                    *Bio 211 &       Human Anatomy & Lab                     3-4
                                 ▼                                        *Bio215/L        Introductory Microbiology &             3-4
      2.   Gain acceptance           into    CSUN       as    a                            Lab
           graduate.                                                      *Bio 281 &       Human Physiology & Lab                  3-4
                                 ▼                                        282
                                                                          *Chem 103/L      General Chemistry & Lab                 3-4
      3.   Apply to the A-BSN program.                                    Math 140         Introductory Statistics                   3
                                                                          Psych 150        Principles of Human                       3
                                 ▼                                                         Behavior
                                                                          Psych 200        Introduction to Lifespan                   3
*Be sure to verify CSUN transfer application deadlines & contact                           Psychology
the Nursing Program Director for assistance if the deadline is            Soc 150          Introductory of Sociology                  3
passed.                                                                                    Oral Communication                         3
                                                                                           Written Communication                      3
                                                                                           Critical Thinking+                         3
Guidance, Counseling, and Support                                         HSci 488         Epidemiology+                              3
An important component of this A-BSN is the                                                Title V+                                   6
extensive counseling and guidance that faculty                                             Total Units                               43
provide to each student. Each student is assigned a                       * MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN (7) YEARS PRIOR TO
nursing faculty advisor, who will provide one-on-one                      ADMISSION. Equivalent courses with a lab and a
assistance to ensure that the student understands                         minimum of a grade of C in each.
the graduation requirements.
                                                                          * Any courses or their equivalencies that were completed
                                                                          as part of your first degree program do not need to be
The Admission Criteria                                                    repeated. Equivalence of many required courses taken
Students are admitted into the A-BSN each summer                          somewhere other than CSUN can be checked at
and fall.                                                        or with advisor.
                                                                          + May be taken before or concurrently with nursing
Requirements:                                                             courses. Upper division writing exam also required.
 1.   A Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.              ++If the original BA/BS is not from a CSU campus then
                                                                          students are required to complete 9 units of upper division
 2.   An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better                               general education in residence.

 3.   All science prerequisites must have been completed                  Curriculum
      within the past 7 years (Anatomy, Physiology,
                                                                          The A-BSN major course work totals 56 semester
      Chemistry, Microbiology). All science courses must
      have a lecture and a lab.                                           units. Six units may be challenged by examination.

 4.   Earning a minimum grade of C in prerequisite courses.               A-BSN Required Courses
      (C- will not be accepted.) A personal interview may be              Dept/Course                    Title                 Units
      requested.                                                          NURS 302           Basic Pathophysiology             3
  5 Basic computer skills.                                                NURS 307/L         Health Assessment &               2/1
  .                                                                                          Clinical Lab
  6 Acceptance into Cal State University, Northridge.                     NURS 315           Pharmacology & Self Care          2
  .                                                                                          Agency
  7 Submission of the A-to-BSN application.                               NURS 318/L         Introduction to Professional      3/4
  .                                                                                          Nursing & Clinical lab
NOTE: Computer literacy is a basic expectation for the
professional nurse and of students before entering the A-
                                                                          NURS 319           Effective Communications          2
BSN. You do not need to take a computer course if you                                        in Professional Nursing
are familiar with basic Word, email, & similar software.                  NURS 321/L         Adult/Aged Medical                4/8
Introductory workshops are available to teach students                                       Surgical Nursing & Clinical
about various software programs.                                                             lab
                                                                          NURS321A/L         Nursing Care of Older             1

                                                                    3
                 Adults Lab                                              upon request and before the first patient
NURS 310         Nursing Research               3                        care experience. Faculty may require only
NURS 430/L       Psychiatric/Mental Health      2/1                      proof that students have requested the
                 Nursing & Clinical lab                                  required check, but students should not
NURS 444/L       Nursing Care of the            2/1.5                    submit outcomes of such checks to CSUN
                 Childbearing Family &                                   faculty or staff. If an affiliating clinical
                 Clinical lab                                            agency notifies faculty that they are refusing
NURS 443/L       Nursing Care of Children &     2/1.5                    clinical placement to a student based on
                 Clinical lab                                            background check the student will be unable
NURS 426         Nursing Systems Issues &       3                        to complete required clinical laboratory
                 Ethics                                                  course work, unable to progress in the
NURS 427/L       Dynamics of Nursing            3/2                      program, and thus unable to meet degree
                 Leadership & Clinical lab                               requirements.
NURS 428/L       Community Health Nursing       3/2              0. Students in nursing courses are responsible to
                 & Clinical lab                                          obtain and maintain at their own cost
                 Total Units                    56                       nursing student liability insurance, CPR
                                                                         certification, and if needed fire safety card or
                                                                         evidence of other indicators of particular
Academic Policies:                                                       competencies as required by professional
0. Nursing courses from other programs may be                            standards or affiliating clinical agencies.        Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        considered non-equivalent and not be                     0. Access to transportation is required for clinical
        transferred into this program with the                           courses off campus.
        exception of HSci307/L.                                  0. The faculty reserves the right to make program
0. Students are admitted as a cohort. Should                             modifications as necessary to meet current
        progression through the curriculum be                            professional standards, Board of Registered
        interrupted, students whose progress is                          Nursing requirements, and accreditation
        interrupted will need to reapply to the                          criteria.
        program and will be considered on a space
        available basis. All nursing courses must be                 Nurse Credential serves as coordinator of the
        completed within 5 years after taking the first              CSUN School Nurse Services Credential track.
        nursing course.
0. A minimum grade of C is required in all
        prerequisite & nursing courses. A C- will                Financial Aid
        require the student to repeat the course or
        concurrent theory/lab courses. Students                  Financial aid and scholarship information is
        progressing on schedule through the                      explained in the California State University,
        program will be given priority space in                  Northridge catalog and online at
        classes, and students repeating courses will    Students, who meet
        be considered only on a space available                  specific criteria, can apply for various scholarships.
        basis. The need to repeat some courses                   For more information, contact the secretary at the
        may interfere with the repeating student’s               Department of Health Sciences.
        ability to complete the degree.
0. Students must enroll and pass concurrently both
        theory and clinical laboratory components of                Online information & application at:
        each area of study that contains these            
0. Students are responsible for obtaining at their own
        cost any necessary health insurance, health
                                                                    To request CSUN or A-BSN
        examinations, immunizations, TB testing,                    application email:
        titers, or other requirements needed to
        maintain compliance with University and                     California State University, Northridge
        affiliating clinical agency requirements.                   Department of Nursing
        Documentation is to be submitted to the                     College of Health & Human Development
        designated person upon request and before                   18111 Nordhoff Street
        the first patient care experience.                          Northridge, CA 91330-8285
0. Students in nursing courses are responsible for                  Tel:    (818) 677-7533
        obtaining at their own cost any necessary                   Fax:    (818) 677-2045
        criminal background checks, Documentation
        is to be submitted to the designated person
        in the requiring affiliating clinical agency
                                                           4

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