2 types of silver solutions (ionic vs colloidal):


The silver ion (Ag+) will not be found free-roaming (as an ion) in the body
because as soon as it gets into the body it combines with chloride (Cl-) in sodium
chloride, (NaCl) in the blood or hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach to form
(AgCl) or silver chloride. This is a far less potent form of silver versus a pure
metallic nano particle of silver metal. The only ions that can exist as such in the
body are those for which there are ion channels in cell membranes, such as K+
(potassium), Na+ (sodium), and Ca++ (calcium). Therefore, ionic silver is best for
TOPICAL use on skin wounds, decubitus ulcers, burns, in ears, and in the nose
where chloride is minimal to non-existent. Ionic silver appears clear. Parts per
million (PPM) of silver in these solutions are accurately measured with a water
test meter (conductivity or TDS) once the pH is known and the meter is calibrated
around both variables. The water test meter provided with The SilverLungs
Generator is pre-calibrated for the high pH solutions produced and automatically
accounts for the high pH produced and in turn provides a very accurate
measurement of the ionic silver concentration at the end of the electrolysis


Pure silver metal particles in the nano range are the best form to swallow or
breathe, as they can't form AgCl nor any other compounds of silver in the stomach
or the lungs. True colloidal silver is made by taking ionic silver and combining it
with a reducing agent which breaks down in water and releases thousands of free
electrons that combine with the ions of silver. By providing a free electron for a
silver ion, the silver ion will be "reduced" back into a complete atom of silver and
thus converts the ions to atoms and then ultimately particles (i.e. a colloid.) The
reducing agent is recommended by Mario Cifaldi of SilverLungs and is included
in each kit. This is a special formulation of dextrin (a complex carbohydrate
powder.) "Plasma absorption resonance" causes these true colloidal solutions to
appear yellow once they are converted from ionic to colloidal. This is how you
will know that you have true colloidal silver due to the shift in color from clear to
yellow. When these colloidal solutions are measured with a water test meter, the
true PPM will not be detected any longer as these meters only give the PPM
concentration of ions. This is because particles cannot be detected/measured with
a water test meter, only ions. This explains why you should check the PPM of the
solution you make with the provided water test meter (before) you add the
reducing agent.

As well, oxygen molecules can combine with silver ions and form silver oxide,
which then break down over time. Silver oxide particles are (not) considered to be
colloidal as these are compounds of silver containing oxygen. Silver oxide (upon
entry into the blood and/or stomach) will be quickly converted to (AgCl) silver
chloride due to a more favorable reaction with chloride in those environments.
This is why it is important to have a closed system (absent of a bubbling
mechanism) which will greatly limit any oxygen from being introduced into the
solution during production. The only other way to make particles of silver (better
defined as large chunks) during electrolysis is if you have too much voltage and
this will break large agglomerates of silver off of the electrodes in a process called
"undercutting". This is entirely eliminated in the SilverLungs Generator which
only produces a controlled release of 0.23 nanometer silver ions (which can be
optionally converted to true colloidal metal particles later if pursuing a true
colloidal silver for oral administration.) In summary, ionic silver solutions are far
better for topical/external administration types, whereas pure metal particles of
silver are better suited for the stomach where they will be exposed to an acidic
chloride environment. Partciles of silver are the only form that survive a chloride-
rich environemnt and this is why yellow colloidal solutions are the type of choice
for oral administration.


Even the "silver toxicity" study posted by Mario Cifaldi at states at the end (page 9) that there are NO
human health dangers from silver used in reasonable concentrations (in absolute
contradiction to the entire article that preceded this statement which clearly tries
to scare people about the "unacceptable dangers" of silver.) If you hold your
mouse over the yellow highlighted areas in the PDF file posted by Mario Cifaldi,
he refutes the false claims made in each section of the text which will be displayed
as a text overlay showing his comments. Note, that when toxicity studies are done,
the studies are performed in vitro (i.e., in a lab petri dish), rather than real-world
studies in the body. This does not provide real-world data for silver's activity
(inside) the body. There has NEVER been a single death proven from silver
(unlike the myriad of deaths from ALL of Big Pharma's drugs).

In the 1920's, silver was FDA approved as an antibiotic. Some people (chemists)
were experimenting and combining it with nitric acid to form (AgNO3) silver
nitrate, which caused some people to get a slight grayish discoloring of their skin
(called Argyria). It is important to note that even in the impractical dosages that
were used which caused this, there were no health issues whatsoever. Keep in
mind that AgNO3 is by no means colloidal nor ionic silver. This is a chemical
compound of silver involving nitric acid (i.e. apples and oranges.) This was
simply the case of failed experimentation of creating silver (compounds) which
have nothing to do with pure silver solutions produced properly today. Big

Pharma used this as an excuse to run to the FDA to get silver red flagged and
hopefully removed as it was a direct threat to the patented, side-effect riddled
prescription medications that were produced and pushed into the medical system
at that time. Silver is a considerable threat to Big Pharma as it cannot be patented,
it has incredible efficacy and absolutely no health side-effects whatsoever in its
pure form. In essence, they cannot control it. In fact, people can make their own at
home (forever) with the SilverLungs Generator for pennies on the dollar versus
buying $30-$50 pre-made solutions over the counter.

As a dramatic tactic to scare people into not using silver solutions a few years ago,
a man by the name of Paul Karason ("the BLUE man") made the rounds on
national TV (including the Oprah show), apparently sponsored by Merck
pharmaceutical company. Karason claimed his bright blue skin was a result of
ingesting colloidal silver. However, on closer examination by Mario Cifaldi and
many others over the years since, it turns out that he was drinking gallons of
extremely high concentrations of experimentally produced home-brewed colloidal
silver per week and was not using distilled water to make it! He was adding table
salt as a catalyst to speed the process which created a completely different form of
silver called silver chloride. Quite simply, the silver ions were combining with the
table salt in the water to form a chemical compound of silver. It was even reported
that Paul was using tap water (which contains copper) and this is another sign that
Paul's skin discoloration was possibly due to excess copper bound to the silver
through metallic bonding. Despite the bright blue color of his skin, he suffered no
ill health effects nor any organ damage. I am convinced he was probably paid to
do this to himself so he could do his "tel-LIE-vision" appearances to scare people
away from silver.

Mario has found less 500 documented cases of Argyria in history and in all cases
the silver was made incorrectly by adding well water, table salt, chemicals, etc.
Silver has been used as an anti-bacterial/anti-viral agent for thousands of years
without a single death ever reported. In fact, no pathogen has ever been found
which is not destroyed by silver and without any creation of resistant organisms
(which occur with antibiotic use).


There are many ways people make silver solutions, including using a generator
that has a bubbler which is simply the least expensive way to stir the solution (as
opposed to the magnetic stirrer in The SilverLungs Generator) which mimics
professional laboratory-grade magnetic stirring systems. Keep in mind there is no
air filter on the bubbling generator; thus dust is being forced into the silver
solution where it will become trapped in the final product. As well, the constant
bubbling of O2 into the solution causes formation of about 90% silver oxide
(AgO), which is not ionic nor colloidal. The magnetic stirrer used in The
SilverLungs Generator does not affect the solution at all as silver is not attracted

to the magnet. The closed system used in The SilverLungs Generator prevents any
dust or oxygen from getting into the solution which virtually eliminates the over-
production of silver oxide. The SilverLungs Generator comes with copper
scrubbers to "polish" the pure silver electrodes clean rather than grinding them
clean with Scotch Brite pads. This removes the silver hydroxide coating left on
the silver electrodes after a batch of ionic solution is made. Thus, one set of
electrodes will last the owner for life. The bubbler generator comes with Scotch
Brite pads to clean the silver wires which actually make gouges in the wires and
wastes a lot of valuable silver. Thus, the silver wires have to be replaced on a
regular basis. The SilverLungs Generator also uses polarity reversal which spreads
the silver dissolving evenly across both silver electrodes. The generator produces
a 20 PPM solution in 120 minutes. This is by far the fastest production on the
market of any silver generator.


Robert O. Becker, MD (author of the books "The Body Electric" and "Cross
Currents; the Perils of Electropollution and the Promise of Electromedicine") is a
pioneering researcher and leading expert in the field of biological electricity and
regeneration. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, he is an orthopedic surgeon
and full professor at the State University of New York, Upstate Medical Center in
Syracuse, as well as Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport.

Dr. Becker conducted extensive research at SUNY Upstate Medical Center in
Syracuse, NY for many years, and concluded that silver works on the full
spectrum of pathogens without any side effects or damage to the body, and that it
also causes major growth stimulation of injured tissues due to the conduction of
electricity by ionic silver (thus allowing normal tissue instead of scar tissue to
form). I have seen this personally in my own experience with a very serious
infected wound, and in clients with burns (one of who's photographic documented
healing is posted on The SilverLungs testimonial site).


Since the FDA could not find sufficient grounds to ban colloidal silver when
pressured to do so by Big Pharma due to its long history of safety & effectiveness,
the agenda changed to limiting access of information about it to the public. Thus,
the FDA passed a "final ruling" in 1999 that places severe restrictions on claims
that can be made re: colloidal silver. It can only be sold in the US as a "mineral
supplement". No claims in advertising or on the label can be made regarding its
effectiveness as an antibacterial or antiviral; if such occurs, the FDA can shut
down the company and confiscate its inventory. Yet, toxic drugs which are killing
& maiming people are "approved" by the FDA and are the only treatments

covered by insurance; the only treatments taught in Big Pharma controlled
medical schools to doctors who lose their license to practice medicine should they
step out of the box and learn how to actually heal people. Since patients
themselves continue to spend billions of dollars out of pocket every year to
purchase natural therapies, the latest ploy was to create "America's doctor"; the
wizard of Oz, who discusses a few natural herbs and supplements (which he
obviously didn't learn about in medical school) to hook in daytime TV viewers,
while at the same time promoting vaccines (in which he owns stock), electroshock
therapy, the toxic poison aspartame, microwave ovens, toxic sunscreens (which
cause skin cancer), buying the cheapest supplements, etc. (A "psyop" of the
highest order.)

It is not just the FDA going after silver; the EPA has joined in as well. The
Samsung company manufactured a washing machine that released silver into the
rinse cycle (to prevent the moldy smell of clothes not removed in a timely
fashion). Obviously the reason the EPA took it off the market was to hide the
education of the benefits of silver from the mass public.

Even more ridiculous, the company Logitech was fined $400,000 because they
impregnated the top cover of a computer mouse with silver and marketed it as
antimicrobial, but failed to consult the EPA and register it as a PESTICIDE

The FDA & EPA are just 2 of the alphabet agencies we pay taxes to support; yet
they do the opposite of the reason they were created (i.e., to protect the public).

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