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					Our energy efficient, high performance
 systems including flues & chimneys,
natural ventilation & lighting, kitchen
 ventilation, air conditioning (comfort
    cooling), heat pumps and solar

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Natural Ventilation

 Natural Lighting

   Flue Systems

Chimney Systems

Kitchen Ventilation

 Air Conditioning

   Heat Pumps

     Solar PV

                                                           Naturally Sustainable, with a vision

                                        Naturally Driven

        Reducing the carbon footprint

OUR COMPANY    ……………………………….            1


MISSION, VISION & VALUES   ……………..      3


SECTORS WE SERVE   …………...……………         5

ENVIRONMETAL POLICY    ……….………….        7

NATURAL VENTILATION   …………………...        8

CHIMNEY & FLUE SYSTEMS     ….…………...   25

KITCHEN VENTILATION   ……………………         31

COMFORT COOLING    …………………………          35

HEAT PUMPS & RENEWABLES     ……………      36

SOLAR PV   ……………………………………….            37
            Naturally Driven Solutions

Energy Efficient Heating,                    Airtherm Engineering
Cooling, Ventilation &                       Limited is a newly formed
Renewables from Airtherm                     company with a wealth of
Engineering Ltd »                            commercial and industrial
We design, supply and install a wide         experience.
range of efficient, high performance
systems including flues & chimneys,          We specialise in energy-efficient, eco
natural ventilation & lighting, kitchen      and green technology for the
ventilation, air conditioning (comfort       ventilation and renewables market.
cooling), heat pumps and solar
                                             Our solutions are aimed at the
photovoltaic (PV) panels for the
                                             domestic, commercial and industrial
commercial, industrial and private
                                             sectors across a range of common
                                             applications including flue and
Airtherm Engineering Ltd only use            chimney exhausts, commercial
products of the highest quality and          kitchen ventilation, natural
experienced engineers with excellence in     ventilation and lighting, air
their field. We aim to provide specifiers    conditioning (comfort cooling), heat
and contractors with complete confidence     pumps and solar photovoltaic (PV)
in our service by managing projects          panels.
closely, adhering to strict safety
guidelines, demanding the highest
quality workmanship and will continue
to strengthen our business by listening to
customer feedback.

Whatever the application, whatever its
demands - we can provide the ideal

Our Team
Airtherm is managed by Andrew Brown
who has 21 years’ experience working in
the heating, cooling and ventilation
industry. His background as a director
and shareholder for a well-known
Midlands based engineering company
combined with many years of involvement
in the HVAC industry means that
Airtherm have an extensive                  Services
understanding of client, project and        Consultation

                                                                                       OUR TEAM. SERVICES & PRODUCTS
industry requirements.                      Site Meetings
                                            Design proposals using the latest iCalc2

Airtherm offer a variety of services to     package

clients, which are designed to meet all     Estimation

current regulations. Our team consists of   Product Selection

highly technical and experienced            Technical Support

employees, qualified to the highest         Installation (CSCS Approved)

standards. We continue to strengthen our    AutoCAD

business by listening to customers’         Service & Maintenance

comments and taking on advice in an ever    After Sales

changing workplace.
                                            Flue Systems
                                            Chimney Systems
                                            Natural Ventilation
                                            Natural Lighting
                                            Kitchen Ventilation
                                            Heat Recovery
                                            Air Conditioning
                                            Heat Pumps & Renewables
                                            Solar PV

                    Mission, Vision & Values
•   Our mission is to perform to the highest level of quality at fair competitive prices.
•   Ensure longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by
    customer satisfaction in all areas.
•   Our vision is to accomplish sustainable, quality growth.
•   To be recognised as the supplier of choice in our industry.
•   We shall maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in
    our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and
•   We strive to ensure strong lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers by
    exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by
    every member of our team.
•   Keep up with the changing demands of the industry in order to maintain our proud
    position as a market leader.
•   We will continue to strengthen our business by listening to customers’ comments and take      MISSION, VISION & VALUES
    on advice to an ever changing workplace.


All our site operatives carry CSCS, IPATH, Scaffold/erection passes as standard and are highly
trained in their field of expertise.

We require additional qualifications for air conditioning installation:

City and Guilds 2382-12 Level 3 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, CITB Essential Electrics
Certificate, CITB Refrigeration Electrics Certificate, GasSafe , REFCOM F-Gas, NICEIC.

Where work is carried out for Airtherm Engineering Limited by subcontracted personnel, we
carefully choose the companies we work with and always ensure that their personnel meet the
same high standards we apply to ourselves and hold all the necessary legal and industry

Industry Standards

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

Construction Online
We are part of the UK's largest register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants.

Construction Online helps suppliers and buyers identify contractors with the minimum

of hassle and paperwork. Construction Online guarantees you get industry qualified

installers every time.

Safe Contractor
We are currently awaiting, but expecting confirmation of our “Safe Contractor”


                                                                               We serve

Our flue and chimney exhaust systems are the obvious products utilised by
the industrial sector, however our line of natural ventilation and lighting
systems are proving increasingly popular solutions in industrial buildings
and factories throughout the UK.
Our kitchen canopy system sizes are suited to industrial applications as


                                                                                                      SECTORS WE SERVE
                       Our natural ventilation and light systems are ideally suited to the leisure
                       sector where a fresh air supply is essential or bright illumination of large
                       spaces is required.
                       Our flue and chimney systems are also ideal to handle any exhaust
                       requirements demanded by the large boilers often used in leisure centres.
                       Popular applications include gymnasiums, sports halls and health clubs.

Natural ventilation and lighting is a very popular solution in the health
care sector in hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions. Providing
fresh, breathable air and natural light for patients and health care workers
has numerous benefits to health, recovery and staff productivity.
Similarly, our kitchen canopies offer a safe, hygienic working environment
where food can be prepared quickly and efficiently without the worry of
external contamination.

                                                                             We serve

Our complete product range is ideally suited to applications
throughout the commercial sector. Increasingly, office buildings are
benefitting from new, greener, more efficient technologies such as
natural ventilation, natural lighting, heat pumps, solar pv and our
energy-saving air conditioning units.
Our range of exhaust products, from flues and chimneys to kitchen
extract canopies, are also suitable for commercial installation.

Our product range is perfect for the educational sector. We have found
schools and colleges are often keen to utilise the latest green and eco
technology, not just to lower costs but to act as a living experiment for
pupils and parents to experience.
Our natural ventilation systems are a great solution for classrooms
and the daylight supply from our natural lighting products are ideally
suited for the daily periods of occupation.
The growing use of heat pumps and solar pv technology to generate
hot water and electricity while reducing a buildings carbon footprint
are also widely employed as part of a whole building strategy.
Our flue and chimney exhaust systems are also suited to the
buildings heating demands and kitchen canopies can be installed
where on-site cooking or food preparation facilities are used.

Our efficient, high performance kitchen canopies are ideal for
                                                                                        SECTORS WE SERVE

restaurants and food based retail outlets where food must be
prepared quickly, hygienically and safely. They are used throughout
the industry by outlets ranging from the small to large.
Our air conditioning units are, traditionally, widely used throughout
the retail sector. Our growing range of greener, more efficient and A-
rated energy products are a stylish complement to any shop or as a
replacement for older, less efficient models.
Our natural ventilation and lighting products are also growing in
popularity throughout the retail sector.

                          Environmental Policy Statement

                                                                                                    ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY
It is the organisation’s objective to operate with, and to maintain good relations with all
regulatory bodies.

It is the organisation’s declared policy to carry out all measures reasonably practicable to
facilitate the ability to continually improve environmental performance.

We will establish a management structure, which ensures effective environmental
management and provide training and education to our employees at all levels, in order that
they develop a sense of awareness and responsibility for the environment. The impact or our
activities on the local environment will be assessed, monitored and controlled as required.

All aspects of this policy will be communicated to employees, clients, the public and other
interested parties as appropriate.

In line with these principles, it is the policy of members of Airtherm Engineering Limited to:

• Assess and regularly re-assess the environmental effects of the organisation’s equipment
  and operations.
• Improve the efficiency of energy use in our buildings and processes.
• Reduce the generation of waste. Use recycled materials where practical, re-cycle or dispose
  of in-house waste safely.
• Adhere to all relevant regulations concerning waste and environmental well-being.
• Ensure that all sub-contractor operations are in line with this policy, and that they are
  aware of their respective responsibilities in the environment.
• Train all employees in environmental issues.
• Reduce and/or limit the production of pollutants to water, land and air. All waste is
  disposed of under controlled conditions if re-cycling and/or the re-use of the materials is not
  an available option.
• Take environmental considerations into account when selecting our material, suppliers and
• Control noise emissions from operations.
• Minimise risk to the general public and employees from organisation operations and

We check our activities periodically to ensure they are consistent with these principles. This
policy is communicated to all employees, suppliers and sub-contractors and is made available
to the public.

Natural Ventilation

The Natural Choice

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      Natural Ventilation

                        High Capacity - Our natural ventilation terminals are perfect for
                        both natural, passive and solar powered options, with all four
                        sides possessing a guaranteed 50% free area allowing a more
                        efficient operation.

                        High Performance - With the addition of internal vertical
                        channels and integrated water defence, our standard terminals
                        can be converted into high performance Class A rain protection
                        (over 99% effective).

                        Internal & Trunk – Housed inside the terminal is a full height
                        divider which keeps fresh and stale air separate. Both the
                        terminal base and ductwork below are lined using a Class ‘O’
                        type 12.5mmTHK acoustic foam. The foam offers an ideal
                        acoustic characteristics and the necessary fire performance.
                        Additional acoustic layers can be applied to conform to any
                        design criteria required. The roof lid is also acoustically lined to
                        prevent unwanted noise transfer from heavy rain droplets, which
                        can be amplified into the occupied space below. This method
                        also avoids condensation forming on the underside of the roof
                        with cold air entering the terminal and hot stale air rising from

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 Natural Ventilation
uPVC volume control dampers

 Standard features                                             Options specified
 Ultra high shut off
                                                               Belimo /Siemens modulating actuators factory fitted
 Independent tests show no leakage below 10Pa; the
                                                               The use of Belimo SM series modulating actuators allows
 pressure most
                                                               dampers to
 likely to be found in natural ventilation installations
                                                               be set fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between, for
 Excellent thermal insulation
                                                               adjustability and assurance of comfort.
 With a theoretical U value of less that 1 W/m2, uPVC volume
 dampers lose

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                 Natural Ventilation
                                                                     uPVC volume control dampers

Ultra high shut off

In independent tests, large format uPVC volume control dampers
yielded leakage results normally only achieved by dedicated shut
off dampers.

The VCD sent for testing had a nominal size of 1000mm x
806mm, the large size tantamount to our confidence in the

With even 10Pa rarely being exceeded in natural ventilation
situations, it is clear how uPVC volume control dampers can
enhance the efficiency of your new natural ventilation system.

No cold bridge

Close a steel or aluminium volume control damper, and you will
go on losing heat, not through airflow but conduction of heat from
one side to the other.

HVC large format uPVC volume control dampers have a
theoretical U value of 0.973W/m2K when closed, atleast 40 times
better than a steel damper and 250 times better than an

Of course this can help to cut heating bills, and reduces the
carbon footprint of any building using them.

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Natural Ventilation
     Egg crate grilles            Volume control dampers

     Plenum boxes                Double deflection grilles

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Airtherm Engineering Limited supply a
wide range of natural ventilation and
lighting systems that can be designed and
installed to suit virtually any application.
We provide for the commercial, educational, industrial
and private sectors and our products are increasingly
popular in schools, hospitals, offices and industrial
Natural Ventilation and Lighting systems make use of
nature's own power source to provide interior spaces with
a fresh air supply or natural daylight illumination or both.    The features and advantages of
                                                                such a system include »
Buildings utilising natural ventilation or lighting systems,
by their very nature, experience a significant reduction in     · A fresh air supply for workers -
traditional energy running costs.                               proven to increase productivity &
                                                                reduce staff sickness.
The Airtherm ‘W-Vent’ is a natural ventilation system           · Naturally ventilated - reduces your
operating on established aerodynamic principles. As air         energy costs and carbon footprint
flows around the terminal itself, positive and negative         without the need for mechanical
pressure areas are generated. On the positive side air          ventilation.
enters the louvres of the terminal and is directed down
through the internal vanes into the room below. The             · Night time purge of stale air -
negative pressure on the leeward side of the terminal,          creating a fresh working
induces air to leave the louvres, and stale air from the        environment for staff the following
room below rises and is expelled from the terminal. This        morning.
process is aided by stack effect, i.e. as cool air enters the   · Better control of building
windward side of the unit it descends into the room below,      temperature and CO² levels.
and the warm stale air rises in the ducts facing the
leeward side providing a naturally fresh environment.           · Free cooling.

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Ventilation Ventilation

Installation »
Units can be installed on almost every roof including
flat, pitched and even on the roof apex where
appropriate. The roof fabric of commercial applications
has bearing on the openings and roof plates that are
required to install the systems competently. We offer a
roof plate solution for all situations, including self
mount flashings and curb mount flashings with suitable
upstands. The options for each project will be discussed
at the design stage in detail, including the necessary
openings that are required to suit our systems.
                                                              A Breath of Fresh Air
The ductwork for the units can pass through any floor
level to transfer air within the building. The units are
capable of being linked to the buildings BMS to ensure      Manufacture »
dampers are fully closed in the event of a fire. ‘W-Vent’   All units are manufactured to BS EN
units can be controlled via master control panels, room     ISO 9001 and are fully welded and
temperature sensors and CO² sensors.                        constructed using corrosion resistant
                                                            aluminium or stainless steel and fitted
                                                            with internal acoustic material which
We can also offer many bespoke natural ventilation          is normally sized to meet all related
solutions to clients. Our highly skilled work force adapt   noise criteria of each individual
at all types of light to medium metal fabrication           application. Adjustable sealed
including stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. GRP     dampers and transfer grilles are
moulded products are also available, most suited to
circular formation.                                         manufactured from anodised
                                                            aluminium or perforated stainless steel
                                                            panels. The units may be powder
The most common range starts from 500mm to                  coated to your clients specifications in
1200mm and can be combined with a natural lighting          any standard RAL or BS colour of your
system formally known as the ‘L-Vent’ . The L-Vent          choice.
(Light & Vent) system uses both the wind and sun, and
offers a ZERO carbon footprint which has no impact on
the environment.                                            Our terminals are available either in
                                                            square, rectangular or circular shapes
                                                            and can be designed and
Our installation engineers are competent in their field     manufactured to complement the
and carry all necessary site certification with CSCS        architectural aesthetics of the building.
cards, IPATH, PASMA and scaffold towers. Our                We also offer a manually operated
engineers strive towards excellence in each and every       system called ‘Teleflex’ where the
project they undertake.                                     dampers can be opened and closed by
                                                            use of a rotating lever operated by the
                                                            room occupants when required.

                                                            Natural ventilation and lighting
                                                            systems, by their very nature, produce
                                                            a significant reduction in traditional
                                                            energy running costs and can improve
                                                            staff productivity and reduce sickness
                                                            by the removal of stale air from the
                                                            working environment.
     Intelivent       W-Vent Systems      P-Vent Systems

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“The W-Vent (natural ventilation) system offers a cool, fresh, cost-
effective alternative solution to traditional air conditioning, it is
regulated by our advanced intelligent control panel, all day every day"
Cost Savings
The system is powered primarily by aerodynamic forces and so the only power required is to run the
low voltage controller unit. This offers substantial costs savings compared to traditional mechanical
ventilation systems that can potentially run into tens of thousands of pounds each year.
Health Benefits
By its very nature, the W-Vent (wind ventilator), S-Vent, (solar-ventilator) P-Vent (passive ventilator)
L-Vent (combined wind & light ventilator) and our X-Vent (cross wall ventilation) systems all offer a
natural solution to health problems commonly associated with mechanical air conditioning units.
Rather than re-circulating stale air (and possibly germs), the natural ventilation system is continually
removing stale air and replacing it with a fresh supply. The system takes air from the roof level
eliminating a proportion of pollution, including hazardous carbon monoxide from roadside traffic that
is a common issue with low level ventilation methods.
Suitable Applications
Our Natural Ventilation products are suitable for many applications including schools, offices and
hospitals. They are also used in private, local authority and commercial premises including
gymnasiums, colleges, universities, reception areas, store rooms, changing rooms, libraries, meeting
halls and are also suitable for specialist applications. They provide an ideal solution for delivering a
'fresh' air supply to areas where conventional room ventilation is difficult due to critical noise issues.
The Ideal Solution
Our Natural Ventilation systems offer architects and consulting engineers not only a natural and
environmentally-friendly solution but an acoustically efficient, economical and aesthetic answer to
ventilation needs.
Terminal Design
Our external terminals can be designed in keeping with the architectural design of the building or can
be manufactured to be of a contrasting appearance, adding and harnessing a feature aspect to the
buildings and its surroundings. Louvres are designed to ensure the maximum available free area of the
unit is utilised, whilst maintaining weather defensive integrity at all times.

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"The S-Vent (solar-powered natural ventilation) system offers
additional fresh air requirements during those hot summer months,
and provides a better comfort to the every day working environment”

How It Works
The S-Vent system benefits of a passive stack and an active stack
system, similar to our W-Vent range, but with the bonus of a free
power source. Our S-Vent terminal delivers fresh air and discharges
unwanted stale air (CO²) from internal spaces, effectively eliminating
the need for traditional methods. The system incorporates a solar
powered boost-fan which provides additional 200l/s, 400l/s or 700l/s of
fresh air within the compartment below.
The photovoltaic panel collects daylight and convert this to electricity
that is regulated via the charge controller which charges the battery
pack. The battery is charged whenever there is enough available
daylight to do so and even generates power on a dull day. The S-Vent
range have been designed to supply fresh air 24 hours a day.
The low powered fans are set as standard to simply switch on/off at
maximum dampers or as an optional feature they can be speed
controlled variably in conjunction with the damper positions.

Standard Components
☼ 12v or 24v DC Power Supply.
☼ 40w or 60w solar cell.
☼ DC carbon fibre battery Pack.
☼ Power management module.
☼ Low powered DC fan unit - 200L/s, 400L/s and 700L/s
☼ iVent control systems operate with peripheral (wind, rain,
  temperature) devices to suit any and temperature application.


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  Natural Intelligent
  Ventilation Controls
   for a better indoor

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                                                  iVent Systems
                                               Intelligent Ventilation Controls
                                                  Intelligent Building Controls

                                               Natural Ventilation Controls
                                               Our unique range of natural
                                               ventilation controls and intelligent
                                               sensors have been developed to
Our Range of Control Solutions                 deliver optimum control and ease
Standalone Sensors
                                               of use of all our natural ventilation
* Room Temperature and C02 Sensor              systems.
* Room Temperature and RH Sensor
* Room Temperature and RH Sensor with          We can supply traditional combined sensors
  manual override                              (with 0/10v outputs) or sensors with inbuilt
* Standard room Temperature Sensor             BACnet communications (which supply a
                                               modulating control signal to end devices such
                                               as window actuator controllers). Our sensors
Intelligent Sensors
                                               are specifically designed to be simple to use.
* Intelligent BACnet Room Setpoint Unit
* Intelligent Temperature and C02 BACnet
  Sensor                                       We employ push button overrides, LED status
* Intelligent Temperature BACnet Sensor with   indications and clear labelling to make things
                                               easier for the end users with the temperature
  manual override
                                               control, the room set point for the control of
* Intelligent Temperature and C02 level        the ventilation dampers can be adjusted in
  Indicator                                    10C increments between 210C and 280C with
                                               a seasonal change over and a night cooling
Standalone Controllers                         option if a time clock or BMS time signal is
* Temperature and C02 Room Controller          available. Localised Heating can also be
* Temperature and C02 Room Controller with     controlled and is set 20C below the room set
  manual override                              point.
* Temperature and C02 Sensor controller with
  carbon monoxide indicator.
* Temperature room Controller with manual
* Temperature room Controller

Peripherals & Devices
* Chain Window Actuator
* Combined Weather Sensor
* Digital alarm Unit
* Digital Extension Timer                       Temp and CO2 Sensor       Room Temp Sensor
* Power supply Unit with Time Clock
* Window Control Module with Power supply.           Our partners source all natural
                                                     ventilation components locally !

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  iVent Systems
  Intelligent Building Controls

Working in association with our
partners we specialise in the design,
manufacture, installation and
commissioning of BACnet intelligent                    Airtherm are working in collaboration with a
building control systems. We are able                  well-known controls specialist based in
to offer total turnkey control                         Worcestershire, who have developed the
                                                       iSC™ range of intelligent temperature,
packages to architects, consulting                     humidity and CO2 sensors - the latest
engineers, developers, specifiers and                  concept in intelligent sensor technology.
mechanical engineers.                                  Specifically designed to meet the HVAC
                                                       control requirements of modern building
                                                       systems that communicate using the open
Building Management System Design                      source BACnet protocol. We are also able to
Our partners have over 35 years experience of
                                                       supply complete Building Management
designing complete building management
                                                       Systems (BMS) packages.
systems for controlling the environment within
all types of buildings. Our systems can control
                                                       Control Specification Temperature and
temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and
humidity creating the perfect environment. Our         CO2 Sensor Controller with manual
systems manage the distribution of air                 override and CO2 Level Indicator
throughout the building, (for example by
operating fans or opening/closing dampers) with        Gas detected - Carbon dioxide (CO2).
local room controls to achieve the desired room        CO2 measuring range - 0 ~ 2,000ppm.
temperature. Our systems can also monitor the          CO2 measuring accuracy - +/- 30ppm or 5%
level of human-generated CO2, mixing outside air       CO2 Indicator Levels - Green = Low
with exhaust air to increase the amount of fresh       ≤999ppm, Green & Amber = Med 1000 -
air while minimising heat/cooling losses.              1499ppm, Amber = Med High 1500 - 1799,
                                                       Red = High D1800ppm.
                                                       Sensing element - Non dispersive infrared
Control Panels                                         detector.
Our partners design and manufacture all of our
                                                       Temperature measuring range - 0 ~ 50°C.
control panels in-house, using the latest
                                                       Temperature accuracy - 1% at 25°C.
AutoCAD software. The control panels are built
                                                       Power supply - 24vDC.
to their specification, and conform to IP2X
                                                       Consumption - 20mA average, 40mA with all
standards as a minimum.
                                                       LED's lit (at v24) 100mA for 10ms every 3s
                                                       when sampling CO2.
Electrical Installation                                Configurable Analogue outputs - Two 0/10v
To complement their control panels they have a         DC outputs(10mA) AO1 =
team of electrical installers, fully conversant with   Ventilation/Cooling, AO2 = Heating.
controls installation.

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 iVent Systems
 Intelligent Ventilation Controls

 Field Devices and Peripherals

     Combined Weather Sensor          Wind Speed Sensor     Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

      Digital Extension Timer           Digital Alarm       Temperature Room Controller

 Window Control Module with Power   Window Control Module     Window Control Actuator

DAU 809 2509 | |
 0844                                                                                   20
    iVent Systems
    Intelligent Ventilation Controls
                                                                       Take control
    Controllers and Peripherals

       Solar Charge Controller    Solar Battery remote
                                 SolarBattery Remote Meter meter Controller (IP67)

                                                                 3-4 Channel Natural
         12v 40w Solar Cell           12v 60w Solar Cell           Ventilation Zone

      Belimo 24v 10nm actuator     Siemens 10nm actuator          Damper & Actuator

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Lighting Solutions

                                                       The most popular natural light dimension is
                                                       250mm (10”) - suitable for corridors, shower
                                                       rooms, small offices, changing rooms, store rooms,
                                                       toilets and areas up to 7.5 m².The 355mm (14”) is
                                                       more suited to kitchens, medium sized classrooms,
                                                       study areas, libraries, small conference rooms,
                                                       offices, reception areas and landings.
                                                       Our largest Nat-light is 530mm (21”) and is best
                                                       suited to ceiling heights of 3-4m, areas up to 40
                                                       m², offices with ceiling grids of 5-6m and
                                                       industrial areas. Multiple units are commonly
                                                       installed for large rooms or halls.
                                                       Larger bespoke units can be manufactured to
                                                       meet our clients requirements.
Manufacture & Installation
Natural lights are designed so that they require       Suitable Applications
no maintenance. The unit is sealed so dust cannot      The Airtherm range of natural lights are used
gather inside. Condensation will not form inside       extensively around the world to enhance
the unit due to the use of a brushed nylon gasket      commercial working environments and to provide
fitted on installation. The Nat-Lights can be fitted   natural light in businesses and industries where it
to any roof surface including pitched, flat, profile   is vital to their work - for example colour
steel sheeting, tile corrugations, concrete and        rendering, design work and quality control. The
pressed steel types.                                   range of natural light sizes (530mm, 350mm or
                                                       250mm) are designed to suit industrial,
Health Benefits                                        commercial, small commercial or large domestic
The natural daylight provided by the Solatube          applications.
system has also been proven to reduce common
office-related health problems like Seasonal
Affected Disorder (SAD) - a condition associated
with conventional lighting and office
environments. Why not reduce or eliminate the
need to use electric lighting during the day.
Instead provide amazing levels of natural light for
better working & living environments by putting
the sun to work.

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Lighting Solutions

There’s more to creating a daylight system than meets the eye. The
double-glazed diffusers are engineered to provide optimal light
worldwide – no matter what the time of year and weather distribution
 • Reduced energy costs – eliminates the need to use artificial lighting
 during the day
 • Increased worker productivity
 • Reduced staff absenteeism
 • Improved student performance
 • Increased property values
                                                                           Brighten up your life
 • Improved retail sales
 • Truest and most vivid colour rendition
 • Helps to meet Government targets for reducing carbon footprint
 • Minimized solar gain in summer or heat loss in winter
 • No maintenance required
 • More secure than traditional skylights
 • Easily installed into existing buildings or new build
 • Unrivalled quality and performance

 CONDENSATION CONTROL SYSTEM                                               Solatube day lighting
 The Solatube Brighten Up Series is constructed with                       system boasts a 99.7%
 factory-installed seals for minimum air infiltration, and                 reflectivity. Solatube
                                                                           Daylighting Systems
 a proprietary condensation control system that draws
                                                                           deliver unrivalled
 moisture into a special channel below the roof dome                       performance and value,
 and out through specially-designed exit holes. The                        guaranteeing more light
 Solatube SolaMaster Series uses special condensation                      transfer than any other
 filters to achieve the same high level of moisture control.               system.

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                                                                      Lighting Solutions

As the world-renowned innovator of day Lighting systems, Solatube
provides a compelling alternative to artificial Lighting, bringing the
benefits of brilliant, natural Light to both new and existing buildings.
Day Lighting systems actively capture daylight from the rooftop and
project through a highly reflective tubing to where it’s needed.
Solatube light tube system uses the most advanced technologies to
ensure that the efficiency and performance of their systems is

Extension tubes are available in lengths of 610mm (straight) or
380mm long incorporating a 0-30° adjustable angle along with the
new 0-90° angle unit. All reflective tubes – including adjustable tubes
– are manufactured from 99.7% reflective Spectralight Infinity
material, allowing tube lengths of up to 15 metres for the SolaMaster
330 DS.

The new Solatube 160 DS, 290 DS & 330 DS (250mm , 350mm and 510mm diameter respectively)
set performance standards never seen before. These systems feature patented Raybender® 3000
Technology and LightTracker™ Reflector to deliver unprecedented levels of light – higher even
than previous Solatube models. Highly efficient and simple to install, the Solatube Brighten Up®
Series can transform dark or windowless areas – ideal for residential applications such as
kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, utility rooms, living areas, or may be installed in
multiples in larger, open workspaces such as corridors, offices, consultancy rooms, store rooms,
and washrooms.

*EDCS (Effective Daylight Capture Surface) represents the surface area that the dome that
 actively collects and redirects daylight.

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Flues & Chimneys
Our range of flue, chimney and exhaust systems
have been specifically developed to provide an
optimum solution for a varying range of commercial
and industrial applications.                             Our common solutions include:
Every solution is designed to meet the highest
standards of manufacture and performance and has          Multi-application fire rated exhaust systems
undergone comprehensive testing to conform to the          designed for particles, smoke, fumes and a
most up to date legislation requirements and real          wide range of combustion processes such as
world demands before installation.                         generators and combined heat and power
Whatever your project requirements, we guarantee a         equipment.
solution of the highest quality, that has been            Multi-functional flue systems designed for gas
rigorously tested and offers outstanding                   condensing fired appliances which produce
performance in its field.                                  moisture in the exhaust
                                                          Commercial flue system for use with
                                                           naturally aspirated gas fired appliances fitted
                                                           with draught diverters - including cooking
Our comprehensive product portfolio covers a full          equipment, central heating boilers, modular
range of commercial & industrial solutions across a        boilers, small furnaces, water heaters and
selection of fuels and applications.                       unit air heaters
                                                          Twin wall insulated stainless steel multi-fuel
Clean Air Act                                              chimney systems
                                                          Twin wall systems for use with solid fuel
The Clean Air Act applies to gas (and other fuels)
                                                           combustion equipment
fired appliance installations with specific
                                                          Single wall flue systems for gas and oil fired
requirements for installations exceeding 366 kW
                                                           air heaters, unit warmers, warm air blowers
total gross heat input, including approval of the
                                                           and cabinet heaters
height of the chimney by the local authority.
                                                          Gas and oil venting systems for gas fired or
In most cases the chimney height can be calculated         kerosene (28Sec) oil fired heating equipment
in accordance with Clean Air Act Memorandum,
which takes into account the fuel type, rated input,
building heights and general topography of the
surrounding area.
The Clean Air Act gives power to local councils to
control domestic and industrial smoke to improve
local air quality and meet EU air quality standards
for sulphur dioxide and particulates. It enables local
councils to create 'smoke control areas' and order the
use of cleaner fuels in these areas.

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                                                    Flue Sizes
                                                    Flue sizes range from 100mm to 1200mm diameter
                                                    depending on the product type and application.
                                                    They are generally offered with 25mm insulation as
Design, Manufacture & Testing                       standard. Where increased temperatures are
Every flue, chimney or exhaust system we            expected, normally from chp and generators, the
install has been calculated using the latest        annulus can be increased to 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
computer aided software available. All of our       or 150mm thick by using mineral wool. This can be
products are designed and manufactured to           applied with a variation of different thicknesses and
meet the requirements of the specific fuel          density, which in turn reduces the loss of heat.
involved - whether it be gas, oil, wood or pellet
feed. For us, good practise is paramount. This      British Standards
thorough procedure is necessary to ascertain        The products we use are approved and CE marked
reliable performance for total efficiency and       to EN 1856-1 and manufactured under a quality
more importantly to fully comply with all           assurance scheme, certificate no issued upon
relevant government legislation.                    request, administered by British Standards in
                                                    accordance with BS EN 9001: 2008.
System calculations are quickly available by
entering the appliance detail and the intended      Manufacture & Installation must be in accordance
flue configuration into our iCalc sizing system.    with local and national building regulations
Whether it’s an individual or combined system, a    together with:
detailed report is provided indicating exhaust
flow rates, chimney size and available pressure,    • BS: 5440 -1:2008 Domestic natural gas appliances
allowing the correct selection for each and every     international codes
application.                                        • BS EN 15287: 2007 for masonry chimneys and
                                                      flue pipes
The system must be designed to convey the           • BS 6644:2011 Specification for the installation
products combustion to atmosphere safely and          and maintenance of gas-fired hot water boilers of
provide a stable operating pressure at the            rated inputs between 70 kW (net) and 1.8 MW
appliance at all times. With the demand for           (net) (2nd and 3rd family gases)
modern boiler plants, a number of factors must      • IGE/UP/10 Installation of flued gas appliances in
be considered to achieve the optimum efficiency       industrial and commercial premises.
for the equipment and surrounding area.             • Clean Air Act Memorandum
                                                    • Chimneys to BS 4076 and corresponding
AutoCAD drawings are produced by our highly         • Technical Guidance Note (Dispersion) D1,
experience team of engineers for approval. The        Guidelines on Discharge Stack Heights for
drawings indicate the exact design, flue size and     Polluting Emissions
proposed layout of the system.                      • 2010 Edition of the Approved Document J
                                                    • Provisions of DEFRA - Local Air Quality
                                                      Management (LAQM)

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                                       Airtherm Engineering Ltd only
                                       uses branded products which
Chimney Systems                        are synonymous with the
Single Wall
Twin Wall
                                       highest quality - and it is this
Fire Rated Flue Systems                reputation that enables
Stainless Steel Flexible Liners
Refractory Liners
                                       specifiers and contractors to
Individual or Combined Flue Systems    use our versatile product range
Natural Draught                        with total confidence
Fan Assisted Flue Systems
Flue Dilution Systems                  We can provide technical solutions for the
                                       specialist areas of high temperature exhaust
                                       systems, serving generators & combined heat and
Balanced ‘fluevent’ Terminals          powder units, fan assisted, flue dilution and
Windshield ‘Air-Tek’ Chimney           atmospheric applications.
Support Column/Mast Systems
Lining of existing Stack – Stainless   Installation
Steel/Mild Steel or Flexible Liners    Our installation teams are made up of experienced
                                       personnel that are fully trained and aware of all the
Also Available                         necessary statutory requirements and standards for
                                       every project they undertake.
CCTV Chimney Surveys/Report
Chimney Repairs                        Each team member holds the correct qualifications
Steeplejack                            for his or her job. All of our engineers are competent
Chimney Cleaning                       in their field and carry all necessary site
Chimney & Flue Modifications           certification with CSCS cards, IPATH, PASMA and
                                       scaffold towers. Our engineers strive towards
Inline Fans
                                       excellence in each and every project they undertake.
Chimney Exaust Fans                    Comprehensive Method Statements & Risk
Special Fabrications                   Assessment are generated for each and every
FuranFlex chimney liner                project, and issued to our clients and installation
Chimney Draft Aid Devices              team members.

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                                                 • Full playback via your computer using
                                                 the SD card reader, or on the built-in
                                                 TFT screen.
                                                 • SD card included.
                                                 • 30 meters surveying capability
                                                 (additional length can be offered).
                                                 • 7 inch flat TFT screen built in.
CCTV Surveys
                                                 • Super bright infra-red LED's.
                                                 • Fast connection to your rods.
We offer a CCTV survey and inspection            • Robust and durable.
service for existing brick stack and installed   • Outstanding picture quality.
flue and chimney systems. We use the             • Simple and safe to operate.
inspection camera to provide easy visual
inspection of chimneys, air conditioning
ducts and other pipework.

The system is highly portable, quick to set
up and can quickly ascertain the condition,
integrity and length of internal pipework.
The camera uses infra-red LED’s to see in
complete darkness and features ‘live’
recording direct to SD card enabling clients
to watch the inspection live and/or view
their own copy at a later time.

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  FLUE                                           Good Practise:
                                                 There are two methods that can be considered when
                                                 designing the dilution system:

DILUTION                                          Air is directly taken from the outside.
                                                  Fresh air is taken from within the plant area.

                                                 Generally, the favoured option is to take the air direct
                                                 from the outside via a louvre situated on the external
                                                 face of the building or above roof level.

                                                 Further Considerations are:

                                                  The inlet and discharge openings shall be, as far as
                                                   possible, apart and located on the same building face
                                                   to prevent external wind conditions affecting the
                                                   overall operation and performance of the dilution

                                                  Inter-connection section from the boiler to the main
                                                   dilution header should be fitted with a manual
                                                   volume control damper and, if deemed necessary by
Airtherm can offer a fan dilution                  the appliance manufacture, allow a draft stabiliser
system to suit many appliances,                    device which will ensure a safe stable operation.

from modern high efficiency                       Incorporate sufficient noise control.
condensing to gas blown and                       Suitable ductwork must be manufactured from
atmospheric boilers, however,                      stainless steel, with a requirement for a water-tight
                                                   system when serving high efficiency condensing
the principal of diluting the                      boilers.
products of combustion is to                      Where a condensing application is considered it is
reduce the CO² content at the                      normal for pluming to take effect, however, a
discharge to below 1%, CO                          reduced external temperature will accelerate the
                                                   process, nevertheless, this may lead to complaints if
50ppm & NOx 5ppm (BS6644 /                         the discharge point is not positioned correctly.
IGEUP/10) in line with current                    The dilution fan must incorporate a proving device
legislation.                                       normally a pressure switch, which interlocks with
                                                   the boiler control.

There are many design considerations that        We offer a design, supply and installation service for
must be achieved, for instance, the correct      flue dilution systems, and can offer a tailored-made
sizing of the fan unit, dilution header, inlet   package to site conditions and customer requirements.
and discharge plenum boxes, the location to
adjacent buildings, openable windows, fresh
air vent pipes and final discharge height.
These can be found from the Clean Air Act
memorandum, IGEUP/10 or BS6644, along
with other certain provisions with respect to
the final discharge height which is
calculated based on the total kw input load
of the plant.

 0844 809 2509 | |                                                  29
             The Vertical Balance ‘FlueVent’ System

The FlueVent balanced terminal works by the process of heat
& aerodynamic principles. It is designed to allow the release
of products of combustion through a twin wall flue system
housed within the roof-mounted terminal, whilst
simultaneously drawing in fresh air through high
performance louvres to ventilate the room below. By design,
the unit is able to provide high or low level ventilation
requirements in accordance with BS 6644 & the IGE.

All terminals are constructed using fully-welded 3mm THK
aluminium outer casing incorporating air ducts sized in
accordance with BS 6644 and IGE requirements.

 The standard internal twin wall flue system has a 316 grade
stainless steel fully-welded inner liner, insulated with 50mm
of high density insulation and a 304 grade stainless steel
outer casing. Terminals are available in a variety of sizes and
shapes (square, circular, rectangular, mitred or turret models
with the option of fire retardant GRP) and can be powder
coated to any BS/RAL colour. External louvres come complete
with a low resistance bird mesh guard.

Aesthetically pleasing, the FlueVent terminal provides
architects and consulting engineers with an effective and
economical solution where conventional ventilation
requirements prove difficult to achieve. Designs can be
produced to match any building structure and a three-
dimensional computer generated likeness can be provided for
approval, prior to manufacture. We are also able to supply
special designs to meet with architectural requirements.

The internal flue section of the FlueVent terminates with a
connection to receive one of our twin wall insulated flue
products and is sized to match the appliances used. The
terminal also incorporates removable outer skirts at it's base
to allow access to the roof plate.

An extended internal compartment is available complete with
internal flue and air ducts from the plant room ceiling to the
underside of the terminal.

All of our FlueVent systems are easy to install. The terminal
is designed to mount on either a builder’s curb or our factory
made upstand.

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                   Technical Guidance to the CE MARK

The CE MARK is the symbol –      obligatory since April 2005   On December 2005, the EN 1856-2 will also be
–hat certifies that a stainless steel chimney is in            obligatory: this standard is applicable to single wall
accordance with the EN 1856-1.                                 chimneys, rigid or flexible, and rigid connection
                                                               elements used to reline an existing chimney.
This standard specifies the performance requirements for
rigid single and multi-wall system chimney products with
                                                               In the EN 1856-2, the flexible ducts are only used for
metallic liners (chimney sections, chimneys fittings and
                                                               renovation or adaptation
terminals, including supports) used to convey the products
                                                               The CE MARK of the stainless steel chimney can
of combustion from appliances to the outside atmosphere.
                                                               only be granted by a Certified Body.of e
It also specifies the requirements for marking,
manufacturer's instructions, product information and
evaluation of conformity of the product to the standard.       The CE Mark enables the product to circulate freely
                                                               in the

The EN 1856-1 does not apply to self-standing chimneys.        European market, but each country could have its
                                                               own Installation Rules.

CE Marking of stainless steel chimneys is according to the
evaluation system 2+.
Following this system, the manufacturer is obliged to
realize the complete initial test of the chimney in a
laboratory, and moreover, a Certified Body will:
* annually check that the manufactured product has the
same quality as the tested one
* perform the quality control of the production process to
ensure that it will satisfy the CE requirements, specified
in the FPC (Factory Production Control).


                                                                           DINAK ‘DW’ condensing flues

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We supply a wide range of
kitchen canopy systems to
meet the demands of the most
modern commercial kitchens.
Our own Canvent Canopy                    Manufacture                   Health and Safety
systems can be configured to              All canopies are              All of our canopy systems are
suit virtually any application,           manufactured from 304         manufactured to the strict
                                          (En 1.4301) or 316 (En
with a range of advanced                  1.4401) stainless steel
                                                                        guidelines of DW/172, British
features such as heat                                                   Standards and conform to HSE
                                          where specified and are       for kitchen ventilation systems.
recovery, uv filtration, fire             suitably braced to prevent    All canopies and associated
suppression and gas safety                product distortion. All       components are thoroughly tested
detectors can be fitted as                joints are welded and         to ensure high standards to meet
                                          polished.                     with our clients expectations.
                                          Our Canopies are cut,         Our lighting units are sealed to
Product Range                             punched and folded into       industry standards to prevent the
                                          sub sections and factory      ingress of moisture, grease or
Our product range extends from            assembled by means of
simple condense canopies, extract                                       heat. They meet all necessary
                                          computer controlled seam      hygiene and safety requirements.
only, island or wall mounted              welds, and non-visible
canopies, through to our air injection    mechanical fixings.
island systems allowing both input        Systems are manufactured      Our control panels are designed
and extract. If required, the input air   to the strict guidelines of   to meet our clients demands and
can be pre-heated for additional          DW/172, British               system features available include
internal staff comfort during the cold    Standards and conform to      gas detection and shut-offs, C0
winter months. All products can be        HSE for commercial            and C02 detectors and fire
configured to suit each individual        kitchen ventilation.          suppression systems with a link
application.                                                            to the building alarm system.
                                          Wall mounted or island
Turnkey Packages                          canopies can be
                                          manufactured to meet
We can undertake turn-key packages        almost any dimension but
from the simply design and                typically 1000mm to
installation of the equipment to          8000mm long. The system
providing you with all necessary          ductwork is manufactured
builders work, electrical wiring, new     and installed to
false ceilings, asbestos removal,         incorporate cleaning and
additional heating capacity and on        maintenance access doors
final completion a written                to fully comply with
commissioning report will be              DW/144 standards.

   “Our Canvent systems can be configured to suit virtually any application”

Typical Canvent Systems:

•Condense Canopy

•Dishwash Canopy                       Hygiene

•Wall Mounted Canopy                   Our air extract and supply systems use a breakthrough
                                       powder coating system to protect against harmful
•Island Extract and Supply             bacteria contamination (including MRSA). Its
                                       increasing popularity with architects, contractors and
•Peripheral Extract System
                                       consultants indicates the growing importance of
•Induction Canopy                      organisations monitoring their air hygiene to ensure it
                                       meets the Health & Safety at Work regulations.
Canvent Systems can also include the   The new state-of-the-art powder coating system
following features                     incorporates an Interpon AB coating which is proven to
                                       reduce bacterial colonies like MRSA by 99.9%.
                                       Fire Safety
•Fully Recessed Light Fittings

•Grease Control/Drainage               We supply a wide range of fire dampers and
                                       suppression systems for our canopy applications.
•Odour Abatement Control               Various accessories are available to complement our
                                       client's individual requirements.
•Pre-Heated Supply Air
                                       UV Filtration
•Heat Recovery

•Fire Suppression Systems              A UV filtration system can reduce grease build-up and
                                       common odours by using UV light to break down
•Gas Interlock                         organic material that can plague canopies. UV
                                       filtration reduces the need for ductwork cleaning and
•Control System/Fire interlock         can prove more efficient than conventional filtration

•Galvanised Ductwork

•Insulated Ductwork

•UV Filtration

•Service Distribution Units

•Canopy Steel Support Columns

     “A UV filtration system can reduce grease build-up and common odours”              33

The VGPS-K-CO2 offers a complete
single panel package patented by our
controls specialist                           Design and support features:
                                              Designed from listening to our clients’ requirements,
The system is easy to use because an          including kitchen staff.
LCD display gives solutions and full
status information.                           Gas pressure measuring, true differential pressure
                                              across the solenoid valve.
The system ensures all fans are running
before gas can be used. It also carries out
                                              An engineer can see kitchen and valve seat gas
a gas pressure prove on the cook line and
continually checks that the incoming gas      leakage on the LCD.
pressure is sufficient.
                                              An engineer can also see gas pressure and carbon
In addition, it monitors the carbon           dioxide levels on the LCD.
dioxide level to ensure that HSE set
levels are not exceeded. Should the           All panels designed built and supported by Medem
carbon dioxide level rise above 2,300ppm      UK.
the panel LCD will advise staff
to“increase the ventilation fan speed at      Compact design: H183mm, W212mm, D97mm
the speed controllers.” The maximum
allowed level of carbon dioxide is
2,800ppm, as published in HSE catering
sheet 23 revision 1. At this level, the
system will isolate the gas and advise the
staff to ventilate the kitchen.

Gas pressures and carbon dioxide levels
can be displayed on the LCD by pressing
the “gas on”or "alert" LED on the fascia.

Our controls also offer a wide range of
other solutions suited for use in                  All products are fully compliant to BS6173,
education & commercial buildings,                   BB100,BB101, IGEUP11 and IGEUP1A
laboratories, services and environmental

     “The system is easy to use because an LCD display gives solutions”                          34
      Ansul fire
  systems, before it’s
       too late!                                     Essential Canopy Equipment

The R102 System conforms to NFPA standards                            CANOPY LIGHTING
17, 17a and 96 and is UL300 listed by
Underwriters Laboratories Inc . The system can         The units are designed and manufactured to
be supplied with nozzles, detectors, cartridges,       deal with a wide ranging and varied commercial
liquid agent, fusible links, pulley tress and elbows   application, and can deal with humidity,
as required for the specific commercial kitchen or     condense rich, as well as hot and greasy
restaurant application.                                environments. These units are normally
                                                       recessed into the canopy ceiling providing easy
You can choose from either of the following:           cleaning and maintenance of the unit exterior.
                                                       This also helps to greatly reduce the build up of
Appliance-Specific Design.                             grease and other contaminates usually
The most efficient fire protection is accomplished     associated with the commercial kitchen
when nozzles are selected and aimed at specific        environment.
hazard areas on each appliance.
                                                       Recessed Incandescent Units:
Overlapping Appliance Protection.                      • Approved for use in commercial kitchen applications
When flexibility and simplicity are most               • Meet with guidelines for DW172 & HSE Guidelines
important, nozzles are placed in a straight-line       • Satin finished stainless steel matching faceplates for
arrangement providing overlapping agent
                                                         matching hood interiors
discharge patterns.
                                                       • Tempered prismatic glass diffusers

   “Ansul R102 Suppression System Is an invaluable resource for kitchens”                                 35
“Energy efficient and affordability is of paramount importance to us”   36
“Our air source heat pumps can significantly reduce traditional energy costs”   37

Solar power is a clean, renewable
and abundant power source with
numerous benefits as
demonstrated by the increasing       Feed In Tariff (FiT)Scheme       FiT rates differ according to the
popularity of Solar PV panels.       From April 2010, businesses      size of the system installed. The
Growing concern about rising         or individuals installing        government’s recent fast track
energy prices, the environment       photovoltaic panels will be      Feed-in Tariff review stipulate an
and the need to reduce energy        paid via the governments         upper limit of a 50kw size
consumption together with            Feed In Tariff scheme (FiT)      installation; significantly more
relatively low installation costs,   for the electricity they         than the average UK home can
minimal maintenance and the          generate for their own use       accommodate
opportunity to earn an extra         and for any surplus
income via the Government’s          electricity fed back into the
Feed in Tariff scheme                grid.
(guaranteed for 25 years from
April 2010) have meant that
using solar power as an energy
source for your home or business
has become a very attractive
solution.                            Feed-in-tariff is aimed at
                                     encouraging homeowners
We install PV solutions for both     and businesses to install PV                          1
domestic and commercial              systems and has proved very            Whole House Solution
applications and we only use         successful in other
Photovoltaic (PV) panels that are    European countries. Feed-
guaranteed to work efficiently       in-tariff not only provides an
and effectively for decades to       income for system owners
come.                                but these payments reduce
                                     payback times and creates
All of our solar PV panels are       the opportunity to profit
MCS accredited and are supplied      from the system long term.
with a 5 year or 10 year             In the UK, Feed-in-tariff
manufactures warranty, 10 year       payments are paid to owners
90% Power-Max Performance            direct from their electricity
Guarantee and a 25 year 80%          supplier. There are two          Why not consider a 'whole house
Power-Max Performance                components to the payment -      solution' with the addition of a
Guarantee as standard.               the generation tariff (paid      Heat Pump?
                                     on the total electricity         Our Heat Pump and Solar PV
                                     generated) and the export        solutions can be used to create a
                                     tariff (paid on the amount of    whole house solution - reducing the
                                     exported or unused               need for conventional energy
                                     electricity that is relayed to   sources like mains gas and
                                     the national grid).              electricity
 “Solar pv installations reduce energy consumption, have low installation cost,
 0844 809 2509 | |
     require little maintenance and provide an additional income via FIT”                          38
             Natural Ventilation
               Natural Lighting
                 Flue Systems
              Chimney Systems
             Kitchen Ventilation
               Air Conditioning
                  Heat Pumps
                    Solar PV

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