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					Draft: 3/2/06
Flood producer letter to customer

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To Our Valued CustomerDear CUSTOMER NAME:

FAccording to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, floods are the most common and costly
natural disaster in the U.S., causing billions of dollars of property damage each year. JIn fact, just about
every home in the country is at some risk for a flood – it’s just a question of whether you live in a low,
moderate or high risk area.even homes that aren’t located near water.                                          Formatted: Font: Bold, Italic

Whatever theyour risk, however, your homeowners insurance alone policy includes little or no                   Formatted: Font: Bold, Italic
coverage for flood damage. A separate flood policy is necessary to help provide the sound financial            Formatted: Font: Bold, Italic
protectioncoverage you need, especially in flood-prone areas..
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Since your home is already insured with Chubb, you may be eligible for a Chubb Personal Flood                  Formatted: Font: Bold, Italic
Insurance policy.                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Bold, Italic

As a premier global insurer of fine homes and possessions, Chubb now offers anThis new alternative to          Formatted: Font: Bold
the industry standardflood insurance available through the National Flood Insurance Program – the              Formatted: Font: Not Italic
industry standard. Chubb Personal Flood Insurance includes broader coverage options to suit your
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lifestyle and higher coverage limits, coupled with Chubb’s world-renowned claim service.
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Just about every home in the U.S. is at some risk for flood, which makes your decision to
purchase Chubb Personal Flood Insurance a wise one. We are pleased to enclose your new flood                   Formatted: Font: Bold
policy.                                                                                                        Formatted: Bullets and
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As a result of extensive research, Chubb Personal Flood Insurance was developed to offer                       Formatted: Font: Not Bold
broader coverage options to suit your lifestyle and higher limits beyond what is available through             Formatted: Font: Not Bold
the industry standard National Flood Insurance Program.
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Chubb flood policy highlightExperience theExperience the Chubb Differences include:                            Formatted: Font: Bold
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       Higher total coverage limit is available for your home and contents, up to $15 million per
        location.                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Italic
       Replacement cost loss settlement for flood-damaged property and possessions, rather than a             Formatted: Font: Not Bold
        cash value (depreciated) basis.
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       Coverage for rebuilding to code to comply with building and flood laws and ordinances.
       UniqueBroader coverage for basement property, including finished basements.                            Formatted: Font: Bold
        flood-PMore pcoverage for valuable articles like art, collectibles, jewelry, silverware and furs.     Formatted: Font: Bold
       Additional living expense coverage if you must live away from home due to covered flood
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       Related coverages for debris removal, homeowner and condominium association loss                       Formatted: Font: Bold
        assessments, and business property.                                                                    Formatted: Right:    -0.06"
       A Chubb claim adjuster can handle your claim on site from start to finish whenever possible.
        A flood-certified Chubb claim adjuster, not a third-party representative, to handle your claim         Formatted: Font: Not Bold
        from start-to-finish, and on-site whenever possible.                                                   Formatted: Bullets and
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Draft: 3/2/06
Flood producer letter to customer

With more than $44 billion in assets, Chubb receives consistently high ratings from A.M. Best for financial
stability and from Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s for claim-paying ability, attesting to the solid financial
strength that backs your policy.every Chubb policy.

Enclosed please find a brochure with more details about Chubb Personal Flood Insurance. To learn
more, Contact NAME please contact us at PHONE/ EMAIL/WEBSITE to learn more about how a Chubb
Personal Flood Insurance Policy, coupled with a Chubb homeowners policy, offers a broader water                 Formatted: Font: Bold
damage solution for your home and family.
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Thank you for purchasing a Chubb Personal Flood Insurance policy from us. Please take the time to
review the enclosed flood insurance policy and your Chubb homeowners coverages carefully. If you have
any questions or need assistance, your agent or broker is always the best source of advice..

To provide you with continued innovative and outstanding products, the Chubb Personal Flood Insurance
Policy was developed after performing extensive industry research and has been designed to provide you
with protection beyond that available from the National Flood Insurance Program. .

Your policy is backed by the superior financial strength of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. And
in the event of a covered flood and/or wind damage loss, you will most likely work with dedicated,
experienced claims adjusters from Chubb.

Your Chubb Personal Flood Insurance policy provides you with the broad coverages and outstanding
service you demand.

Thank you again for choosing Chubb.


Robert McGinley
Customer Relations Manager
Chubb Personal Insurance

                                     Relax. You're insured with Chubb.SM                                        Formatted: Font: 8 pt
                                     Chubb Group of Insurance Companies,
                                      Box 1615, Warren, NJ 07061-1615                                           Formatted: Line spacing:   At
                                                                                                                least 12 pt

                         Chubb refers to the insurers of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.                Formatted: Font: 8 pt
                         Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policy.policies as issued.
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Draft: 3/2/06
Flood producer letter to customer

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 The first one is an Agent-facing letter to be written on behalf of the Personal Lines Managers in which               Formatted: Centered, Line
the PL Manager announces Chubb Flood to his/her agents. It should briefly outline the Chubb Flood key                  spacing: single, Adjust space
  product attributes/selling points and close with a call to action to use an a attached letter to introduce           between Latin and Asian text,
                                                                                                                       Adjust space between Asian text
                             Chubb Flood to potential and existing customers.                                          and numbers
The second letter, as you may have already guessed, is the Customer-facing letter written on behalf of the Agent
(mentioned above as the " attached letter."). The purpose here is to provide the Agent with a turn-key letter he/she
can use as part of direct marketing campaign to solicit new Chubb flood customers. In addition to briefly outlining
  the Chubb Flood Product and the key attributes/benefits, the letter should also in include a reference to a Chubb
                            Flood brochure which would be attached for further details.
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