Quail Crossing Homeowner�s Association by M12IRjh7


									                    Quail Crossing Homeowner’s Association
                          Committee Meeting Minutes
                                 May 12, 2011

Present:       Craig Wood            Keith Rickenbaugh
               Mark Phillips         Brad Schneider

This group met Thursday, May 12, 2011 to finalize plans for the Quail homeowner’s to
assume control of the Homeowner’s Association. This meeting was a culmination of
numerous meetings held the past several months to transition the Homeowner’s
Association to the Quail homeowners. The following items were agreed upon:

1. Homeowner dues for 2011-2012 will be deposited into the Quail Crossing
Homeowner’s Association (QCHA) fund. All past due accounts collected after July 1,
2011 will also be deposited into the QCHA.

2. Beginning July 1, 2011 the Owners will be enjoy Class B status and have one vote.

3. Maintenance Agreement- The group has agreed on the common areas. We also
agreed that the golf course and homeowners would benefit from an agreement in which
Quail Crossing Golf performed the maintenance of the QCHA. The golf course is willing
to perform this work for QCHA for $13,000.00/year. This is a $5,000.00/year reduction
from what we are currently paying. The golf course also will provide water at no
additional cost. The committee feels this is a very fair offer.

4. The final agreement will exclude sewers. Quail Community LLC will retain that
responsibility until Boonville Utilities accepts the sewers. That will only happen when
the Tang home situation has been resolved. With Quail Community LLC retaining the
sewers, QCHA eliminates a potentially huge liability.

5. Smith Home- Mr. Berger is willing to contribute up to $5,000.00 toward the
demolition of the Smith home if the QCHA is willing to purchase the property at the
County sale and commit to demolition of said home. This must be done for the
betterment of all Quail homeowners. That home has devalued all of our properties,
continues to be an eyesore and is depressing new lot sales, new homes being built and the
sale of existing homes in our community. While the committee recognizes we have no
authority to approve this, we are in full agreement that this issue needs to be part of

6. Snow removal. The newly elected QCHA Board will take bids and determine a plan
for snow removal.

7. Insurance and taxes- Tax issues have been addressed and resolved. The newly
elected QCHA Board will take bids and secure an Insurance policy for the Association.

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