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									                          SOCCER BOOSTER CLUB MINUTES FOR

                                        March 29, 2012

Jeff Seiders (President) – Brought the meeting to order at 5:30

Prior to the Booster Club Meeting a Board meeting was held with the following East View
and GHS Board members to discuss the State Tournament.

Present: Coach Litterst, Coach McBride, Coach Kidd, Dina Czarapata, PJ Stevens, Jennifer
Soto, Tracy Jacobs, Jeff Seiders, Francine Erickson

Discussion was on how the booster funds and concession would be handled for the State
Tournament. Both schools will inventory their concessions and East View will deliver
their inventory to GHS and combine it to be used for the State Tournament. East View will
be responsible for volunteers on the visitor’s side and GHS for the home side. After all
invoices have been paid and expenses included the leftover will be split evenly between
the two schools booster clubs. Tracy Jacobs will be the record keeper. GHS Booster Club
received $2500 towards hospitality from the City to offset expenses. 4 people per schedule
in the concession should be the guideline used for the State Tournament.

Athletic Director Phil Blue supplied the following which will be used as the guidelines for
the State Tournament.

      UIL State Tournament at Georgetown High School
      April 19-21, 2012

      Concessions for the State Tournament

      To avoid any issues with funds accumulated through the concessions during the state
      tournament. Below is expected and has been approved by Coach Blue.

            One side will be run by GHS soccer boosters and the other side will be run by EVHS
             soccer boosters.
            After all expenses are paid, the money will be split 50/50 between the two boosters.
            If one school cannot man their concessions, the other school can man both sides & keep
             all profits.

      There is no way to know which side might have the better business. Some years the home side
      made more money than the visiting side, last year the visiting side made more money than the
      home side. This format is to insure that both schools will get equal split for their efforts.

    Jeff Seiders passed out minutes from the January meeting and made motion to
     accept minutes, PJ Stevens made the motion and Jackie Rountree seconded the
     motion. Minutes were accepted as is.
    Thank you to parents for accommodating the time change of the meeting due to the
     England Knowsley boys in town and lots of parents are hosting them and they arrive
     tonight from New York.

Coach Kidd Updates

    Varsity players took 2nd place in the District. The varsity had a few struggles in a
     few games but they were ready for the playoffs. 1st Playoff game would be in Del
     Valle at 7 p.m. Directions to the school will be given to Dina to post on the website.
    Very proud of the JVA and JVB team beating McNeil the future looks good.

Coach McBride Updates:

    Lady Eagles are the district champs to represent 16-5A schools. They are excited
     about the playoffs and Coach and his wife have been scouting the schools they could
     be playing in the playoffs. 33 players have been able to play at the Varsity level and
     everyone is ready to play. The first game will be at 6:30 against Del Valle.

     Both Coaches gave a reminder about the UIL rules and for parents not to give
     anything to players. Nothing is free to the players and for the varsity dinners
     all players need to pay 1.00. Coach Kidd will take care of collection from the
     varsity men and Coach McBride for the Lady Eagles. The Wood player signs
     for varsity were discussed and all players need to pay for those as well. Lisa
     Cantu will provide the cost and list of players who are due to both coaches.
     The rule with UIL is to prove innocence and therefore if you have any question
     as to what you can give a player please ask the coaches.

     Reminder to Parents:
     IMPORTANT: Booster clubs should never give anything to students. The UIL penalty for this
     violation is the forfeiture of varsity eligibility in the sport for which the violation occurred for
     one calendar year from the date of the violation. Students and Booster clubs cannot give
     anything to students, including awards and students should not accept anything. (This
     includes the pre-game dinners they must pay the $1.00 that is charged or any other gifts,
     signs, shirts, meals, awards etc.... If you have any doubt please ask Coach Kidd or Coach
     McBride to ensure it is not a violation of the UIL rules and that it will not jeopardize a player
     or the team.)

     All fans, not just members of the booster club, should be aware of this rule. It affects the
     entire community.

Banquet Updates

    Discussion for the Banquet occurred and introduction to Jackie Rountree and Dawn
     Motakef who will be co-chairs for the soccer banquet. If you are interested in
     helping out please reach out to them. A page has been set up on our website for
     volunteers and the silent auction which Lisa Dockall will be handling this year.
    DVD Compilation – Yvonne Seiders and Jeff met with a few companies to go over the
     DVD being recommended to the Booster Club to be used at the banquet. We need
     parents to send in any video’s and compile pictures for the DVD. Cost would be
     from 1500-3000. We would charge the players / parents for dvd’s around 10.00. It
     will take a lot of time but it will be a great keepsake for the players.

Tracy Jacobs (Treasurer) –

    We have $17,167.67

PJ Stevens (Vice-President)

    Reminder to everyone that we still need volunteers and backup for committee
     members (passed around list) We are using the volunteerspot website to track all
     the volunteers and will be calling those who do not sign up. So please sign up to
     help out the concession stands.
    Spring Banquet Coordinators – announced Dawn and Jackie.
    Hospitality at the State Tournament - $2500 from the City for hospitality.
    State Tournament Concessions – need help everyone needs to sign up !

           Next Meeting will be April 16 in the GHS Commons area

                        Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.


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