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                     What To Do To Avoid Heartburn And Start Living Your Life

Coping with heartburn is not very easy and quite often, this may lead to more serious problems.
Even if you are in the initial stage, heartburn should be cured as soon as possible to avoid these far
more serious illnesses which may make your life miserable. But before carrying out extensive
research on how to avoid heartburn, I feel that it is best for the sufferer to understand how this
problem occurs and more importantly how it can be prevented.

Heartburn usually occurs due to upwards flowing of the acidic contents of the stomach causing a
wide variety of symptoms. This may be caused by diet or other external activities such as smoking
while there may also be various conditions the person is already suffering from which may ultimately
lead to worsening heartburn. Diet is one of the first suspects in causing heartburn due to the intake
of greasy and fried foods which have high fat content. These cause the slowing of digestion as they
remain in the stomach for longer and put greater pressure on the lower oesophageal sphincter and
so will have a poor effect on the condition. This is a common cause and should be excluded from the
diet in order to avoid heartburn.

Drinks with high caffeine content such as tea and coffee are also a very common cause of heartburn
as high intake of these lead to the premature relaxation of the lower sphincter. Excess consumption
of alcohol and excessive smoking are also a major problem for the heartburn sufferer as they have
the same effect in prematurely relaxing the lower oesophageal sphincter. These should also be
excluded from the diet or minimized in order to avoid heartburn.

Lifestyle factors may also play a huge role in provoking heartburn. The use of belts and tightly fitted
clothes also cause increased pressure in the stomach area. This pressure will initiate the forced
opening of the lower oesophageal sphincter which will allow the upwards movement of stomach
acid. This means that evading the opportunity to wear tightly fitted clothing will allow the sufferer to
avoid heartburn.

In overview, having some basic knowledge of the causes of heartburn and how to prevent these will
provide the perfect platform for the sufferer to carry out their own research and ultimately find the
perfect solution to avoid heartburn. The tips above are the most basic causes of heartburn and must
be attended to by the sufferer in order to improve their condition. If the sufferer is determined to
beat this condition then they will require total commitment to a healthy life.

The tips included in this article are the most basic but will definitely help in keeping heartburn under
control however there is one main top-secret tip which can be used to obtain relief from heartburn
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