Bank Certificate Request Letter Sample by stabnet

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									Sample Request Letter to Bank manager for Issue of Certificate of FD against
LC margin in word/ .doc format

April 19 , 2013

Astt. General Manager,
LC Deptt,
State Bank of India
14/1 MG Raod
Bangalore – 498 545

Dear Sir,

Reg : Certificate of Fixed deposit with you
      as margin for issue of LC as on 31.03.2013

We request you to issue a certificate of for our fixed deposits retained
with you as margin for issue of LC on our behalf, showing Receipt no,
Principal amount, Date of Issue, Date of Maturity and Maturity Amount
for production before our Statutory Auditor

Please treat the matter as an urgent as our audit is in final stage and
above certificate is required for audit verification

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Ltd.

Authorised Signatory

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