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					                                         the complete aesthetics clinic

                           Treatments & Price List

                 Aesthetics House Ltd, 20 Kenver Avenue, London N12 0PG
T:0208 445 4788 M:07956 552 823
Aesthetics House Ltd.

Aesthetics House Ltd is a privately owned clinic run by Louiza Loizou.
Louiza Loizou has been in the beauty and cosmetic industry specializing in Aesthetic treatments for over 20 years,
working alongside Doctors, dermatologists and surgeons. Her knowledge of Aesthetics from Laser, Intense pulse
light, Radio frequency, dermal fillers , muscle relaxing injections (B*T*X) is always expanding. Despite her expertise
in the Aesthetics field, Louiza is always updating her knowledge on the latest machines, techniques available in
the industry today.
Louiza Loizou also has lectured in Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital in London for Laser Safety Study Days. She also
trains other therapists and Doctors for Laser and IPL.
Louiza Loizou is also registered and Insured with the right governing bodies which allows her to treat all the
treatments she performs.
Louiza Loizou will be friendly, helpful and professional to you on all the treatments she performs. She will give you
top expertise advice on treatments that will suit you. If in doubt she will not perform any treatments that will not
suit the individual customer. Louiza always treats her customers as individuals, giving them the best they deserve!

Aesthetics House Ltd
Coax Med Face and body treatment
The Coax Med technology combines multiple modes of action from low frequency ultrasound, radiofrequency,
cooling and pulsed vacum suction to treat face and body. The radiofrequency delivered tightens the skin on
face and body. The low frequency Ultrasound (cavatation) helps break down fat on the body, while the cooling
helps improve the skins quality, and the vacuum helps lymph drainage.

The benefits of the Coax Med are as follows:

Collagen and elastin production
Facial skin tightening
Scarring Reduction
cellulite reduction
stretch mark reduction
Body contouring reshaping
Lymphatic drainage

The Coax Med is a truly magnificent device

Full face treatment including neck         £375.00
Face only                                  £295.00
Neck only                                  £155.00
forehead and eyes                          £155.00
cheeks and chin                            £155.00
                                                            Body massage
BODY                                                        Reduce the tension and relieve every day stress. Massage
Abdomen                                    £355.00          will restore your feeling of well being. Sports. Swedish or
Front or back legs                         £355.00          Aromatherapy massage. will help stiffness enabling you
Buttocks                                   £300.00          to feel more mobile. Sports massage will help general
Arms                                       £300.00          injuries ie: aches. pains. sciatica. sprained ankles etc.
10% discount given when a course of 4 or more are booked.   30 mins £35.00, 45 mins £50.00, 1 hour £60.00
Dermal Fillers
The best know facial fillers injections are made up from hyaluronic acid and restore the lost volume that has
occured over time. These wrinkle fillers are tiny painless injections that remove the lines and wrinkles on the face.
The best results for filling lines are the frown lines, cheek, upper lips and mouth lines. They are ideal for anyone who
wants to look fresher and younger without the need for any surgery.
We only use non-permanent fillers such as Restylane and Juvéderm for facial injections. All
treatments are done by Louiza Loizou and cost from £250
Resetylane 0.5 ml                £180.00
Restylane 1.0 ml                 £255.00
Juvéderm Ultra 2 2 x 0.55 ml     £275.00
Juvéderm Ultra 3 2 x 0.55 ml     £350.00
Juvéderm Ultra 4 1 x 0.80 ml     £270.00
Juvéderm Ultra 4 2 x 0.80 ml     £500.00
Teosyal 1 x 0.5ml           from £150.00

Lip Enhancements
Lip enhancement with lip fillers are ideal for anyone wanting to create a slightly fuller
more natural look to their lips. We believe it is important that a conservative approach
to lip enlargement is what most of our patients want. We use soft natural gels such
as restylane and Juvéderm that are injected into the lip with an anaesthetic
to ensure the treatment is painless.
All lip enhancements are done by Louiza Loizou and costs
from £250-300.
Muscle relaxing injections B*T*X
Line & wrinkle treatments have been used as Cosmetic Treatments since the late 1980's, revolutionising the cosmetic
industry due to their remarkable results combined with very few risks and no recovery time. Wrinkle Relaxing injections
have been used to treat millions of patients worldwide and is the world's most popular Non Surgical treatment.

• Prevents fine lines and deep wrinkles from appearing by relaxing the muscles.
  The most popular areas to treat are:
• Frown lines between the eyes
• Forehead lines
• Crows feet
• Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles already formed restoring a more
  youthful appearance.
• Untreated areas of the face aren't affected, so you can still smile and frown, but
  the skin on the treated areas won't wrinkle as much as usual.
• The treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary; you can
  resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.
• Not permanent and will naturally break down.
• Lines and wrinkles can be minimised by using a purified protein produced by
  Clostridium Botulinum bacteria which induces long-term relaxation of contracted
  muscles. This product was originally used to treat eye spasms and central nervous
  system disorders.
• The treatment known as Botulinum Toxin has been approved for cosmetic use under
  a new name Dysport and Azzulure are ideal for easing over-active muscle
  movement that can cause deep frown lines and crows feet. It can also be used
  to reduce excess perspiration 'Hyperhidrosis' and more recently to alleviate
  the symptoms of migraines.
Line & Wrinkle Treatments - Things To Consider
Side effects of line & wrinkle treatments
Side effects of line & wrinkle treatments are rare - indeed it is one of the safest Cosmetic procedures available.
When the treatment begins to work, you may notice some temporary strange "sensations" around the treated
areas as the muscles that have not been injected adjust.
What are the alternatives treatments?
Line & wrinkle treatments are the only treatment that directly tackles the cause of dynamic lines by weakening
the muscle that causes the skin to wrinkle. Dermal fillers, which are injected just below the surface of the skin into
the line or wrinkle aim to temporarily fill the line.
Resurfacing procedures such as skin peels or medical microdermabrasion are examples of other techniques that
can be used to reduce the visibility of wrinkles.
Line & wrinkle treatments are often used in combination with other treatments (such as dermal fillers). Louiza Loizou
will be able to advise you on the treatment plan which is most suitable for you, to achieve your desired results.
Who shouldn't have line & wrinkle treatments?
Studies have not been performed on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Although treatments are not
thought to be dangerous, treatment is best avoided during this time.
If you have any diseases, involving nerve damage or muscle weakness, line & wrinkle treatments are not
recommended. It is also important to let your Doctor know if there is a family history of such diseases - for example
Myasthenia Gravis or if you have previously suffered from Bell's Palsy.
Patients who are currently being treated with amino glycoside antibiotics or spectinomycin should wait until they
have completed their course of treatment, and anyone who has had an allergic reaction to human albumin should
not have line & wrinkle treatments.

1 area £170.00
2 areas £220.00
3 areas £270.00
Advance Skin Peels MediDerma
We are delighted to now offer the full range of skin peels available from MediDer ma Professional
medical peels.  We are able to treat all skin types and conditions, including: Acne, Pigmentation,
Rosacea & Anti Aging.  
You can choose from a Custom peel, designed for your skin type & condition, that will
instantly brighten your complexion and even out skin tone, a medium depth peel that
will deal with minor skin issues,or a deep peel that will eliminate pigment, fine lines
and wrinkles and leave you with a brand new skin. For clients wishing to turn back
the clock, a course of 4 treatments is usually required.  Results are progressive,
although visible after initial treatment.  Results typically last for up to 2 years,
maintained periodically with custom peels.  All peeling treatments are suitable
for the face, neck, back & chest area.  Consultation are offered free of charge.
We stock a full range of both pre and post care home care products to further
enhance results.

Prices per treatment (15% discount added when 4 are booked.)
Custom Peels         £95
Medium Peels         £175
Deep Peels           £395
3D Neoderm Facial,                              Dermal Roller SRTM
body treatment and hair loss treatment
                                                Dermal Roller SRTM is a precision engineered hand
The 3D Neoder m microder mabrasion gives        held medical device that helps combat the
the face a bright and young look,               appearance of scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone,
increasing cellular activity by stimulating     stretch marks, cellulite and even hair loss. Micro skin
new collagen production. The 3D Neoderm         needling encourages C o l l a g e n and Elastin
is a treatment combining micro-peeling and      production within the skin and helps to reduce the
electroporation, conceived to stimulate skin    appearance of skin imperfections making the skin
regeneration. The electroporation allows        smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking.
certain products that are used to be pushed     Prices Start from:
into the Der mis. (opens channels to pass
through to the der mis). This treatment is      Face                      £200.00
excellent for super ficial and deep wrinkles,   Face & Neck               £250.00
ageing skin, sun damaged skin, acne scars,      Face, Neck
open pores, stretch marks and hair loss         & Decollete               £275.00
Facial £150 per treatment 1hr
body Depending on area from £185                Micro-dermabrasion Facial
per treatment 1hr                               Controlled micro peeling using micro crystals, suitable
hair loss £80 per treatment 30 minutes          for sun damaged ,ageing acne scars etc

                                                30 minute facial £59.00
                                                60 minute facial £85.00
Louiza has been studying in laser      Fotona XP Max
treatments for over 15 years,
working and studying with              Patients want perfection, they want the fastest most effective and safest
doctors, dermatologists and            treatments available. The Fotona XP Max is the most powerful and fastest
surgeons, her knowledge of Laser       system on the market today, with extraordinary treatment area of over
treatments is always expanding.        42cm2 the Fotona XP Max's scanner is the only scanner that can provide fast
Despite her expertise in this field,   and safe treatments.
Louiza is always training and
updating her knowledge on the          The new Fotona Laser has been worldly acclaimed to combat unwanted
latest machines and techniques         hair & skin conditions. It is unlike any other laser hair removal machine with
available in the industry today.       the additional ability to treat acne, thread veins and offer complete skin
Louiza Louiza is registered with the
Local Authority which allows her to
perform laser and IPL treatments       Photorejuvenation
including over 16s.
                                       Photorejuvenation refers to the procedure of using light photons (laser light)
Who can be treated?                    to rejuvenate areas of skin, but does not injure the skin surface. In contrast,
16 to 18 year olds can be treated      laser resurfacing procedures do injure the outer skin surface and thus have
for hair reduction. acne and acne      a longer recovery period.
scarring only. Over 18's can
be treated or hair reduction,          Photorejuvenation is used to treat sun damaged skin, fine wrinkles to even-
acne scarring, acne treatmerts,        out skin discolouration, texture, pigmentation, broken capillaries, facial
wrinkle reduction, and vascular        rosacea or redness, poikiloderma of civatte (red neck/chest).
treatmens (specifically angiomas,
hermangiomas, leg veins, spider        Generally redness and swelling lasts from a few hours to a few days.
veins, spider naevus, rosacea,
portwine stains, poikiloderma of       How much does it cost?
civatte, telangiectasia, verucae       Sessions from or around £100-£250. Micro-dermabrasion is used before laser
vulgaris and worts, only with laser    rejuvenation allowing laser light to penetrate as new skin cells.
and IPL.
Laser Acne Treatment
Described as 'the most significant advancement in acne               The laser light penetrates the outer skin and
treatment for decades' the laser is a safe, fast and effective       coagulates the blood in the targeted blood
procedure. Clinical studies have shown laser treatment to be         vessel. This causes the vein to blanche and
comparable to if not more effective than prescription                then disappear through re-absorption into the
antibiotics. As importantly, the treatment is a virtually painless   surrounding cells. The light impacts the vein
treatment without any side effects.                                  without causing damage to the surrounding
                                                                     skin tissue and is therefore an extremely simple
How does it work?                                                    and safe procedure. Results are generally
The Fontana has a collagen replenishment application, which          immediate although it may take a few days for
helps repair the damage caused by acne infection and                 re-absorption to occur
improves acne scarring. As a result the treatment has a long         A course of treatments are recommended.
lasting beneficial effect on acne and the overall texture of the     How much does it cost?
skin.                                                                facial & leg veins                  £75-£400
                                                                                                   per treatment
How much does it cost?

full face                                per treatment £250
(including micro-dermabrasion), course is recommended.

acne scarring                         from £250, per treatment
back                                  from £325, per treatment
chest/other areas                     from £250, per treatment

Thread Vein Removal
The appearance of red. purple or blue spider veins on the
face and legs can result in poor skin complexion that can
cause embarrassment or self-consciousness for many
laser hair removal                                    body                          face

                                                      abdomen centre £75.00         upper lip            from £55.00
Laser hair removal is not for everyone. In general    full abdomen      £155.00     upper lip & chin     from £85.00
the requirement is that one’s hair must be darker     lower back        £115.00     chin                      £50.00
than the surrounding skin. light skin makes hair      full back         £295.00     sideburns                 £85.00
removal easier to perform. however people with        shoulders         £130.00     neck                      £85.00
darker skin can also be treated. Dark hair absorbs    arms (full)       £175.00     cheeks from          from £80.00
more laser energy and is easier to treat. Coarse      lower arms        £100.00     hairline                  £59.00
dark hair responds the best, light hair is more       3/4 arms          £150.00     glabella                  £35.00
difficult to treat, but can be treated with higher    underarms          £65.00     glabella/
fluences.                                             bikini (standard)  £90.00     top eyebrow               £60.00
                                                      bikini (extended) £125.00     full face                £150.00
                                                      bikini thong      £145.00     (includes; upper lip, chin,
Laser treatment requires multiple treatments,                                       cheeks, sideburns & neck)
although one laser session can produce long-term      brazilian         £185.00
                                                      (including buttocks crease)   full face                £175.00
hair removal, as a rule multiple sessions are                                       (includes; upper lip, chin,
                                                      hollywood           £195.00   cheeks, sideburns & neck)
necessary to obtain optimal results.                  (including buttocks crease)   ears                 from   £35.00
                                                      buttocks (full)    £145.00    laser nose                  £35.00
Treatment cost varies with the size of the area       buttocks (partial) £100.00    laser ears                  £45.00
treated. Large areas, such as on entire back or       buttock crease £65.00
entire legs can cost over £350 per treatment. Small   chest/breast   £125.00
areas such as on upper lip can be about £75 per       breast          £65.00
session, it is necessary to obtain exact pricing.     feet/toes       £50.00
                                                      legs full      £300.00
You will be provided with full details of treatment   legs full      £375.00
                                                      (including normal bikini)
costs at your initial consultation.                   legs upper          £200.00
                                                      legs lower          £155.00
Discount available for multiple treatments,
however as a guide price, per session are as
Xlight CPL                                        Xlight Hair Removal
Xlight CPL has a variety of functions used to     Treatment     Cost Per Session         half arms                £70.00
treat most skin conditions. Consultation &        Consultation & patch test free         full arms               £125.00
patch test required prior to treatment. course                                           abdomen                 £100.00
of treatments recommended.                        Face                                   back                    £190.00
                                                  upper lip                    £35.00    Intense Pulse Light
Xlight CPL intense pulsed light technology is     chin                         £40.00    Skin Rejuvenation face & neck
a treatment breakthrough that can treat a         sideburns                    £40.00    only prices from    £80-£120.00
variety of skin imperfections ie: unwanted        cheeks (including sideburns) £70.00
hair age spots, freckles. unsightly small veins   mid brows                    £20.00
& large pores. acne & rosacea.                    jaw line, neck & chin        £95.00
                                                  neck                         £59.00
Xlight CPL (IPL)                                  full face                    £99.00
Xlight CPL (IPL) hair removal technology          full face (including neck) £120.00
offers a gentle non invasive long lasting
solution to unwanted hair for all parts of the    Body
body                                              underarm                      £40.00
                                                  bikini line                   £55.00
Photorejuvenation                                 extended bikini line          £75.00
Photorejuvenation technology is a new and         thong bikini                  £99.00
unique asthetic procedure,·using a series of      brazilian                    £125.00
full face IPL treatments. redness of the skin     hollywood                    £150.00
and flushing of the face may be·                  half leg                     £155.00
successfully treated in addition. treatment       upper leg                    £175.00
improves the visible signs of skin ageing by      upper leg (including bikini) £195.00
reducing fine wrinkles, and large pores.          full legs                    £250.00
open capillaries & irregular pigmentation.        full legs & bikini           £295.00
                                                  feet & toes                   £40.00
electrolysis                                        eyelash & eyebrow tinting
A safe & effective way to permanently remove        Please note a patch test must be conducted 24hrs
unwanted hair from the body & face, (consultation   prior to tint treatment.
free of charge).
                                                    eyelash                                 £15.00
10mins                             £15.00           eyebrow                                  £8.00
15 mins                            £20.00           eyelash & eyebrow                       £20.00
20 mins                            £25.00           individual eyelash application   from   £12.00
30 mins                            £35.00
45 mins                            £40.00
1 hour                             £50.00

Eyebrow shape/wax                   £9.00
Lip                                 £6.00
Lip & chin                          £9.00
Under arm                           £8.00
Bikini                             £10.00
Extended Bikini                    £12.00
Thong Bikini                       £15.00
Brazilian                          £22.00
Hollywood                          £30.00
1/21eg                             £16.00
3/41eg                             £20.00
Full leg                           £25.00
Full leg (inc. bikini)             £32.00
Full arm                           £18.00
1/2 arm                            £12.00
Full arm (inc. under arm)          £20.00
Back                        from   £23.00
make up

(Complexions International Diploma)
All products used in skin care & make-
up are of the highest quality and
non-animal tested. All products are
suitable for all skin tones.

Special Occasion
Make-Up                  £70.00
On arrival at your home £145.00

Wedding Trial
Make-Up                  £75.00
Consultation - Analysing make-up
wanted on the day making sure
application. colour & technique are

Wedding Day
Make-Up Bride Only       £175.00

Additional Wedding Party
On request               £ 75.00
                                                                Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of business are deemed to be accepted by                  False Pretenses. Aesthetics House Ltd is not liable under any
the client.                                                                  circumstances where the client gives false information with regards
                                                                             to any contra indication or false persons.
Liability. Aesthetics House Ltd does not accept any liability, under
any circumstances, for the loss or damage of client valuables.               Allergies. It is agreed by the client that it is their responsibility to inform
                                                                             Aesthetics House Ltd at all times of any allergies or symptoms prior
Confidentiality. All information supplied by the client is confidential.     to treatment & that Aesthetics House Ltd is not liable for such
Force Majeures. Whilst of course every reasonable care will be
taken, the due performance of this terms & conditions is subject to          Travel Expense. Travel costs will be incurred where applicable.
alteration & change by Aesthetics House Ltd in the event of any
cause beyond their control. Any cancellation of treatments, where            Laser/IPL Treatments
applicable, Aesthetics House Ltd will make a full, or partial refund
of monies paid, the amount of such a refund will be at the                   Aesthetics House Ltd will not be responsible for any side effects
discretion of Aesthetics House Ltd.                                          caused by laser treatments. Everything about laser treatment will be
                                                                             explained thoroughly before treatment.
Cancellations. If treatment is cancelled less then 24 hours notice it
is understood the client shall forfeit 50% of fees or the full deposits      A patch test is always required before treatment.
paid to Aesthetics House Ltd in total.
                                                                             All forms must be signed prior to treatment by both parties, ie; the
Make-Up Artist. Aesthetics House Ltd reserves the right to offer             client & therapist.
another professional make-up artist should the original make-up
artist be unable to attend due to illness or death or any                    Any medical details relevant to treatment, or any medical changes
circumstance beyond her control.                                             must be reported to Aesthetics House Ltd immediately.

Wedding Make-Up. It is agreed by the client where booking is                 Signatures for laser treatments will be required before treatment
cancelled 6 weeks prior to event, it is understood the client shall          begins and where the client is over 16, the parent or guardian will
forfeit 50% of fees. Where cancellation is 3 weeks prior to event, it is     be eligible for signatures at the beginning of the consultation and
understood the client shall forfeit 80% of fees. Less than 3 weeks, the      there after the client over 16 will sign. Clients over 18 will be eligible
client shall forfeit full monies payable to Aesthetics House Ltd in total.   for signatures.

Consent. Your signature where relevant upon consent for treatment            Aesthetics House Ltd reserves the right to use before & after
is confirmation that no liability shall fall upon Aesthetics House Ltd       photography shots taken of client treatments purely for promotional
in the circumstances where the client may react to treatments                purposes.
undertaken such as; swelling, bruising, burning, itching, skin
discolouration, scalding, scabbing, blotchiness or subsequent
symptoms there of.

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