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   Vertical Insights - August 2011

  Due to the economic downturn, plus the failure of
  travel companies in the last 12 months, customers are
  not only looking for value in their holidays, but also
  security in package deals.
  Here are some of the highlights:
  • Among the most popular terms used to conduct
    holiday searches online are “direct holidays”, “last
    minute holidays” and “package holidays”. (Greenlight’s
    latest quarterly report, Holidays February 2011)
  • Six in 10 consumers say “package holidays” remove
    all the hassles so they can just relax and enjoy the
    break. Some 43% agree that “package holidays” are a
    safer bet in the current economic and political climate
    (company collapses, political unrest overseas, etc.).
  • New plans to extend official financial protection to
    millions more package holidaymakers were recently
    announced. Many holidays involving flights are
    covered against airline or tour operator collapses by
    the Air Travel Operators Licence (ATOL) scheme. Still,
    a number of air-travel trips are not ATOL-protected.
  • Companies have recently reported a significant rise in
    the amount of British tourists looking for cheap, last-
    minute holidays to Spain. Although Brits have always
    had Spain as a mainstay for their summer holidays, the
    latest trend has more people are jumping on board. A
    large number of additional people are searching for
    last-minute holiday deals. (

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICE                                                        MAY                                     JUNE
Mainland Spain has overtaken Tenerife for the first time                                TOP DESTINATIONS                        TOP DESTINATIONS
as the second-most popular destination.                                                 Turkey                                  Turkey
Reasons seem to be varying as to why Spain has again                                    Tenerife                                Spain
become a much bigger destination for British tourists                                   Spain                                   Tenerife
than in previous years. Places that cater to these types of                             New York                                France
holidays, like the Costa Del Sol, have always been seen as                              Paphos                                  New York
a top British destination with flocks of people choosing                                Greece                                  Paphos
to visit to enjoy or have a go at living in a sunnier climate.                          France                                  Greece
Now though, people are learning about undiscovered and                                  Portugal                                Bulgaria
beautiful locations accessible to them through package                                  Kefalonia                               Portugal
holidays. More people are holding out to the final minute                               Cyprus                                  Dominican Republic
to try and secure the best deal.

Read on for: Package Holiday Impressions, Package Holiday CPC and Clicks, Last-Minute Impressions, Last-Minute CPC and Clicks
Travel – Package Holidays
Page 2 of 2                                                                                  Vertical Insights - August 2011

The package holiday market has remained strong
as consumers turn to key brands for security (e.g.
Thomas Cook, TUI and Virgin Holidays). Impressions
for Q2 2011 have more than doubled from Q2 2010.

With “package holiday” impressions continuing
to rise, the work of the Creative Strategy team at
Yahoo! is helping to increase clicks while at the
same time decreasing average CPCs.

With UK consumers adopting a wait and see
approach to taking their holidays, it has never been
more important for agents and operators to remain
on their customers’ radars with a range of last-
minute holiday options.

Since March 11, average CPCs have been coming
down from an average high of just over £0.80 to
a low of just under £0.40. At the same time, clicks
are in-line to meet the seasonality peaks of July
and August.

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