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            Waterloo, IL 62298                   314-369-4540                     

                                        SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER
      R&D / Manufacturing & Engineering / Design & Process Development / System Integrations
    Bids & Proposals / Documentation / Testing / CPI / Prototype Development / QA-QC / Contracts
As a results-driven engineering leader, I direct the development and manufacture of cutting-edge equipment and
technology in the military and medical markets. Monitoring technological development, I reduce complexity in
engineering and design, creating the simplest, most cost effective solution to meet client and organizational needs.
Through adherence to established design control processes and good engineering practices, I identify and resolve
product and production issues. I bring superior planning and leadership skills to the entire design, development and
manufacturing process, ensuring outstanding product performance, reliability and value. My strengths include:
            Implementing improvements to optimize manufacturability and performance
            Analyzing complex technical problems and devising innovative solutions
            Improving production by supporting new processes and designs
            Integrating and aligning efforts of team members, contractors and vendors
            Identifying and fulfilling unique customer needs with practical, cost effective solutions
My BS in Mechanical Engineering is from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville. Respected as a subject matter
expert, creative thinker and problem solver, I am able to resolve daunting design and conceptual roadblocks. With
excellent communication and technical writing skills, I interface well with people of all backgrounds and abilities.

                                         SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Developed first of its kind pressure vessel. Vulcore won contract to create prototype to replace cylinders used in
firefighters’ breathing apparatus. Using patented technology, designed non-fragmentary, high-pressure vessel
using lightweight polymer composite. Novel design achieved DOT certification. Awaiting funding for full production.
Created emergency oxygen system. Challenged by Essex to lead R&D of original concept for Backpack Medical
Oxygen System. Preliminary design won acceptance by Air Force Special Operations. Developed final production
version, completing program on time and budget, and quickly taking device into full production.
Resolved design issue. Brought in as SME to solve problem with Mallinckrodt’s new oxygen conserving device.
Uncovered design flaw that led to inconsistent functioning. Redesigned device, completed testing and qualification.
Released device to manufacturing and successful introduction to both US and European markets.
Eliminated testing damage. Field testing of Litton’s panel-mounted breathing regulators often resulted in internal
damage, requiring the aircraft to be sidelined. Devised new testing method and redesigned several key
components, eliminating damage. Won contract for retrofit kits. Increased market share from 50 to 80%.
Replaced aging product line. Tasked by Essex to develop new liquid oxygen delivery system, created cutting-
edge design to replace existing product. Developed concept and proposal with senior program manager, winning
Defense Department contract. Completed development/testing and successfully released system to production.

                                                CAREER HISTORY
Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, Vulcore Industrial, LLC (startup manufacturing firm),
2008 to present. Recruited to lead product development of cutting-edge gas pressure vessels and components for
use in emergency and medical breathing apparatus. Developed design packaging, manufacturing processes and
quality assurance protocols for certification.
Senior Project Engineer, Essex Cryogenics of MO (aerospace and defense contractor), 2001 to 2008. Selected to
lead product development of liquid oxygen systems for use in aircraft, emergency, military and medical
applications. Led proposal development, product design, documentation, test, validation and release to production.
Senior Design Engineer, Respiratory Group, Mallinckrodt, Inc. (medical manufacturing firm), 1999 to 2000. Led
development of pneumatic conserving regulators and metering devices for home health market. Designed product
components, specifications and test procedures. Generated documentation for product approval in US and EU.
R&D Project Engineer, Conax Florida (aerospace and defense contractor), 1995 to 1999. Chosen as SME to lead
development of new product line of oxygen breathing regulators for aircraft life support systems and parachutists.
Designed valve and support equipment, generated manufacturing assembly and test protocols.
Earlier: Senior Engineer, Engineer, Life Support Group; Engineer, PSA Technology Group, Litton Systems.
Additional: I help in the promotion/placement of retired racing greyhounds, and I enjoy NASCAR, golf and fishing.

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