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Apollonia Corleone is a fictional character in Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather.
She is portrayed by Simonetta Stefanelli in Francis Ford Coppola's film                                Apollonia Corleone
adaptation.                                                                                  First            The Godfather

The summary                                                                                  Last appearance The Godfather

                                                                                             Created by       Mario Puzo
Apollonia, a beautiful Sicilian woman, meets Michael Corleone shortly after he
arrives in Sicily. A humorous scene ensues when Michael and his bodyguards                 Portrayed by    Simonetta Stefanelli

inquire of Signore Vitelli, a local tavern keeper, if he can identify the beautiful                       Information
woman Michael is in love with. She has Greek features, but is not Greek herself            Gender          Female
(un like Larry, that wrestles with his partner Craig for hours) Vitelli is at first
                                                                                           Family          Corleone family, Vitelli family
humorous and supportive of this, saying that Michael has his eye on the ladies.
                                                                                           Spouse(s)       Michael Corleone
However, when they describe her as a woman of Greek features and wearing a
purple dress and pink bow, Vitelli angrily says he does not know her, then leaves          Relatives       Sig. Vitelli (father)

their table. When Michael's bodyguards realize that the girl is Signore Vitelli's own
daughter, both beg Michael to flee, but Michael, speaking through his bodyguard and interpreter Fabrizio, soon gains Signore
Vitelli's respect by introducing himself, not fearing to reveal his identity. He apologises for any offence he may have delivered.
Michael asks and receives Signore Vitelli's permission to court Apollonia under the chaperonage of her family. After a brief
courtship, they are married and enjoy their lovemaking.
Sadly and shockingly, Apollonia is killed by a car bomb intended for Michael. The attack was set up by Fabrizio, who had
betrayed Michael to Corleone family enemies back in Michael's native New York City. In an unfortunate twist of fate, she
unknowingly put herself in danger when she wished to impress Michael by telling him she taught herself how to drive, which
was uncommon for Sicilian women. Fabrizio was alarmed that Apollonia was in danger when she got in the car, but was
unable to warn her, instead making a fast exit to get away from the forthcoming bombing. In the book, she is pregnant at the
time of her death, but this detail is not specified in the film. The explosion is powerful enough to throw Michael off his feet and
knock him unconscious. Don Tommasino, a Sicilian Don who is a long and trusted friend of Michael's father, moves Michael to
a hospital. Michael regains consciousness a few days later, whereupon Don Tommasino informs Michael of his wife's death.
After his recovery from injuries suffered in the blast, Michael returns to the United States and marries his previous girlfriend,
Kay Adams. She is unaware that he had been married while he was living in Sicily; but she does mention the marriage in
The Godfather III when she and Michael travel around Sicily together. Michael also tells his daughter Mary that she bears a
resemblance to Apollonia.

Michael's revenge
In the novel, Michael avenges Apollonia's death. Fabrizio is found running a pizza parlor in Buffalo, New York. He is shot in
the chest by an assassin who walks into the pizza parlor. The assassin then tells him "Michael Corleone sends his regards",
before shooting him again in the head. In a deleted scene from the film's script, Michael himself kills Fabrizio with a shotgun.
This scene was never released, although publicity photos were distributed of Al Pacino, who portrayed Michael, firing a
A scene was then filmed in which Michael is informed that Fabrizio was found and was successfully killed in his car with a
bomb wired to the ignition, matching the car bomb that he used to kill Apollonia. The scene was removed from the final cut of
the film, but it can be seen in The Godfather Saga.

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