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Apodaca is a city and its surrounding municipality that is part of Monterrey
Metropolitan area. It lies in the northeastern part of the metropolitan area.
                                                                                  Motto: Progreso con Libertad y Justicia (Progress
As of the 2005 census, the city had a population of 393,195 and the                          with Freedom and Justice)
municipality had a population of 418,784.[1] The municipality has an area of
183.5 km². The fourth-largest city in the state (behind Monterrey,
Guadalupe, and San Nicolás de los Garza), Apodaca is one of the fastest-
growing cities in Nuevo León and an important industrial center.

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 3 Origin of the name
                                                                                  Country            Mexico
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 5 References                                                                     Founded            1585
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                                                                                  • Mayor            Benito Caballero Garza (
Transportation                                                                                       PRI )

Two airports, General Mariano Escobedo International Airport (IATA: MTY)          • City             183.5 km2 (70.8 sq mi)
and Del Norte International Airport (IATA: NTR), are located in Apodaca.          Elevation          405 m (1,329 ft)
VivaAerobus Airline and Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte have their               Population (2005)
corporate headquarters on the grounds of Escobedo Airport.[2][3]                  • City            418,784
                                                                                  • Metro           3,664,334
                                                                                  Time zone          Central Standard Time (UTC-
Economy                                                                                              6)
                                                                                  • Summer (DST)     Central Daylight Time (UTC-
The municipality of Apodaca is one of the major industrial centers of the                            5)
state of Nuevo León. Apodaca's economy is founded basically in                    Website            http://www.apodaca.gob.mx
manufacturing operations and services.
American companies such as Whirpool, General Electric, Polaris Industries, Callaway, Visteon among many others have
manufacturing operations in Apodaca. Japanese companies such as Denso, Korean companies as LG and Chinese
companies as Lenovo also have manufacturing facilities in Apodaca.

Las Cruces Golf and Country Club, an 18 holes Golf course is located in Apodaca.[4]

Origin of the name
The city is named after Dr. Salvador Apodaca, Bishop of the city of Linares, who was born in Guadalajara in 1769. [5]

See also
   Apodaca Provincial Park (British Columbia, Canada)
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     Government of the City of Apodaca            , Official website (Spanish)

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