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Anton Raaff (6 May 1714 – 28 May 1797) was a German tenor from Gelsdorf near Bonn.

He studied at the Jesuit school in Bonn where the Elector of Bavaria, Clement Augustus,
heard him singing and paid for him to train professionally. Raaff was brought to the capital,
Munich, where he was engaged on an annual salary of 2000 thalers. From Munich he was
sent to Bologna to study the Italian style so he would be able to perform in the prevailing
opera seria style.
                                   In 1738 he was sent to Vienna to sing at the wedding
                                   ceremonies for Empress Maria Theresa, after which he
                                   was sent on a long period of overseas travel, during which
                                   time his fame grew.
                                   From 1752 to 1755 he was in Lisbon, and from 1755 to
                                   1759 in Madrid, where he sang with Farinelli. He worked         Anton Raaff in the title role of
                                   in Naples from 1759 to 1769, after which he returned to             Idomeneo in Munich
                                   Germany. Raaff sang the title role in the premiere of
                                   Mozart's 1781 opera Idomeneo; this was his last stage
                                   role. He spent his remaining years teaching and died in Munich in 1797.
                                   In the opinion of Schubart, his was the most beautiful male voice of all time, and his diction
                                   perfect in several languages.[1] When Elector Charles Theodore asked him to return home,
                                   he said he was not sure the Elector would be happy with him any more; indeed, his talents
                                   had begun to wane and Schubart noticed that Raaff's vibrato had become extremely
   Memorial plaque for Raaff in    marked.

   1. ^ Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart, Ideen zu einer Aesthetik der Tonkunst, Vienna, 1806.

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