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					                                                                           Regional Focus, Regional Support

                                    7/8/09 SMESO Notes

                                Submitted by Steve Runnels

Meeting Called to Order by President Martin at 10:00 am

April 8, 2009 Minutes approved (Hollandworth, Cooper)

Treasurer’s Report approved (Roark, Stammer)

   -   Beginning Balance - $1,758.90
   -   Receipts $227, Expenses $10.48 (RDP Conf Call)
   -   Current Balance - $1,975.56

Old Business

1) RHSOC Update: (Diane May)

   -   Approximately $60,000 2007 funding must be spent by 9/30
   -   One need is for cables required for communication trailers
   -   Missouri received approximately $11M in 2009 Homeland Security funding. This is
       $500,00 less than 2008
   -   Next RHSOC meeting will be on July 22 at 9 am in the new Lawrence County Justice
       Center and EOC located at 200 Water Street
   -   Planning is underway for the October 21, 2009 meeting at the fairgrounds in
       Springfield. It will be important for all 16 disciplines to attend.
   -   Some disciplines have organizations that meet (fire chiefs, police, etc), but many other
       disciplines do not have regular meetings. The October meeting provides an opportunity
       for each discipline to meet and elect their representative for next year.
   -   Tom Martin noted that the SMESO President assumes the RHSOC EM representative.
       Thus EM needs must be inputted to the President to fully represent the EM discipline
       across Region D.
   -   Tom also mentioned that Region D has received more money than any other RHSOC
       region in the state. This is largely due to the organization and activities of the
       disciplines across region.
   -   Lunch will be served at the October meeting.
   a. Citizen Preparation Subcommittee (Ryan Nicholls): nothing to submit at this time

   b. Interoperable Communications (Larry Woods): – not present

   c. HSRT (Chris Berndt): Low turnout possibly due incomplete notification.

   d. Region D Mass Care Coordinator (Bandi Kolbe):

   -       Has travelled to meet with most Area D counties, including many faith based
   -       Let her know if there are meetings for her to attend
   -       Tom Martin commented on the quality and positive nature of Bandi’s recent
           presentation in Stone County was well received and bonded together those present.

   e. Region D CERT Coordinator (Holly Johnston)

   -       Cedar county 1st CERT starts 7/24
   -       McDonald County class begins 8/10
   -       Barton County class to be conducted this fall
   -       Newton County has completed two classes with a third starting in September

   f. Region D Agriculture Preparedness Specialist (Amanda Marney):

   -       Advertising services at fair booth
   -       now has a infra-red monitoring camera
   -       working on a preliminary Region D ag plan
   -       have visited all but four northern counties

2) MEPA Update (Larry Woods, David Compton): neither present

3) SMESO website (Phil Amtower): ready to add, just need ideas/material

4) IST Update (Mike White):

       -   May training session brought IST membership to 26 members. In addition to members
           present, training included Americorps
       -   Position specific training in August at Grizzly in Springfield. Additional training coming
           in October and in 2010, followed by regional Train the Trainer.
5) Region D Disaster Plan (R Nicholls): The following jurisdictions are mutual aid agreement
members as of 7/8/09:

    Barry County (3)
            Barry County Health Dept.
            City of Cassville
            City of Monett 911 Communications
    Barton County (17)
            Barton County
            Barton County OEM
            Barton County Ambulance Dist.
            Barton County Health Dept.
            Barton County Memorial Hospital
            Barton County Senior Center
            Consolidated Public Water Supply Dist. #1 of Barton, Dade, Cedar & Jasper
            S. Barton County Sheriff's Office
            City of Lamar
            City of Mindenmines
            City of Mindenmines Fire Dept.
            City of Golden City (VFD/AMB/EM)
            Golden City R-III
            City of Liberal
            Liberal Rural Fire Dept.
            Liberal R-II School Dist
            Lamar R-1 School Dist.
    Cedar County (1)
            City of Eldorado Springs, Mo.
    Christian County (1)
            Nixa Fire Protection District
            Dade County
    Dallas County (1)
            Dallas County
    Greene County (3)
            Greene County
            City of Springfield
            City of Willard
    Hickory County
    Jasper County (1)
            City of Webb City
    Lawrence County (1)
            City of Aurora
    McDonald County
    Newton County
    Polk County (2)
               Polk County
               City of Bolivar
       St. Clair County (1)
               St. Clair County
       Stone County (2)
       Stone County
               Stone County Emergency Services
       Taney County (1)
               City of Hollister
       Vernon County (2)
               Vernon County
               Richards Rural Fire Dept
       Webster County (5)
               Webster County Health Dept.
               Elkland Fire Protection District
               City of Seymour Fire Department
               Webster County Commission
               Webster County Sheriff's Office

6) Missouri Responder Credentialing (Tom Martin):

   -     Tom asked to serve as Region D committee representative
   -     Missouri developing program that would have validity across the state and potentially at
         a Federal level.
   -     Credentials to be developed starting with law, fire and EMS as licensing already in
         existence for these disciplines
   -     Credential challenges include that the format must be made developed and that
         updates will be necessary to purge those that leave
   -     Question – Gary Roark: Elliot system provides standardized ID cards. Will they work
         across the state? Answer - Statewide standardization of Elliot cards has been discussed,
         but not moved forward upon due to 1) parallel Missouri Responder Credential
         committee efforts and 2) no enforcement when jurisdictions want to do something
   -     Color coding for different disciplines, along with other coding being considered for the
         statewide Missouri Responder program
   -     Question - David Hoover: if regions do their own credentials, will it be recognized by
         state? Answer- unknown, but likely that the state may require two credentials.
   -     The requirements of multiple vendors needs to be addressed before statewide
         credentials may be produced
   -     Question – Morgan Young: what about credentials for those that represent multiple
         disciplines. Answer – scan will show multiple disciplines. Missouri Responder ID will
         have different symbols delineating different disciplines/capabilities.
New Business:

1) Report on Video Conferencing System and Test (Ryan Nicholls):

   -   Regional test conducted. Eight counties participated. Some challenges existed with
       video at one site, two others were not successful. Future tests to include remaining six
       plus the NWS. No band width problems were detected.
   -   Question: Gary Roark – handout documented the ability to display a computer screen.
       Answer - video system may be flipped to a computer to display information.
   -   25 different conference rooms have been set up – CMA registration is requested.
   -   Subsequent test desired in August.
   -   Recommend that conferencing system be operational 24 hours a day, though may want
       to place an object blocking the camera.
   -   System allows entry into other video conferencing systems across the world at no cost
   -   Test also included a test of the camera on the satellite truck

2) IRIS available to all counties in Region D (Tom Martin)

   -   IRIS is a notification system that allows sending any and all warning messages via cell,
       text, email, pager and landline.
   -   RHSOC funding for IRIS for each county to cover initial set up cost and first year
   -   Recommend that the county EMD needs to be familiar with the system
   -   System allows multiple formats (phone, text message)
   -   Printouts available on who answered
   -   System will call back if there is no initial answer
   -   Sub groups may be set up which allows a particular discipline to send out messages to
       their specific members only
   -   Other non-government sub groups (eg schools, churches) may subscribe at a cost of
       $3.50 a person/year
   -   Private citizens may sign up at a cost of $8/yr. The county receives 50 cents back for
       each citizen that signs up
   -   Larry Woods will be the POC for the region. Larry will work with each county and the
       IRIS POC, Clayton Fish- Div. Manager, 281-263-6325. E-mail CFish@techradium.com
   -   Messages take 45 seconds / 1000 people though delivery time will be increased if
       phone trunk lines are hit hard
   -   2010 funding unknown, may require private and or other funding sources
3) Appointment of Nominating Committee – election in October (Tom Martin):

   -     Election to be held during the last meeting of the odd numbered year for a two year
   -     Per bylaws, Tom named past presidents (Compton, Lane, Berndt, Runnels) to the
         Nominating Committee
   -     The Nominating Committee will present their recommendations, plus nominations from
         the floor for election at the October meeting. The elected officials will take over upon

4) Speaker “Role of the MO Dept of Health and Senior Services in the H1N1 Pandemic” by John
Bos, Senior Epidemiologist, john.bos@dhss.mo.gov 417-895-6945 (no notes taken).

5) Next Meeting October 14, 2009 at a location to be determined in Springfield.

Business meeting closed at 1110 am - adjournment approved (Nicholls, Rowe)


Earl        Ackley              COAD Cedar Co.
Candy       Adams               SEMA (Regional Coordinator)
Phil        Amtower             Christian County EMA
Linda       Barger              Christian County EMA
Paige       Behm                Health
Chris       Berndt              Taney County EMA
Melissa     Ducksworth          Taney County EMA
Charles     Engberg             FEMA
Nancy       Guerrero            FEMA
                                Republic Emergency
Lynn        Hollandworth        Management
David       Hoover              Region D Hospital Coordinator
Holly       Johnston            Region D CERT
Bob         Kitsmiller          Dade County EMA
Bandi       Kolbe               Region D Mass Care Coord.
Bob         Kulp                Newton County Health Dept.
Martha      Love                MO 211
Amanda      Marney              University Extension
Thomas      Martin              Stone County LEPC
Diane       May                 SMCOG
                                Springfield-Greene County
Ryan        Nicholls            OEM
Rich        Nordell             Jasper County 911
Gary        Roark               Newton County EMA
Mike      Rowe         Lawrence County EM
Steve     Runnels      National Weather Service
Bill      Sexton       Webster County EMA
Keith     Stammer      Jasper County EMA
Gregg     Sweeten      McDonald County EM
Randall   Willoughby   DNR
Morgan    Young        CMH HazMat Coord
Dean      Bickford     Kimb. City EMD

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