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Anthony Lemke is a Canadian actor. Lemke is best known in the United States
as "Capt. Grisham" from the short-lived television series Queen of Swords and in               Anthony Lemke
Quebec as "David Rothstein" from the hit, multiple award-winning series Les          Born   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin.

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Anthony Lemke was born in Ottawa, Canada and now lives in Montreal, Quebec, having moved to Montreal to pursue a law
degree at the prestigious McGill University Faculty of Law from which he graduated in 2007.
He began his acting career after graduating from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Theatre Arts. Lemke started in
theatre, but it was a turn in a York University short film that got him hooked on acting in television and film.
Recent projects include: Starring roles in the TV mini-series Shockwave and the features Rouge Sang by Director Martin
Doepner and Down the Road Again, the sequel to the seminal Canadian feature film, Goin' Down the Road, voted 5th most
influential Canadian film of all time by Playback Magazine; a guest spot on the hit SyFy series Warehouse 13; a regular role
on season 1 of The Listener, a TV series about a telepathic paramedic, for NBC, Fox International and CTV in which he plays
Det. Sgt. Becker; The Last Templar, an NBC mini-series adaptation of Raymond Khoury's New York Times best selling novel
of the same name; and One Last Dance directed by Richard Lehun and starring Caroline Dhavernas, a film he wrote and co-
produced with Evergon Arts founder Geoff Uloth.[1] Anthony also works in French in Montreal, where he played David
Rothstein, Sophie Paquin's main squeeze in season 4 on the hit Quebec TV series Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin
and Peter Garrett on the award-winning drama Mirador, for Radio Canada.

Recent filmography

Actor (recent credits)
   Shockwave (TV Mini-Series), 2013, "Craig Bakus"
   Rouge Sang (Film), 2013, "Le vulgaire"
   Lost Girl, 2012, 5 episodes
   Blue Mountain State, 2011, (TV Series) "Coach Marcus Gilday"
   Mirador, 2011, (TV Series), "Peter Garrett", ep. 206-210
   Flashpoint, 2011, (TV series), "Tim Engles", ep. Wild Card
   Down the Road Again, 2011 by Donald Shebib (film), "Matt Burns"
   Côteau Rouge, 2011 (film), "Jason Singleton" (film garnered 8 Jutra nominations, including Best Film)
   Warehouse 13, 2011, "Michael Martin", ep. 302.
   XIII: The Series, 2011, "Markle", ep. 106
   You Lucky Dog, 2010, "Don Lally"
   Faces in the Crowd, 2010, "Bryce #3"
  One Last Dance, 2009 (short film), Josh
  The Last Templar, 2009 (TV movie), Clive Edmonston
  The Listener, 2009-2012 (TV series), Det. Sgt. Brian Becker (2009)
  Reverse Angle, 2009 (TV movie), Harry Griggs
  Les Hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin, 2006-2008 (TV series), David Rothstein (2008)
  Rumours, 2007 (TV series), Charles Jefferson
  Wide Awake, 2007 (TV movie), Robert Turner
  A Life Interrupted, 2007 (TV movie, nominated in 2008 for a Best TV Movie Gemini Award[2] ), Rob Smith
  15/Love, 2004-2006 (TV Series), Coach Brock (2006)
  Legacy of Fear, 2006 (TV Movie), Jack Cobell
  Proof of Lies 2006 (TV), Chuck Hartley
  RoboCop: Prime Directives 2001 (TV), James Murphy
  Queen of Swords 2000 (TV), Captain Marcus Grisham 17/22 Episodes.
  American Psycho 2000 (film) Marcus Halberstram

  One Last Dance, 2009 (short film)

  One Last Dance, 2009 (short film)

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