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									The goal of a blogger

The existence of this blog that are not quite a year showing my status as a novice in the world
... is my newbie blog?? For me, I was an entrepreneur, no matter whether it was only
yesterday that I was diving into the world of internet business. Of course I have a lot to learn
how to make money through my blog. Right now my blog's main production is affiliate
marketing and how to create ads and reviews. Ranking this blog still 0 PR is certainly
reflective of the income derived from my blog. But I have confidence in the power of blogs as
a medium to generate income. Although the income I get from this blog does not reach four
figures as obtained by the blogger who calls himself otai but am glad that my blog still make
money. As long as there is sincerity then regular blog will bring value to us. If you have a
clear goal for berblog, success can certainly be achieved. Here I write a little sharing of ideas
how to make money with a blog but it will if you want to make money 4 digits of the day, I'm
sorry because I have not reached that level through this blog. This partnership may not be
suitable for you if you are currently generating income 4 figures in one day.

Do you really want money from your blog?

I'm sure every blogger who wrote the words for money or money diblognya certainly want to
blog to make money. Whether to get a lot of money or sdikit, it is up to the effort
sendiri.Berusa mengkomesialkan blog so that it is able to produce money. If you are a blogger
who think commercializing your blog is something bad or immoral felt something, I think the
blogger has to admit defeat before failing.

Generate income through the blog to think seriously as to generate income through blogs do
many challenges. Maybe someone would be disappointed if they fail to make money through
blogs. To successfully generate income through your blog, you should be always positive
minded and ready to face the challenges of a successful mendatang.Usahawan did say that
making money online like blogging as a hobby. On the other hand, if you doubted the ability
of your blog to make money, It shows your mind is impartial and not serious enough to
generate income through your blog.

Make your blog can make money, do not be shy. Maybe you've read in other blogs that thinks
putting a lot of ads in blogger's blog shows greed. Perhaps the word greed then you as a
blogger already feel shy melatakkan many banner ads on your blog. See my blog filled with
banner ads. who is angry with me? You have to remember your blog is your right. What do
you do on your blog is your right. Always think positively to ads that you install on your blog
because advertising is the source of your income so there's no reason to feel shy about putting
a lot of ads on your blog. If it is any good to you, why should be avoided? That is your own
decision and not influenced by other people because you have their own strategies to make
your blog make money.

Blogs should not be devoted to only one source of income. Apart from generating income
through affiliate programs, you will also participate in other advertising programs like Google
adsense. Blogged diversify income sources you certainly double their income through your
blog. If your blog is a popular blog, you can also rent space to pengiklalan performing.
Affiliate programs and google adsense is the source of my income at this time. Since my blog
is still 0 PR, definitely rent advertising space is something that is impossible. This program
has resulted in money between my blogs. The rest you can do email marketing and
Generate income online as a source of income

That is the goal of a blogger or online entrepreneur. But as I said earlier, make money online
many challenges. Whatever the strategy, methods and techniques that do, not necessarily earn
4 figures a month let alone a day. If you are a subscriber otai with many, of course it is one of
the advantages for each subscriber you are your prospects. But as a blogger should specify
how RM should
generated in a month then earn how to achieve it. If you have reached your income up to 4
digits in a month, for me it is good enough. It did not matter that the first digit is 1. This is a
good start for a newbie.

Little tips for readers of all, to achieve the 4-digit income per month, get hit with the product
then to advertise on google adwords, daily news or in Do not forget to advertise
your Blogged well. Do not advertise any product that is not a paid ad, especially hit as you'll
be faced with a loss. Within a year I make money online, I'm sure not one of my research
because I've experienced it. I've lost and never even earn my unpredictable. The problem is
how to determine the product is a hit or not? ???

Let's imitate successful entrepreneur technique

Yes! I can not continue with the idea saya.Anda should get out of your own cocoon. A newbie
should strive imitate or learn techniques on how they generate income so exciting. You can
learn from entrepreneurs who are already successful with a customer of their information or
purchase the techniques how those entrepreneurs who have managed to generate revenue so
they called an entrepreneur. Whatever you have to be careful when buying products that
supposedly teach you how to make money in the thousands in my sehari.Bagi that is not true
and hard to make it happen. Make sure who is selling the idea. Are they really a successful
entrepreneur or as an ebook menterjemaah white people into Bahasa Malaysia then sell the
ebook to the people of Malaysia. Do not overdo it I recommend you get to Shut wangcyber
techniques, Dr.Irfan Secret ERUWAN GERRY Internet or Online Auction Specialist. Hmmm
... actually many other entrepreneurs in Malaysia but too many listkan here. Maybe in the next
post I will listkan successful entrepreneurs.

How much income from your blog?

I often wondered how I could earn up to 4 digits of this blog within a month. It would be
impossible because of the number of people who understand the language of Malaysia just
how many million. The number of people who can speak Malaysia involved in the internet
business can be counted with the fingers. You can certainly predict the income of every
blogger blog in Malaysia. This is the statement of the Malaysian language blog. Blogger still
have a way to make you able to make money blogging is to create English-language blog and
put google adsense ads.
There is no doubt capable of giving google adsense google income adense fans. No matter
how you get early RM you follow this program for the first income you sure much encourage
you to continue to work up to par with other entrepreneurs. Maybe your first check of just
RM400, next month, of course you put more goals and that is what should be done. Do not
overcook your adsense income compare with others but make your income goal in the next
Thank you for this time, hopefully this little article of particular benefit to new readers in the
blogging world.

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