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   Home page of site
   Search options
   Tutors details
   Register as student
   Register as tutor
   Password & User id Recovery
   Nominations & Reviews
   Difference in Free listing & Paid listings (Tutors)
   Newsletters & Notifications
   Refund Policy
   Packages
   FAQs’
   Quality Parameters/ target on every chat
This is home page of the site. Main menu is on left
 and also on top. Here user- students/ tutors can
access ‘free listing of tutors’ by defining the search
  criteria in search window in middle of screen.
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This is what main search screen will look like after we
 click on ‘SEARCH’ tab in top menu on ‘HOME’ page.
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This is how search results will appear. To view any
     particular tutors’ detail, click on Tutor id.
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This is how the results will appear after clicking on tutors’ id.
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<Part 2 of same earlier slide>
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 Now to ‘REGISTER AS STUDENT’, first we will need to signup for Trial Pack. Click on
                             1 of 3’ will appear.
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Now ‘STEP 2’ of steps 1 – 3, Payment option choice screen. Payment gateway
             is supported by Commonwealth Bank of Australia
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Final screen after choosing payment option, if by
                  ‘credit card’
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Final screen after choosing payment option, if by
            ‘cheque or money order’
• Please note that one difference in Trial Pack
  and other regular packs is visibility of number
  of tutors. In trial period, number of tutors
  visible is limited to 30-40 by any search
  criteria, if there are any more available like
  100. When in regular pack, maximum of tutors
  will not be restricted to any upper limit. All
  those available in database will be visible.
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Now to LIST/ REGISTER as ‘TUTOR’, FREE listings, top part of page that
                            will appear
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…… middle part of last image……
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…. rest of page will appear as below.
Password and User id Recovery
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> Click on 'Log in Here' screen link on Home page, on left sidebar menu, under 'Parents &
Students' tab
> Click on 'Forgot your Password or User ID?' at bottom of login section
> on new page it will ask for your registered email address with us, update that and click on tab
named 'Find my details'.
> Details will be sent to you
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> Click on 'Edit/ Hide your listings' link on Home page, on left sidebar menu, under 'Tutors' tab
> Click on link named 'If you have forgotten or lost these details, click here to have them automatically emailed
to you.' at top of login section on new page
> Update you registered email address and then click on tab named 'Find my details'
> Details will be sent to you.
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Nominations & Reviews
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For Tutors – Free listing/ registration and Paid listing/
  These tutors will appear in listings, when searched, in
  alphabetic orders (TOWN NAME) and will be
  positioned randomly as per that order. These will
  appear after the list of paid tutors.
  These tutors will be listed/ positioned, as per their
  pack, first in listings, alphabetically as per town name,
  before list of unpaid tutors starts afresh. Such tutors
  stand higher chances of more hits.
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 Newsletters are sent to all ‘active students’,
 by email. These are sent on there ‘registered
 email address’ in profile. These letters are
 more of general nature about site & company.
 These are sent out fortnightly.
 Notifications are sent to tutors which are in
 digest form. Meaning that these
                 REFUND POLICY
• We have a plain refund policy. It is only for students on
  ‘Trial Pack’. Refund can be considered and approved only if
  there are NO TUTORS listed at all in search results.
• First we will try to retain by helping student in searching by
  more keywords e.g. math, maths, mathematics, any other
  keyword which may be related with what student may be
  looking for. Also, advice him of trying in suburbs, if OK with
  him/ her.
• Once it is confirmed that NO results are showing as
  students requirement, concern can be forwarded for refund
  and is to be decided by backend.
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• Here is list of probable questions and there
  answers. These answers are to act as
  GUIDELINES ONLY. When answering to
  customers’ query as his query may not be
  exact, modulate answers when, where and
  however required.

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•   Q. It is payable both for students and tutors?
•   Ans. Yes. The tutors and the students need to pay for the registration on our website and
    then we let the students view the details of the tutors and let them contact directly. So,
    primarily the website is a Platform where the students & teachers can interact with each
    other, of course, after paying the registration fee. Then he can search for a tutor based on
    different criteria such as experience, fees and even the user reviews we have an option of
    reviewing the tutors once you have had services from them.
•   Q. May I know how much is the charge to register?
•   Ans. 20 AU$. That's for 10 days trial. 38.99AU$ yearly , later. its inclusive of taxes. only trial
    money refundable
•   Q. 20 AU$ are refundable after trial is over or will that be adjusted as part of 38.99 if account
•   Ans. if the student is not able to find any tutor of his requirement
•   Q. If one student pays 20$ and register for a Trial, Will he be able to connect to any tutors in
    the 10 days time? OR he will be assigned only one tutor?
•   Ans. Its not limited. you can access any no of tutors
•   Q. How will student pay tutor?
•   Ans. Mutual. we do not process payments for the tutors
•   Q. Will customer be able to upgrade pack once trial is expired for more then 1 day?
•   Ans. 7 days grace period after each type of pack student may have at that point, including
    trial pack.

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• Q. How often is database refreshed? How soon does new entry of tutor
  get updated in listings?
• Ans. Immediately. its real time.
• Q. Difference between listed tutors with id no. and without id. nos. ?
• Ans. Tutors without id. no. are the ones whose details have been deleted
  from database but they keep on appearing in listings but without id., any
  town name.
• Q. Student gets refund he is unable to find any tutor during trial period. If
  tutor does not get any student, does he also gets refund?
• Ans. No refund to tutors. Because we make sure he gets contact. so its all
  about positioning the listing and you are bound to get contacts now its up
  to the tutor if he can convert it or not
• Q. Listings are only accepted upon nomination from satisfied third
• Ans. Nomination is not a mandate.
• Q. It says ' allows tutors, teachers and coaches to list
  free.' on Is it free for tutors to
  register and only payable by students?
• Ans. Yes, it is free. they can opt for the paid listing, we highlight them to
  get better response. Its the same as business listing on yellow pages. you
  can register your business on yellow pages for free. then the yellow pages
  sales team will contact you for paid listing. and according to the package
  he opts for, he is positioned in the listings.
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• Q. Does he have to pay for trial first as mandate and then upgrade to any
  package? Or can he move to package straightway?
• Ans. We have to take the trial package. once the trial package is over, we
  can take the full package. The student can pay through moneybookers or
  credit cards or the student can also drop a cheque in the company name.
• Q. When they pay via Credit cards, will they get registered on the site
  instantly ? and they will get the Login details at the same time ?
• Ans. Yes
• Q. We did not see any option to specify monthly rate on site. Is there only
  hourly rate option on site?
• Ans. Yes
• Q. Is there only yearly pack or different packs also?
• Ans. Yes
• Q. Grace period?
• Ans. 7 days
• Q. If we use the Moneybookers to make the payment, how much payment
  we make? Like moneybookers also take some charges for the transactions.
  So will that be payable from Student's end Or they pay only 20$ fee?
• Ans. The student will pay for the moneybookers fee

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•   Q: Any limit to count on that page?
•   Ans.: 30
•   Q: Also do we limit the Paid listings in One category of tutors?
•   Ans.: no. we do not limit the paid listing in any single category
•   Q: If paid tutors go over 30 plus, then they are listed on page 2 onwards?
•   Ans.: yes. if the no of results exceeds the page size, in that case there will be page two
•   Q: So they can object that if they are the paid ones, they should be listed on the page 1 ? Or
    is it made clear when they go for the paid package?
•   Ans.: first of all, normally this does not happen. and if at all it happens, the first preference
    will be given to the members with highest package. and this will be made clear to the tutors
    once they opt for paid listing
•   Q: if the 2 tutors have the same package, how they will be arranged in the List ? Like they will
    be arranged alphabetically? Or Town wise ? Or Subject wise ? if we do not put any keywords,
    and just search the Tutors in the Location "ACT" and Subject as "Academic" to check the list,
    and we have a number of tutors in that as paid listings for the same subject, how they will be
    listed there in terms of position ?
•   Ans.: the result display will depend entirely on the keyword search, in that case all the results
    will be grouped according to the package the person who pays more would get better listing
    and the results in the same group will be displayed randomly, randomly it wont make much
    of a difference if the name is displayed in the same group on the front page in the free
    listings, it is currently showing the tutors arranged alphabetically in terms of Town that will
    depend on the type of search you make if you are searching the database for all the regions.
    it will show it that way if you search for region or subject specific. it will show random results
    of the relevant data.
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• Q: How will we know if tutor account is paid
  one or free one? Any CRM for that that we
  will be given later?
• Ans. Not required by us
• Q: Once the paid packs expire and are not
  renewed again, will such entries be treated as
  free listings or will such entries be removed
  from database altogether?
• Ans. free listings, we keep the info in our
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• Q: Why should student register after the trial pack if he can get and
  copy all the info required during trial period? No need to register
  again! Is the reason - updating of listing with time and keeping info
  fresh with student?
• Ans.: The data base view is limited to the trial student, the
  database keeps updating and what if the student does not like the
  tutor, he will have to search for other tutor.

• Q: Database of limited in which way?
• Ans.: Say suppose we have 100 tutors in the city for a subject the
  trial student will be able to see 30-40 tutors only, the rest will not
  appear in the database

• Q: If there is any new addition as a teacher in the database, any
  notification sent via email/text message to registered users ?
• Ans.: We send them newsletters, fortnightly. Newsletters are sent
  to everybody, only active accounts, its just for the students,

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