Kijang coins buy gold

					Kijang coins buy gold

Do you know the simplest physical gold investment in Malaysia is buying gold coins Gold

On 09/06/2008 I bought this Gold Kijang Coins (1oz). So I want to share the experience of
how you can buy bullion coins Kijang.

Before that, Kijang Emas nie what ya?

Answer: Triple Gold is the official gold coin issued by Malaysia and Royal Mint of Malaysia.
for further reading, see here

It is available in three sizes: a 1 oz, 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz (1 oz = 31.1 grams). The purity of gold
is 24K (999.9)

How to buy Gold Coins Barking?

1. Maybank Gold Kijang sold in a certain branch (see below)
2. Bring enough money because cash payable.
3. Bring IC reason your purchase will be recorded and given a certificate of purchase.

What are the advantages to buy this Golden Deer?

1. prices are relatively low because there are in three sizes: a 1 troy ounce, 1/2 troy ounce and
1/4 troy ounce. Even the most expensive coins only 1 oz (10.31 grams, the price of RM3000 +
+). But if you want to see daily price Kijang Emas, can visit the website of Bank Negara
Malaysia in

2. This coin authenticity is 999 (24 carats). So the best of the gold standard.

3. You can buy this Gold Kijang coins in Maybank, but certain branches. Do not forget to
bring IC. In Malacca it is only sold at Maybank Main, street Hang Tuah.

To find other Maybank branches that sell Kijang Emas please refer to this link: #

4. These coins can be sold back to Maybank at current prices declined between 3.15% and
3.20% (for 1 troy ounce). This is relatively low compared to gold shops usually reject 10% -
15% of the current gold price. So already profit.

5. These coins can be brought to pawn if no money anytime

Among the weaknesses of Kijang coins buy gold.
1. Payable in cash (if kat normal gold shop can buy disposable credit card)

2. Maybank Have to go early in the morning. If kat Melaka Maybank ask nie staff come
before 12 noon.

3. Maybank punyalah busy ... I have to wait an hour, I got bought.

4. Maybank staff will tell the coins nie rein-good good. can not be bent or broken when to sell
back. if bent, probably will not repurchase Maybank. Another one, do not forget to bring the
original receipt when you buy this Gold Barking when to sell these coins back.

It feels the only advantage / disadvantage that I can identify.

Now, let's see prices Kijang Coins Gold (1 troy ounce) when launched on 07.18.2001 until
06.17.2008 (close to 7 years).

7/18/2001 - price is RM1082.00
now 6/17/2008 - price is RM3048.00!!!

181.70% increase!!!
The average increase per year: 25.95%!!!

Compare with ASB (between 8.5% to 9.00% per annum)

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