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									Finding A Thailand Travel Agent
Finding a Thailand travel agent is a key task to enjoy a memorable and interesting trip to this great
country. The agent will help find the cheapest air fare, book your hotels, find the right tour guide and
organize excursions.

Big Buddha Hill, also known as Pattaya Hill, is a great place to see. There is a gigantic golden
Buddha statue that will make you feel tiny. It can be seen from far away and is a great sight to see.
The giant Buddha was built by hand and took over a year to complete. This area also has many
smaller Buddha statues.

However, it's in the area of international travel that Thailand comes into its own. Due to its central
location in Southeast Asia, travel to countries like China, Japan, and Indonesia "think Bali" is
convenient, fast, and cheap.

The country is well knows of its pristine beaches, friendly people and authentic cuisine. English is
widely spoken and for many nationalities no visa is required to enter the country. Despite the recent
unrests, travel within the country is considered to be very safe.

The amount saved on flights can be used for other essential purposes while traveling like hiring car
on rent, shopping, discovering new places, food etc. This means with cheap flights to Thailand your
journey Thailand will become smooth and extremely friendly to your pocket.

Once arriving Thailand, most people are like to visit Bangkok as the first start as this is the main
transit, Suvanabhumi International Airport, where people step in this country. Bangkok is a city you
should not miss in your trip. You will be amazed at the unrestrained glory of the city. There are
countless shopping centers to satisfy your shopping need.

One of the quirky things you should be aware of is the Thai treatment of the head and feet. The head
is sacrosanct in Thai culture so you should avoid patting anyone on the head, including children. As
opposed to this never use your feet to point at anything and never allow the palms of your feet to
point towards an image of the Buddha.

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