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									                               ST. JOHN’S VILLA                                ...where growth has no boundaries

                  The Villa Pulse
                     St. John’s Villa 2012 Auction/Dinner Event
                  January 2012      March 24, 2012    Volume 18, Issue 2
St. John’s Villa would like to invite      greatly enjoys this relationship, and is our friends and supporters, but also to
you to “A Night At The Oscars”. God        grateful to the parish for allowing us to provide assistance to the people served
has truly worked miracles for our          again use this wonderful space!           at the Villa. A fee of $50 per ticket en-
family at St. John’s throughout the                                                  titles the guest/s to the dinner and sub-
years and this year’s event is yet an-     Committee members will be working at mission of bids on items. Please write
other one of those miracles. The           collecting items for the event. All items or call for tickets. Reservations are re-
funds we raise through our events al-      are acceptable. IF YOU HAVE ANY quired. You won’t want to miss out on
low us to continue the much needed         ITEM/S THAT NEED TO BE PICKED the fun! Call Susan Williamson or Kim
programming we provide. Our future         UP, DON’T HESITATE TO CALL US. Bell at 330.627.9789 for further infor-
looks much brighter thanks to the car-     WE ARE WILLING TO PICK UP mation.
ing gifts of friends, family, board        ANY ITEMS WITHIN A 75-MILE
members, and several foundations.          RADIUS OF ST. JOHN’S.

If you visit St. John’s today, you will    Since so many of the Villa’s friends live
witness first-hand the many lives you,     at a distance and would still like to par-                 St. John’s Villa
our friends, have touched; including       ticipate, so this year we will once again                Auction Drawing
the Growing Tree Daycare, the Adult        be selling tickets for a special drawing                 3 Chances to WIN
Day Service, the Villa Restaurant, and     to be held the night of the auction. The                 (1 ticket $25 - 5/$100)
the Vocational Areas, for the 171          drawing will provide three (3) prizes
individuals served.                        one (1) of each at $500, $250, and $100,       ________Tickets.
                                           respectively to be awarded to the win-
This year’s event will be Co-Chaired       ners. Complete the form available on
by Jon Capri and Susan Williamson.         this page. If you choose to purchase           Amount Enclosed $___________.
                                           more than one ticket, and the committee        Name_____________________________
St. John’s continually provides quality    hopes you will, St. John’s Villa staff
service to all the people served here at   will fill it out for you. (Tickets will also   Address____________________________
the Villa and their families. The com-     be available the night of the auction for
mittee recognizes the wonderful work       purchase. Winners need not be pre-             City_____________________ State_____
done with the Holy Spirit’s guidance.      sent for the event.)
At the same time, the committee rec-                                                      Zip_____________
ognizes the need for continual updat-   At this auction, businesses, companies,
ing and replacement of needed fur-      supporters, and/or family members can             Telephone: ____________________
nishings and equipment. The funds       place advertisements. Pages will be 8 ½
generated at all fund-raising events    X 5 ½ inches. ($25 for a 1/8 page ad,               Tickets will be filled out by Villa staff.
are to improve the quality of life for  $50 for a 1/4 page ad, and $75 for a 1/2           If you have questions or concerns please
all the people at St. John’s.           page ad) Please call Susan Williamson                 call Susan Williamson or Kim Bell
                                        or Kim Bell to secure a space and ar-                          at 330-627-9789.
Rev. Ronald Klingler of St. John the range your advertisement.                                     The three prizes will be
Baptist Parish and his parishioners in                                                                 one of each at
Canton have been extremely gracious This Oscar-themed event will be held                           $500, $250, and $100.
over all these years to host this event March 24, 2012. Doors open at 5:30
at their parish center! The Villa p.m. It is intended not only to entertain
                                               President’s Perspective
                                 This past Christmas, I hope you un-          nity, and others who give abun-
                                 wrapped many gifts, but more impor-          dantly to make life good for the
                                 tantly, I hope you unwrapped the best gift   individuals we serve. Participating
                                 of all, a gift from God, Jesus Christ. As    in fund raising events through at-
                                 we journey through this New Year, His        tendance, donations and other sup-
                                 gift will provide the companionship we       port has contributed much, and this
                                 need to forge ahead, and the dependence      continues to be a source of revenue
                                 we rely upon to continue to build a foun-    as well as creating a lifetime of
                                 dation of love, hope and service and sup-    friendships to support our mission
                                 port to others.                              and to serve individuals well.

                                 For the new year, I hope your days are       St. John’s Villa next big fundrais-
                                 filled with good health, peace, love and     ing event is the Annual Auction/
                                 abundant blessings. We ask also for your     Dinner. This event will be held on
                                 prayers as they support and encourage us     March 24, 2012 at St. John’s
                                 here at St. John’s Villa in so many ways,    School Auditorium at 717
                                 just as Jesus encourages you. Our ex-        McKinley Street NW in Canton,
                                 changes of prayers remind us that Jesus      Ohio. We are planning for an eve-
                                 Christ is our inexhaustible resource from    ning of fun, fellowship and excite-
                                 which we draw our strength, our energy       ment with a “A Night At The Os-
                                 and our guidance every day of our lives.     cars” theme. Please look for de-
                                                                              tails in this issue of The Villa
                                  We have experienced the love of Christ in   Pulse. We hope to see you there!
                                  what is done here, and we have seen His
                                  blessings bestowed upon individuals in      Blessings,
                                  many ways. We are reminded of His
                                  presence when we see the love and caring    Ric
   Richard A. Brown, M.P.A.       attitudes of families/friends, employees,
President/CEO of St. John’s Villa volunteers, board members, the commu-

                                                        St. John’s Villa
    One Starry Night                                 Employee of the Month
                                       St. John’s Villa announces
On December 9, 2011 the Growing        Employee of the Month—Bert
Tree preschool classes presented       Leasure.
their annual Christmas program to
their family and friends. The chil-    Bert has been a loyal and dedicated
dren sang Christmas songs and re-      employee of St. John’s for 17
cited the Lord’s Prayer.        Ric    years.     She has volunteered her
Brown, President/CEO of St.            time in many areas of need to en-
John’s Villa shared a blessing and     sure all a successful day/and or
invited all to share in refreshments   event.
and the creation of Christmas
crafts. These events are a wonder-     The Employee of the Month will
ful time for fellowship, giving us     enjoy, a $25.00 gas card, a lottery
the opportunity to express our sin-    ticket, a reserved parking space for
cere appreciation for the joy the      the month, and lunch at their favor-
children bring to the mission of St.   ite restaurant with the President/                Bert Leasure
                                                                                       St. John’s Villa
John’s Villa.                          CEO of St. John’s Villa, Ric                  Employee of the Month
  Counting Blessings/Giving Thanks                                                         St. John’s Villa
     By: Gerald F. Doyle, Vice Chair Board of Directors                                          2012
                                                decided that Cathy should become a             Annual
                                                resident of St. John’s Villa.
                                                                                            Fund Raising
                                                 As time has moved forward, it is               Events
                                                obvious to my wife and I that our
                                                choice to have Cathy become a resi-
                                                dent at St. John’s Villa was abso-               End of the
                                                lutely the right choice to make. The             Year Gifts
                                                faith based affiliation has always
                                                been part of the organization’s per-
                                                sonality and culture, and we feel it           15th Annual
                                                always will be. The current leader-           Dinner/Auction
          Mr. Doyle and Cathy love              ship is committed to “doing the right         March 24, 2012
           spending time together.              thing for the residents and staff.”
As the year comes to an end, I find my        Throughout Cathy’s residency at St.           Massillon Dinner
wife and I doing the same thing that we do    John’s Villa, we have seen her grow in         May 5, 2012
every holiday season, count our blessings     knowledge and independence. I can’t
and giving thanks. For the past several       tell you how proud we were to attend
years we have always had St. John’s Villa     Cathy’s school graduation. One of our
                                                                                          Mother’s Day China
at the top of our list. We also revisit how   prize possessions that we have dis-             Drawing
our daughter Cathy became a resident of       played is Cathy’s graduation picture,         May 13, 2012
St. John’s Villa. First there was coming to   taken and given to me by one of her
an understanding with what our family,        caregivers. Cathy is now employed at
spiritual leader and legal advisor was tell-  St. John’s Villa Workshop. When my        19th Annual Golf Outing
ing us. Which simply put was “it was time     wife and I take Cathy shopping down-         September 7, 2012
for Cathy to begin her life in a setting that town Carrollton, we are just amazed at
would help her to mature and be more in-      the people that greet Cathy by name. It
dependent.”                                                                                    Walk-a-thon
                                              is obvious that she continues with our
                                              goal of improving independence, with           To be Determined
After months of deliberation, my wife and the assistance of her caregivers.
I decided that all we were hearing from
trusted family and professionals made a lot I use the term caregivers, however, that
of sense and should, at the least be investi- does not really define those involved
gated. We began by making a list of what whom are providing care at St. John’s
                                                                                                Be Sure to
we felt was the necessary criteria that Villa. They are incredibly gifted indi-              Check us out on:
Cathy’s next provider would need to have. viduals that are “special.” What I see
First on our list was a faith based affilia- are individuals that are patient, under-            Facebook
tion. This was very important to my wife standing, dedicated, and compassion-                     Twitter
and I. Religion has been a large part of our ate. These are personality traits that
life and Cathy has also been part of our any individual would look for in a
spiritual connection. Secondly, we wanted friend as well as a care provider.        
an organization that gave the residents an
opportunity to gain education, both aca- You can see why we feel blessed and
demically and through life experiences. thankful for the environment that our
Thirdly, it had to be set in an environment daughter Cathy is surrounded by at St.        ST. JOHN’S VILLA
that demonstrated caring, understanding, John’s Villa. It is an environment
and compassion.                               where mission and values are sup-
                                           ported and driven by excellent leader-
All of our research supported that St. ship, great people, and it is a place
John’s Villa met our criteria. Well, after “where growth has no boundaries”.
many deep breaths and some sadness, we                                                  ...where growth has no boundaries
Santa and his elf came to St. John’s Villa in the month of December
so that boys and girls could ask Santa to remember
how good they have been from January to November

The boys and girls hoped for toys and other gifts that they wanted
As they looked through the stores for the treasures they hunted
They brought these ideas to Santa as he sat in his chair
Wearing a suit of red, and a beard of white hair

They sat on his lap with laughter and cheer
And their messages and wishes were just for Santa to hear
As they whispered and giggled their hopes in his ear
Moms and dads longed for pictures as they stayed near

St. John’s Villa buildings and grounds were adorned
from ceilings to floors with fresh pines, lights and wreaths
as well as other Christmas décor

Residents and employees teamed up, and they made
A Christmas float which they rode during the Carroll County
Christmas parade

The fun and the joy were merry and pleasin’
Yet we know that Christ is the real reason for the season!

              We hope your Christmas season
                  was as Bright as ours!
                        A Beautiful Way To Remember Loved Ones
                         When someone loses a loved one, it is often impossible to know what to say.

      A gift in memoriam to St. John’s Villa can be a beautiful way to express your condolences. Not only do you
      show that you care, but your donation will have a direct and positive effect on the individuals with disabilities
                                                  served by St. John’s.

                      The Villa has a nice array of lovely memorial, sympathy, and get well cards.
                          Call Susan Williamson at 330-627-9789 for more information.
                                                 October—December 2011
William & Mary Reynolds           Leo & Lucy Huck                      Michael & Margaret Letzelter
  Elizabeth Reynolds Jossey        Regis Huck                            Gretchen Letzelter Corban
Bill & Elsbeth Reynolds           Bill & Eleanor Lang                  Virginia Welch                            BE-
  Elizabeth Reynolds Jossey        Regis Huck                            A.E. Mangino
Robin Reynolds                    Ann & Nick Rich                      Sadie & Lester Caiazza                  QUESTS
  Elizabeth Reynolds Jossey        Eleanor Mangino                       Eleanor Mangino
Constance Bishop                  Helen Mangino                        Robin Reynolds                             Assure the
  Jane & Richard Naser             Eleanor Mangino                       Jennifer Garrett                        continuation
Richard Schulte                   Anna Preberoiusky                    Frederick A. Smith                     and growth of our
  Patricia Schulte                 Rose Lengyl                           Marie C. Smith                        programs for the
Michael Verbies                   Herbert Roof Family                  Cam & Mary Abbott                       developmentally
  James Hinton                     Elizabeth Deluca                      Donna Abbott                           disabled adults
Constance Bishop                  Emedio Deluca Family                 John Betty Noll                            in our care
  John & Margaret Ramig            Elizabeth Deluca                      Julie Wright                             by mention
Constance Bishop                  George Werner                        A.W. Smith                                   in your
  David Kazdan & Laura Gooch       Diana Werner                          Bertha Smith                                Will.
Lee Ann Naples                    Andrew Mangino                       Robin, Elsbeth &
  Mr. & Mrs. Naples                Eleanor Mangino                      Bill Reynolds                           The following
Kathryn Brancato Cushman          Thomas & Connie Mangino                Stacey & Rob Zelina                    general form
  Robert & Ingeborg Orr            Eleanor Mangino                     Don Smith                                is suggested:
Edward Cushman                    Charles Gallagher                      Bertha Smith
  Robert & Ingeborg Orr            Eleanor Mangino                     Dolores M. Bollon                        “I give, devise,
Carl & Mary Branch                Antonio & Maria Micketti               Fred Bollon                             and bequeath
  Marlene Hendershan               Eleanor Mangino                     Iris Catherine Palma                   to St. John’s Villa,
Charles Branch                    Lugi & Rosaria Mancini                 Anne Knipp &                         an Ohio non-profit
  Marlene Hendershan               Eleanor Mangino                        Stephanie Palma                    organization located
William Branch                    Thomas & Peggy Michetti              Trusts                                          at:
  Marlene Hendershan               Eleanor Mangino                     Donald & Rosemary Schott
Robert Branch                     Tomaso Castellucci                   Louis Mattevi                           701 Crest Street
  Marlene Hendershan               Eleanor Mangino                     James Pastore                            P.O. Box 457
James Branch                      Theodore Branch                      Prayer                                  Carrollton, OH
  Marlene Hendershan               Marlene Hendershan                  Anna Preberoiusky                            44615
Richard Branch                    Viola & Wilbur Byers                   Rose Lengyl
  Marlene Hendershan               Marlene Hendershan                  Marie, June, John, Clara,            The sum of $_______
Rosemma Emmerth                   Carol Chastain                       Frank & Emma                            (or specifically
  Gretchen Letzelter Corban        Marlene Hendershan                    Diana Werner                            Described
Hans D. Corban                    William Chastain                     Birthday                                  property.)”
  Gretchen Letzelter Corban        Marlene Hendershan                  Mary V. Smith
Ida & Lester Barber               Rose & Joseph Cosentino                Richard T. Smith                    Inquiries regarding
  Eleanor Mangino                  Marlene Hendershan                  In Honor of                           bequests are always
Michael Karpinski                 Raymond E. Hendershan, Jr.           Mary V. Smith
  Mr. & Mrs. Karpinski             Marlene Hendershan                    Marie C. Smith
                        Massillon Dinner— May 5, 2012
                         Mark your calendar today for this special event.
                                   Influential people including Fr. Theodore     overcame the odds and became a very suc-
                                   Hesburgh, President Emeritus, Notre Dame      cessful and caring individual and business
                                   University, and Lou Holtz to name a few.      man. We feel very honored to have him as
                                   By the way, in 2002 Jim was inducted as a     our speaker, which he is doing gratis. Jim
                                   Distinguished American into the Lou Holtz     and his wife, Kate, and their daughter, Katy
                                   Hall of Fame as a member of the Board of      Clare, reside at the edge of the Notre Dame
                                   Trustees.                                     University.

                                   He is a renowned speaker and author, who      The event will take place at Shady Hollow
                                   has affected many young people's lives and    Country Club in Massillon, OH on May
                                   careers, which is most gratifying to him.     5, 2012. The staff of Shady Hollow will
                                   Jim is known nationally as a motivational     provide the guests with a delightful meal,
                                   speaker. At the request of President,         atmosphere, and desert made by the Villa
                                   Ronald Reagan, he facilitated Leadership      Restaurant to make an evening for all to
                                   Goal Setting for the California Governor's
                                   conference and the President's Committee
   Jim Connelly and Lou Holt       for Employment of People with Disabili-
                                                                                 The St. John’s Villa Sign Singers will also
                                   ties held at Stanford University. He was
Bob David, at a chance meeting     also the keynote speaker for the Volunteers   perform the song “Celebration” by Kool
at Notre Dame University last      of America Midas Touch program for            & The Gang.
May, met Mr. Jim Connelly and      gifted inner-city children.
was most impressed with him and                                                  Our family at St. John’s Villa would love
convinced him to be our speaker    Jim grew up in a western Pennsylvania         to have you join us for a wonderful eve-
at this year's Massillon Dinner.   factory town with an alcoholic abusive        ning. If you have any questions or con-
Bob says he is a most remarkable   father. By the age of seven the young         cerns, please feel free to contact Bobby
individual who has crossed paths   Connelly had developed two things - an        David at 330-806-0146, Susan William-
and been friends with many         entrepreneurial spirit and a fighter. He      son or Kim Bell at 330-627-9789.

                               Mother’s Day China Drawing
                        Enjoy 5 settings of Mikasa
                                                                     St. John’s Villa China Drawing—Coupon
                        “Parchment” China (including — din-
                        ner plate, salad plate, soup bowls, tea-
                                                                       (Donation $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00)
                        cup, and saucer)!
                                                                    Please send __________Tickets.
                        In addition, the gift includes service
                                         for 5 of Oneida
                                                               Amount Enclosed $____________.
    The exquisite                         Stainless Steel Sil-
Mikasa “Parchment”                        verware.
   pattern and the                                                  Name_______________________________________
    International                           What a delightful
     silverware                             setting to gift a Address_____________________________________
    will make an                            family member,
                                            friend, or even City____________________________________
elegant dinner table!

keep to decorate your own home with!

The drawing will again take place on Mother’s Day. Chances
will be sold at $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. If you have any
questions, they can be addressed to Susan Williamson or Telephone: ____________________________
Kim Bell at 330.627.9789.
                                        Christmas Party
                                              lunch consisting of ham,
                                              cheesy potatoes, chips, a
                                              veggie tray with dip and an
                                              array of desserts.

                                              Staff members had a great
                                              time eating, listening to
                                              Christmas music and catch-
                                              ing up with each other.
                                                                                 Above:   Staff members had a great
                                              At noon, the winning ticket time catching up with each other.
On Friday, December 16, 2011, St. John’s      was drawn for the winner of
Villa hosted an All Staff Christmas party.    the Lottery Tree. Congratu-
The party was held in the gathering room at   lations to “Enzo” whose
St. John’s .                                  name was pulled from the
                                              box by Leo, Ruth Web-
The Villa Restaurant provided a wonderful     ster’s grandson.
                                              Thank you to everyone
                                              who helped make the party
                                              such a great success!

                                              Right:    Sharon Wittlinger
                                              (front) and Sandy Kucera
                                              enjoyed a great lunch pro-
                                              vided by the Villa Restaurant.

                           ST. JOHN’S VILLA                                      St. John’s Villa
                             VOLUNTEER                                               701 Crest Street
                               PROGRAM                                                P.O. Box 457
                                                                                  Carrollton, OH 44615
                                 and volunteers are welcomed                      Phone: 330-627-9789
Join a team of people com-       to join us and help in many                       Fax: 330-627-4826
mitted to serving together in    different ways.                                 Website:
the St. John’s Villa Volunteer
Program. At this time we are     This is a great program for                    Published quarterly
seeking caring individuals to    High School students who               President: Richard A. Brown, M.P.A.
work in our Volunteer De-        must fulfill Community Ser-                   Contributing Writers:
partment. Volunteers must        vice hours and a special way                   Ric Brown, Kim Bell,
be at least sixteen (16) years   for families to form a spiri-            Dawn Nichols, Jennifer Rodriques,
of age.                          tual connection with each                Susan Williamson & Gerald Doyle.
Volunteers will assist staff                                                    Photographers & Layout:
members in the Adult Day         Interested individuals should                 Kim Bell & Susan Williamson
Habilitation area and in other   contact Kim Bell or Susan
                                                                         Editor: Richard A. Brown, M.P.A.
program areas as well. There     Williamson at 330.627.9789
                                                                                & Susan Williamson
are numerous areas of need       for more information.

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