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Lithuania Immigration
Why Lithuania Immigration

A multi ethnic well and competent Labor Pool
Lithuania has a multi ethnic comparable well trained expertise and 90% employees are well versed in foreign language with
fair ratio has a good command over English.

Advantageous location
Lithuania is located on multiple corridors serving and connecting 3 gigantic regions and markets
•   European union
•   Scandinavia
•   East Europe

EU advantage
Being a full time member of EU and Schengen treaty, it offers unrestricted broader market access for business

Pro business policies and regulations
A flat tax slab is in place ease up taxation system. Personal income tax, corporate tax, social security taxes etc are
considerably low.
Lithuania Immigration
Why Lithuania Immigration

Policies to provide continuous assistance investors have been enacted with a considerable focus on providing investing
migrants with necessary supportive assistance in form of
•   Incentives
•   Procedural elaborations
•   Project management involving necessary consultancy support from a designated project consultant allocated to assist
    aspiring business owner through various crucial stages in start of investment avenue and
    o    Short listing of sites and investment joint venture stake holder
    o    Assisting in establishing a comprehensive acquaintance with the relevant industry and communicating with various
         government statutory bodies and departments

Excellent infrastructure
This former Warsaw pact country is well connected and is supported with a well established road and rail link and 4
international airports. The highways are 4 lane all weather roads confirming to global standards. ICT is an all out special
feature of this nation with an unprecedented development of infrastructure feeding this sector. There are special free
economic zones, industrial parks, science valley projects to facilitate business. Electricity and other basic services are also at
par with best in world. Power is imported at competitive rates and country is striving for improving and enhancing installed
generation capacity and further establish new projects using diversified using economic and renewable greener technologies
and resources.
 Lithuania Immigration
Advantages of Temporary Resident Permit

There are several advantages in securing temporary resident permit.

Free access to Schengen and EU
Lithuania is a full time member of EU and Schengen treaty giving foreigners with a TRP right of an unrestricted movement and residing
in EU member countries without needing a special visa for a period similar to validity of TRP.

Subsequent renewals of TRP
There are 5 subsequent renewals of the temporary residence visa, each for a year allowing a person to stay in the country for
a period of 5 years

A step to obtain PR of Lithuania
After 5 subsequent renewals one becomes eligible for the permanent residence of the country.

A plus for people establishing a company in Lithuania
People obtaining TRP through investment in establishing a business or investing in an ongoing concern do not need to
obtain work visa to gain employment

Privileges at par with Lithuanian citizens
A migrant in the country on residence permit has access to social security net and grants similar to citizens of the country.
Only right they can avail after attaining citizenship is right to vote.
Lithuania Immigration
Criteria for Issue of Lithuania Temporary Resident Permit

 An outlander can be granted a fresh or a replacement Lithuania temporary resident permit (TRP) in one or more
 of following situations

    Satisfies all parameters prescribed by the Visa regulations of Lithuania for the continuation of grant of visa
    Has parents of Lithuanian origin
    Intends to reunite with family
    Wants to work in Lithuania
    Wants to pursue legal and productive business or work in the country
    Wants to seek education in an educational institution, training and participate in apprenticeship programs
    Is under guardianship or custody or has been designated for guardianship or custody
    Explariation has been shelved as per stipulations under section 132 of statute
    Has been given supplemented protection as per the statutes
    Has been given ad hoc protections as per the statute
    Is not in a state to depart from Lithuania owing to medical condition and is in a state needing immediate medical
     dispension or treatment
    Is an effected party or illegal human trafficking activity and is cooperating with designated investigating authority or in
     fighting such criminal offences (this only holds valid for non minors)
    Is aspiring to work in area of R & D facilitated by a job contract with a recognized research establishment in Lithuania
Lithuania Immigration
Criteria for Grant & Replacement of Lithuania Permanent Residence Permit

    An outlander alien can obtain a Lithuania permanent residence permit under one or more of following
        Fulfills all parameters defined by the Visa regime of Lithuania for grant of visa
        Has parents of Lithuanian origin
        In entering country to unite with family
        Is no more a citizen of Lithuania, but continues to reside in the country
        Is a minor born within the boundaries of the country and one of the parents is either a citizen or a permanent
         resident of Lithuania with an established residence in the country
        Is a minor born not born inside the boundaries of the country and one of the parents is either a citizen or a
         permanent resident of Lithuania with an established residence in the country
        Recognized as refugee in Lithuania
        Has been residing in Lithuania continuously for a period of 5 years preceding application while being in possession
         of temporary residence permit
        Is eligible for grant as referred under Article 3 of relevant immigration Law concerning Legal Status of foreigners
        On the basis of article 43 of immigration statue
           Has successfully cleared examination in basic principles of constitution of Republic if Lithuania that was
              written in national language of Lithuania as per sub-section 1 of section 5
           Was issued Lithuania TRP under section 1 and has satisfied criteria of 5 year uninterrupted residence in the
           Entering the country to unite with family under sections 1 and 2 under section 1 and living in same premises
        Fulfills criteria for being eligible for PR as defined in Subsection 1 to 3 of paragraph 1 of Article 26 of relevant Law.
           The Lithuania permanent resident visa shall be granted to an outlander on basis of criteria mentioned in sub-
              section 8 of section 1 of Article 26
           Validity of Lithuania visa will be ascertained as per the guidelines laid down by the Minister of the Interior.
Lithuania Immigration
Criteria for Grant & Replacement of Lithuania Permanent Residence Permit

   A Lithuania permanent residence permit can be replaced on request of an outlander, under
    following conditions
       Outlander has Changed personal details
       Permanent resident document is not in condition to be used
       Validity period of permission is over
       Erroneous entries in permission document
       Permission document has been lost

   Lithuania PR visa is issued for a period of 5 years and is renewed after validity of old permit is over
 Lithuania Immigration
 Business Establishment in Lithuania

Lithuanian government has elaborated regulations to facilitate establishment of business in the country. One needs approx
2 visits to complete the formalities to leading to formation of a company with a minimum authorized capital of LTL 50000
(EUR 14481). The procedure is quite simple and is executed rapidly

Opening a savings bank accounts sets off the procedure.
The account is to be credited with the minimum stipulated capital of LTL 10000 (EUR 2896) and get a document from bank
substantiating availability of stipulated amount for investment. This procedures takes 1 days and costs LTL 15 (EUR 4.35)

Preparation and getting the agreement authenticated from Notary public
Under the guidelines laid down by company register of Lithuania all relevant documents must be authenticated by a notary
  Company Formation resolution
  Founding individuals signatures
  Articles of association
  Setting up of branch offices
  Office details of authorized agents and consultants representing company
Time taken to complete this formality is 2 days and expense incurred is approx LTL 500 (EUR 145)

Incorporation process at Company Register simultaneously registering with state taxation authority for corporate tax, VAT
and State Social Insurance Fund Board (SODRA) takes 3 days and costs LTL 198 (EUR 57)
This process is initiated with formation of company is completed in 10-15 days. This process is automatically triggered by
registering authority. There is no expense involved in this process

Informing State Labor authority about incorporation of company in writing or by call takes 1 day
Opening a settlement Bank Account to transact commercially takes 1 day and does not involve any expense
Securing Corporate Seal of incorporated establishment takes 2 days and costs between 30 to 90 LTL (EUR 9- 26).
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