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                                 Gadsby’s Tavern Restaurant

                                      138 N. Royal Street

                                    Alexandria, V A 22314


                                   PARKING INFORMATION

Regarding parking, there is metered parking ($1.75 per hour-quarters & dimes) on the street up
until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. After 7:00 p.m. there is no charge and there is no
meter charge on Sundays.

If guests prefer not to park on the street, there are two underground parking garages in close

We are on the corner of N. Royal and Cameron Streets (across from City Hall). On the
Cameron Street side behind the restaurant is an underground parking garage (418 Cameron
Street) Their phone number is 703-836-9122. I believe they charge $6.00 for the first hour,
$8.00 for two hours and $10.00 for the entire day.

The other parking garage is the Market Square Garage (801 N. Fairfax Street) and is less
expensive. They are open 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. Monday-Saturday. Their phone number is
703-549-3237. N. Fairfax runs parallel with N. Royal (one block closer to Potomac River.) If
guests park in this garage, they can walk up (elevator) to the Royal Street side. We are then
just diagonally across the street on the corner.



Gadsby’s Tavern
                     “General Washington’s steward had recommended me

                                 to an inn kept by Mr. Gadsby.”

It is the late 18th century and you are traveling a far distance and reach the bustling port city of
Alexandria. You are in need of good food, good drink and a clean place to sleep. There are
many taverns in the city, but one stands above as the best of the best – Gadsby’s Tavern.

Tavern Significance and History
Gadsby’s Tavern consists of two buildings, the c. 1785 tavern and the 1792 City Tavern and
                  Hotel. The buildings were constructed by John Wise, but made famous by
Englishman John Gadsby, who operated them from 1796 to 1808. Mr. Gadsby’s establishment
was the center of political, business, and social life in Alexandria and in the new federal city of
Washington, D.C.

Both tavern and hotel were known for its fine dining, with many of the dishes created from
fresh seafood from the Potomac River, fresh produce and meats from Market Square, and
imported delicacies sold by local merchants. To complement the food, guests to the
establishments would consume cider, beer, wine, whiskey, and the tavern’s specialty – rum

The tavern was the location for many social events, dancing assemblies, theatrical and musical
performances, and meetings of local organizations. Gadsby’s Tavern is most famous for its
“Birthnight Ball” tradition which continues today, a birthday celebration held in honor of
George Washington. Both George and Martha Washington attended this event at Mr. Gadsby’s
Tavern in 1798 and 1799. Another notable patron included Thomas Jefferson, who celebrated
his inauguration as the third President of the United States with a banquet at Mr. Gadsby’s in

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum
Gadsby’s Tavern Museum is a National Historic Landmark and is proudly owned and operated
by the City of Alexandria. Stop by the museum and take a personalized, guided tour back to
the time of John Gadsby’s famous hostelry. The museum offers a variety of unique educational
programs, ranging from children’s programs to 18th century re-enactments.

For more information about Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, please call 703-838-4242 or visit our
website at:

Thank you for dining
with us today!
Gadsby’s Tavern Restaurant
138 N. Royal Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
703-548-1288         e-mail:

                                Gadsby’s Tavern
                                GROUP LUNCH MENU

                Includes iced tea, soft drinks, coffee, tea and desserts.

                              Group Lunch Menu II
                         Tavern Salad and Sally Lunn Bread

                                     Chicken Fontina
   boneless breast of chicken, pan sautéed, topped with spinach and Fontina cheese and
                                served with creamy risotto

                                 Chesapeake Crab Cake
       with crispy julienne potatoes, warm sweet corn salad and citrus cocktail sauce

                                     Pasta Primavera
seasonal vegetables sautéed in extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs, tossed with angle hair

                                and sprinkled with parmesan

                                 Top Round Roast Beef
0ur tender, slow-roasted top round of beef, sliced with peppercorn gravy, whipped potatoes

                               and sautéed seasonal vegetables

                                       $23.95 Menu
                               (plus 9% tax and 18% gratuity)

                            Rum-Laced Banana Bread Pudding

                                     Tipsy English Trifle

                             Gingerbread with Cinnamon Icing

Parties requesting individual checks, a 20% gratuity will be added.

Lunch at 11:30 am at Gadsby’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria, VA

Marion and I and Marcia had to make a decision between two options for the group lunch (see
attached). If we do separate checks they will add a gratuity of 20% instead of 18%, but I figure that is
what we’d generally do anyway, and it makes it a lot simpler for me. So your cost will be $31 each.

We have a reservation for 25. I need to know soon if I should raise or lower that number or keep it at
25, so please let me know asap if you wish to be included and how many.

Dinner at 6:30 pm at Gazebo #1, Watergate at Landmark, west side Alexandria, VA

Address is 205 Yoakum Parkway, Alexandria, VA 22304. Nearest Metro stop is Van Dorn Station on
the Blue Line, about 1-1/2 miles from Watergate. Taxi stand at station.

It is a gated community and I have to give the security folks a list of names 48 hours in advance, so I
need confirmations from you fairly soon to type up my alphabetical list.

No cost to you. I am hosting this. It will be a cookout, and I’m planning to grill chicken and not sure
what else (maybe hot dogs), with a variety of salads and some kind of dessert. If anyone wants to
contribute wine, beer, soft drinks, or ice that would be great. I need to plan how much food to buy, so
please let me know asap if you are coming to this event.

We have use of the gazebo all day and until 11 pm. So if anyone wants to come and hang out right after
the lunch at Gadsby’s that will be fine.

My cell phone # is (703) 201-9698 if you get lost or have any problems.


Winery Tour/Wine Tasting

11: 30 am Meet at the Vienna Metro Station

Bus will take us on the tour. Cost for bus is approximately $26 each.

4:30 pm Return to Vienna Metro Station and carpool to Marion and Del Spurlock’s home in Reston.

It is imperative to get to Marion right away to let her know if you are interested/definite for this, as
she has put a deposit on the bus and needs to lock in the size of the bus.

Dinner at the Spurlock’s home

11304 Wedge Drive, Reston, VA 20190

Tel: (703) 709-6361

Marion has to plan food, so please let her know asap if you will be coming to this event.

After dinner we will carpool back to the Vienna Metro Station and/or Old Town Alexandria (assuming
most are staying at hotels in the Old Town)


On the website please use for responses.
These are the two lists I created in my Outlook address book, and these are the people I’ve been copying
on stuff. Periodically I’ve added names, so these lists are bigger than the ones I was using in the
beginning. Marcia, do you know if everybody on these lists got the evite? Roy, would you try sending
out a mass email from your end for us? I’ve decided I’m the problem, that it’s because I’m the one
sending that we’re getting such lack of response. (Never knew I was so unpopular until now.) So it would
be good for them to receive something from someone else, and Marion isn’t able to do that.

Marion and I are meeting tomorrow to go over logistics and planning, because I will be out of town all
next week, and it is getting close to Labor Day. If anyone has any suggestions please shoot them to us.
It’s kind of frustrating to try to make commitments for restaurant, bus and wine tour, without having a
better handle on numbers.

There are 6 yes responses on Evite

Marion (2)

Susan (1)

Doug Reynolds (1, possibly 2)

Roy Sewall (Sunday only)
Norman (2)

There are 8 maybes on Evite.

Alan and Christy Kent (2) [Sat. only]

Cindy Shaw (1) [Sat. lunch only]

David Martin (2)

Ronnie Ashford (2)

Susan Compton (1)

I have emails from the following 11 people that say they are coming:

Marcia hasn’t rsvp’d but she set up the Evite for us and says she’s coming (2)

Ralph White and his wife (2)

Sally Thomas Ramirez (1) [she has booked her flight and is staying with friends in Springfield]

Susie Culver Morris (1) [she has booked her flight; I’m picking her up at Reagan National and she is
staying with me]

Stan Smith (2) [he sent in the form to me]

Tory Brainard (2) [lives in Virginia and is driving]

Ed Stone (1) [lives in the area and said early on he would come but has not responded to recent emails]

I have emails of 3 maybes:

Joan Strohmenger (1) [we talked on the phone awhile back, but then I haven’t heard anything from her
in response to recent emails]

Pat Kelly Fritz (1) [she is looking for someone to room with her at her hotel if she comes]

Suzanne Raboy (1) [I suggested she and Pat might room together]

Marion and I are meeting at noon tomorrow. Call me on my cell phone if you have ideas we should add
to the mix. (703) 201-9698.
Marcia—are you available to meet with us? Norman? We have two group menu options at Gadsby’s,
one at $20 and one at $24. What do you think we should go with (we have to choose 1).

Locals (in No. VA)

I’m puzzled there has been no response from locals Bing and Mimi. Susan Compton is a maybe. Cindy
says maybe Sat. lunch but has other commitments the rest of the time. who else?


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