Fitness Expert and Author Craig Pepin-Donat Attacks Childhood Obesity with his Third Music Video Parody, BLOATIS

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Fitness Expert and Author Craig Pepin-Donat
Attacks Childhood Obesity with his Third Music
Video Parody, “BLOATIS.”
    He may not have started out doing his music video parodies as a
professional performer and rapper, but Craig Pepin-Donat is starting to
look and sound the part with each new creation. In this, his third
installment to music video parodies, fitness expert
and author Craig Pepin-Donat delivers his funniest parody yet, laced with a powerful message addressing childhood
obesity. The parody is based on the original soundtrack and video; Otis, which is an award winning, yet controversial
track by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Once again, Pepin-Donat wrote the lyrics, produced and performed in the video, but this
time with his Co-Star, Brian E. Kiley who is a professional touring comedian.

     “These were the hardest lyrics I have written because Otis is a hard core rap piece with no hook (chorus), but in the
end what made the video so incredibly funny is comedian extraordinaire, Brian E. Kiley and the kids. For my co-star, I
needed a heavy weight in both stature and comedic ability and Brian brought the funny big time. As for the kids, two of
the girls Siena and Capri are my daughters and Siena has been working me to be in one of my videos for a year, so this
was for her. Two of my close friends let their daughters participate so instead of the 4 hot models in the back seat of a
Maybach in the original video, we had 4 cute little girls in a suped up, pimped out pink monster golf cart. Much cooler!”
says Pepin-Donat.
     Brian E. Kiley was happy to participate when he read the posting for a heavy set comedian who wasn’t afraid to rap.
“Once I saw Craig’s previous videos and talked with him about Bloatis, I was sold. He didn’t ask me to do any crazy
eating scenes or anything that made me look stupid. He just said “Let’s go out like Jay-Z and Kanye and have some fun.”
That was awesome. Craig couldn’t have been happier with Brian’s performance. “When I spoke to Brian, I knew he was
right for the part because he told me about how he starting a new fitness program and was cutting out unhealthy foods to
try to improve his health. He flew into Jacksonville and spent two days in the recording studio and on location shooting
for 16 hours just because he thought it would be funny. Brian is a class act and a very funny man. Bravo!” says Craig

    For the third time, Pepin-Donat partnered with Casey and Ryan LaMarca of LaMarcable Productions along with Stu
McLaughlin who together filmed, directed and edited the video. Pepin-Donat says; “I figure, why change a winning
formula. These guys understand my strategy of trying to change lives through humor and they know exactly how to bring
my lyrics and storyboard to life. These are talented young guys who deliver. Period.” Bloatis was the first parody shot in
a different location than the original. Craig wanted to shoot a video locally in Jacksonville, Florida so his family could
participate. “Craig shared his lyrics and story board for his new parody with us, and as usual we knew it was a hit. No
one out there is producing anything like Craig because he’s an awesome lyricist and his parodies have a message that
actually mean something.” says Casey LaMarca.
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                    Craig Pepin-Donat, International Fitness Expert and Author

                          Craig Pepin-Donat is a fitness expert, entrepreneur and author whose experience has spanned over
                          three decades. During his career, Craig has operated over 500 fitness clubs around the world and
                          helped develop some of the top fitness brands in the industry including the New York Health and
                          Racquet Clubs, 24 Hour Fitness, dotFIT, Hard Candy Fitness and Crunch Franchise. A dynamic
                          public speaker, motivator and educator, Craig has dedicated his life to helping people change their
                          lives through fitness and proper nutrition. Craig has trained thousands of people within the fitness
industry and has developed numerous training programs, seminars and workshops, based on his simple formula for
success that have helped millions of people get on the path to living a healthier and more active lifestyle. Alarmed by the
health care crisis in the United States, Pepin-Donat authored; The Big Fat Health and Fitness Lie and The People’s Guide
to Health, Happiness and Longevity.

Craig is an established authority in the fitness industry and has been featured on the cover of Club Business International
in November of 1992 and again in November of 1997, where he was described as the “Grand Master of multi-club
management theory.” He was featured on the cover of Club Success Magazine in December, 2003 and Club Insider
Magazine in May of 2007. Pepin-Donat has been interviewed for numerous feature stories and articles for print, radio and
television, including Time Magazine, the New York Times, New York Magazine, Crain’s New York Business, and
Entertainment News.

A lyricist, producer and performer, Craig has pushed the envelope of creative thinking to deliver his message of healthy
living with funny fitness video parodies to address the very serious issues of obesity and the lack of physical activity in
our society. He founded to help raise the level of awareness of the benefits of fitness and nutrition
and to provide tools and resources for anyone interested in improving their health. Craig
wrote, produced and performed in several parodies, including Eating Chocolate Bars and
Train this Clown where he was described as “Weird Al Yankovic meets Joseph Pilates.”
Craig launched his third music video parody, Bloatis to address the issues related to
childhood obesity.

Besides being one of the top fitness executives and creative minds within the fitness
industry, Craig is also a certified Pilates instructor with over 350 certification and teaching
hours and has held multiple national fitness certifications. He trains daily in his own
private Pilates studio and at the age of 52, he has the body of a fit man in his 30’s.


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