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									         LESSON: Thoughts become things

Aight now… are you ready?
              LESSON: Thoughts become things
Finding The Purpose of Your Life in Six Lessons
               LESSON: Thoughts become things
I have a big hairy audacious goal
My BHAG is:
This speech will create over 100 millionaires
By November 3, 2012
              LESSON: Thoughts become things
So raise your hand if you are a millionaire today
Raise your hand if you want to become a millionaire within 5 years
                    LESSON: Thoughts become things
Now, raise your hand if you think you’ll become a millionaire within 5 years
           LESSON: Thoughts become things
There is a problem here
            LESSON: Thoughts become things
If you don’t think you’ll become a millionaire
            LESSON: Thoughts become things
There is almost no chance you actually will
LESSON ONE: Thoughts Become Things
What you think about, turns into what you do
And over time becomes tangible and real
So throw away all the negative thoughts, energies, and influences
And create an ambitious and measurable goal
For example, to become a billionaire by age 40
Or a millionaire by November 3, 2012!
Let your mind focus on how to achieve that goal
You don’t need to know how you’ll reach your goal
To set your goal
So start now, set your goals, and aim high
And never ever let your mind, or others
Tell you what you cannot accomplish
Once you determine what specifically it is you want to achieve
The universe will connect you
With the people and knowledge that you need
So put your Big Hairy Audacious Goal out into the universe
But what does ‘put it out into the universe’ mean?
Write down your goals, frame them
And hang them in your room!
Harvard Business School conducted a study in 2003…
So write down your goals!
And frame them!
As soon as you get home!
Do you promise me that
You will write down your goals in the next 7 days?
And Frame Them?
And hang them in your room?
As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say, I just watch what they do.

                              - Andrew Carnegie
LESSON TWO: There is Purpose to Life
Why we are here is really confusing
It makes no sense at all why we’re alive
We’re really just a spec of dust
On a pale blue dot in the vastness of space
We’re right here
Here we are!
It’s hard to keep things in perspective sometimes
We have these strange instincts
And we all have secrets
And tragedy
Yet there is meaning
And while life is short in the Grand Scheme of Things
We do have time to make an impact, to create change
The purpose of life in my opinion is to be happy
And help others
But note that happiness is first
You cannot help others if you are not happy
So only associate with constructive vibrations
Only associate with positive people, and thoughts
And have a positive mental attitude
As you decide how to interpret events
You are the only one who can create your story
LESSON THREE: It takes 5 Years From When You Start
It takes 5 years to break through
Once you are in the game
So get in the game today
Are you in the game?
If not, do you want to get in the game?
I said, do you want to get in the game!?
So start your five years of paying your dues now
There is no better time in human history to start a company
There is no better time in your life to start a company
Get out of your comfort zone a little and take action
Five years ago on November 3, 2002
I was sitting in those very seats
I was 18 years old
I decided then to get in the Game
After hearing an inspiring speech
Two days ago, November 1
We hit $10 million in all time sales
And we’ll do $10 million more in the next 10 months
Build up, to break through indeed
It takes five years, so start now
And surround yourself with great mentors along the way
LESSON FOUR: Whatever You Believe, You Will Achieve
I know what you are going through
I know what it’s like
I’ve been there
It’s hard
It’s lonely
Few people believe in you
Your parents might doubt you
Your friends might doubt you
But you must focus
And persevere
End any negative associations
Focus on the positive
And visualize
So take a moment
Close your eyes
Take a big deep breath
And slowly let it out
Keep your eyes closed
Now envision
What you want to accomplish in your life
What do you see?
One day you will no longer be on this earth
And in your place you will have left something
What will that something be?
How will you be remembered?
What will you create?
That continues on after you are gone?
What will be your legacy?
Think about it
Okay you can open your eyes
You know, the people in this room believe in you
And if you believe in you, you will figure out a way
To reach places you cannot yet fathom
If you believe, you can in fact achieve
But first, you have to get out of your comfort zone
Hold up, do I hear Soulja Boy?
Give the person next to you a strong high-five!
And always remember
Whatever you believe, you will achieve
LESSON FIVE: There Exists a World of Unlimited Wealth
To take a company public on NASDAQ or NYSE
You need about $40 million in annual sales
High-growth companies are valued at a multiple of annual revenues
Public companies in the space I’m in
The Software as a Service Space
Are valued at an average of 7.5x annual revenue
So a company in our space
Can get to $40 million in annual revenue
And go public
It might be valued at around $300 million
That’s a lot of money
A lot more than I ever thought was even possible
When we began five years ago
More is possible than you think
I did not realize
That there was an entirely different universe out there
I am the son of an Episcopalian Priest and a Social Worker
I never knew a world existed in which
Someone who worked intelligently for seven years
Could earn $70 million
And yet people do it all the time
Once you’ve been in the game for a few years
Learned some key lessons
And have built a team of A player superstars around you
It’s absolutely achievable
It just takes time
And a willingness to sacrifice short-term money
And comfort for long-term gain
I never knew a world existed
In which there were hundreds of firms
That will beg you to give you tens of millions of dollars
To grow your company
But now I get five calls per week from those very firms
Institutional capital they call it
The world of private equity, venture capital
Leveraged buyouts, and strategic acquisitions
Was foreign to me
But it exists
And if you get in the game today
And get started
And figure out how to build initial revenue
And get over the biggest hurdle there is in business
Making your very first $100,000 in sales
You will begin to meet the people
And gain the knowledge to get access
To this universe of unlimited wealth
And begin to scale the great skyscraper of business
I’ve seen the view from the fiftieth floor
And I want you to see what I can see
And although you may not see it yet
Don’t limit your ambition
It will take at least five years
And the first three will be the biggest challenge of your life
But it will be worth it
So get in the game now
There’s no better time
Will you get in the Game now?
Look. If you had one shot. One moment. To seize everything you ever wanted.

                    Would you capture it? Or let it slip?

                          - Eminem
LESSON SIX: Our Generation Can Change the World
When I was 15
I had red hair, listened to punk rock music, and was disillusioned
I didn’t realize there was a purpose to life
I didn’t think an individual could make a difference
Today, I know that one young person can make a huge difference
I realized at 17, two facts that changed my life
49,000 humans die every day
From preventable disease and starvation
It’s the tragedy of our generation
And 2.7 billion people live on under $2 per day
I couldn’t ignore those facts
I couldn’t pretend I didn’t know them
So I joined the ONE Campaign
I got involved with social entrepreneurial ventures
And I decided to do what I knew how to do best
Be an entrepreneur
What really drives me
What gets me up every day
Ready to take on the world
Is a desire
A desire to see a world created in which
There is equality of opportunity
A world in which there is no more extreme poverty
A world in which humans don’t kill humans
Through war and genocide every day
I have a dream
That someday, every child in every country in this world
Regardless of nationality, race, gender, or geography
Will have access to education, food, healthcare, and technology
And that together we can create a world
In which world leaders realize, that which separates us
Is much less important than what binds us together
A world in which we can end the ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality
A world that is environmentally sustainable
These are the challenges of the entrepreneurs of our Generation
I hope to spend the rest of my life
Working through entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship
Investing, philanthropy, and public service
To hopefully lead a generation that creates this change
And I hope you will join me as entrepreneurs
We can make a difference
Will you promise me right now
That you will give back in your life
Toward making the world better?
Whether you believe you can, or cannot, you are right.

                   - Henry Ford
In Conclusion…
1) Thoughts become things
2) There is a purpose to life
3) It takes 5 years from when you start
4) Whatever you believe, you will achieve
5) There exists a world of unlimited wealth
And 6) Our generation can change the world
So who here wants to become a millionaire within 5 years?
And now for the key question
Who here thinks they will actually become a millionaire within 5 years?
Stand up if you think you will become a millionaire within 5 years?
Remember, the first step to becoming a millionaire
Is to set your goals in writing
Believe you will reach them
Make a definite plan to achieve them
And then take action
Remember what you have promised me and yourself
Write down your goals, frame them, and hang them up
And remember that your life is your message
So let’s work together entrepreneurially
To solve the world’s biggest problems
I am happy to help you as I can along the way
Let’s stay in touch, here’s how:
You can friend me on Facebook
I’m the Ryan Allis at UNC Chapel Hill
Or email me at
We have a entrepreneurial summer internships
So email me if you are interested
And if you’re ever in North Carolina, look me up
Here at the conference
I’m giving away 1000 copies of my book
Together, let’s make a statement
That the entrepreneurs in this room
In the next six decades
We will change the world, together
So say it with me now
I will change the world
I will change the world!
Thank you!

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