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									       Be Ready For Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills
        If you have been self conscious about the shape or size of your breasts, then why don’t
you do something about it? As medical technology advances, breast surgery has become much
safer. Also, with an expert plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills performing your procedure, you will
get great results that boost your confidence and every day quality of life. After you have decided
that breast augmentation is for you, and have found an artful plastic surgeon to do the job, then
you should research and become prepared for what the process and recovery will be like.

                                                                                    Starting your
                                                                            recovery off right will
                                                                            mean understanding
                                                                            how to care for your
                                                                            surgical      incisions
                                                                            after the procedure.
                                                                            Your surgeon will
                                                                            prescribe           you
                                                                            antibiotics to ward off
any potential infections, but it is up to you to make sure that the wound is treated with topical
ointment. You need to be careful however to ensure that the ointment does not get directly into
the incision as it needs to remain dry for proper healing. Getting ointment in the wound can lead
to unwanted and irritating inflammation. . After having breast augmentation in Beverly Hills,
your surgeon may place drainage tubes to help any excess fluids properly drain. After a few days
to a week, the tubes will be removed by the surgeon.

       When patients have breast augmentation, there are different methods that can be used
depending on the patient. Breast implants can either be placed under the chest muscle or on top
of the chest muscle. For patients that have the procedure performed where the implants are
placed on the top of the muscle, their recovery time is faster and less painful then patients having
the implants placed under the muscle. Your surgeon will prescribe you pain medications to help
you get through the recovery in comfort. Make sure that you continue to take the antibiotics in
addition until your doctor says to stop.

        Make sure to also keep track of your temperature. Temperature can alert you if you may
be starting to get an infection. Temperatures that are unusually high can trigger you to know that
there is a possible infection starting to set in. If you make sure that you follow all of your
doctor’s instructions from caring for your incisions to taking the proper medications, then you
will be able to slide through breast augmentation recovery with ease.
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