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Gamers wanting to partner YouTube by cheezyzap


Attention ! Anyone wanting to partner YouTube as a gamer , read this .

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									Gamers wanting to partner on YouTube read this!

I am going to create a youtube channel dedicated to gaming . And I just wanted to tell anyone on
planning to partner with youtube as a gamer should not directly register through
. You should either partner youtube through tgn tv or machinima . Caution , if you partner your channel
through then youtube is gonna strike you off and remove your video and of
course unregister your channel for youtube partners saying that you violated their partners terms of
service , as you did not have the copyright of the content in your video . In fact , the content in your
gameplay footage belongs to the company , the people who make them . But these channels like tgn tv
and machinima have a special kind of agreement signed and have partnered youtube . Personally I
recommend these channels to partner through . I am going to partner through tgn tv though . Here are
the links :-

As for for machinima , here is a useful article

So all the best in becoming a youtube partner as a gamer .

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