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									                                              Nazi Persecution of the Jews during
                                                    the Second World War

                                                  The activities in this lesson
      Holocaust: Things to                       develop your use of your own
           remember                               knowledge when answering
                                                  questions based on sources.
   Nuremberg Laws:
   limited the civil rights of
   the Jews.                                 ASSESSMENT                No textbooks or
                                          Use the prompts and         exercise books to
                                         time guide to help you         be used whilst
   Invasion of Poland:
                                             answer these
   large number of Polish                      questions
                                                                      doing this activity
   Jews meant radical
   methods of restricting
   their influence were                         Source A
                                                This is a page of glory in our history which
                                                has never been written and is never to be
   Einsatzgruppen: Mobile
                                                written, for we know how difficult we
   death squads                                 should have made it for ourselves, if with
                                                the bombing raids, the burdens and the
   Warsaw Ghetto: Jews                          deprivations of war we still had Jews today
   forced to move to Ghetto’s                   in every town as secret saboteurs,
                                                agitators, and troublemakers. We would
   such as the one in
                                                now probably have reached the 1916-1917
   Warsaw.                                      stage when the Jews were still in the
                                                German national body. Heinrich
   Wannsee Conference:                          Himmler, speech to Schutzstaffel
   looked at ways of solving                    officers at Poznan (4th October, 1943)
   the ‘Jewish Problem’.

Source B
                                                     Source C
Adolf Eichmann, head of the Gestapo's
Department of Jewish Affairs,
                                                     One prevailing basic rule will
speaking to gathered Jews. October
                                                     be that Jewish congregations
                                                     of less than 500 members
                                                     will be dissolved and moved
There are no apartments and no houses -
                                                     to the nearest city of
if you build your homes you will have a
                                                     concentration. Richard
roof over your head. There is no water.
                                                     Heydrich. 21st September
The wells are full of epidemics. There's
cholera, dysentery, typhus. If you dig for
water, you'll have water.
 Source D

 "There were so many children, did they ever make you think of your
 children, of how you would feel in the position of those parents?"

 "No," he said slowly, "I can't say I ever thought that way." He paused.
 "You see," he then continued, still speaking with this extreme
 seriousness and obviously intent on finding a new truth within himself, "I
 rarely saw them as individuals. It was always a huge mass. I sometimes
 stood on the wall and saw them in the tube. But how can I explain it -
 they were naked, packed together, running, being driven with whips

 Franz Stangl (SS guard) was interviewed by Gitta Sereny in 1970.


   1) What justification does Heinrich Himmler offer in Source A for the
       extermination of the Jewish race? (3 marks)
A Simple comprehension task. A relevant quote with a succinct explanation of
Himmler’s justification is needed in this answer. There is no need to use
additional knowledge in this answer. (One paragraph long, 5 minutes to

   2) Using Source A and your own knowledge. Why were the death
        camps built outside of Germany? (8 marks)
Answers ought to include a number of different interpretations, should make
explicit use of the source material and refer directly to statistical data that you
have previously had access to. Examples of death camps and their locations are
an absolute necessity in this answer: good answers would highlight any death
camps built on German soil. (Extended answer, 25 minutes)

    3) Read Source B. Briefly describe the Nazi attitude to the Jews in the
       period 1933-1939. (6 marks)
Use the source material as a prompt to outline the anti-Semitic policy of the nazi
regime. Refer to events and legislation of the period. Ensure that you have noted
the dates in the question and do not cover anything from outside this period. (15
minutes, 2-3 paragraphs).

   4) Using Source A, C and your own knowledge. Explain what the
       functions of the Ghetto’s were. (12 marks)
Summarise the intentions of the Nazi’s as outlined in the two sources. Explain the
perceived threat that the Jews posed, making use of one of the sources to
substantiate this. Then place this in the wider context of the Final Solution and
make the role of the ghetto in this context clear. (30 minutes, extended and very
detailed answer required)

   5) Read Source D. What methods did the Nazi’s use to prevent SS
       Guards from having feelings of sympathy towards their Jewish
       victims? (8 marks)
Explain the different methods used to dehumanise the Jews who were in the
camps. Use the source and other examples to substantiate your response. Ensure
that you include at least 4 of the different methods. Good answers will be highly
analytical. (20 minutes, extended answer)

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