Adjustment in delivery momentum i.e. weight control

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					You mention a combination of gravitational force and muscular force. The
section goes on to explain gravitational force but no mention of muscular
force. We are talking about muscle memory here are we?
Answer – part of the arm swing forward would be generated by the shoulder and chest
muscles. You can feel them working if you try it. The force is minimal unless driving! Gravity
alone would not be enough to give the bowl sufficient forward velocity. The players who use
muscle force from their upper arm, bicep, or lower arm usually have problems with weight
control and are pushers or flickers.

In the “Application:” section you mention “finger tip spin”. I have never
heard of this could you explain in more detail please.

Finger tip spin I believe is the secret to fine weight control. This occurs a the end of the swing
and last point of contact with the bowl. The fingers are very sensitive and you can adjust the
force into the bowl and there fore increase or decrease the rotations as required. The action is
a gentle flexion at the wrist and this gives the ability to add small amounts off extra weight to
go one or two foot further. Only works on quicker greens but very important still on slow
greens to give the bowl plenty of revolutions to get the distance. Some players just “chuck”
the bowl as hard as they can on 11 sec greens and are still short as the bowl is “dead”.
Try spins the bowl off the fingers as you stand. Flip the bowl upwards spinning it off the
fingers and the catch it. This can check the balance (so no wobble) and add to train finger tip
control i.e. try to spin exactly one revolution.

Hope this helps and I would be interested in any comments.

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