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Exploring The Main Causes of Urticaria That Have Been Documented In Medical Literature


									                       The Major Causes Of Urticaria, As Documented

                                       If you try looking through medical literature, you are bound to
                                      come across many items devoted to the causes of urticaria.
                                      We'll try to discuss these causes further. This is our
                                      opportunity to look further into what really brings about this
                                      condition. Urticaria itself is a condition that goes by the
                                      common name of 'hives.' It is basically a skin rash, but what is
                                      unique about it is the fact that it presents with (skin) bumps
                                      that tend to itch. Red in color, these rashes are raised from the
                                      skin, making them easily noticeable as skin bumps.

                                     To make things easier for us, there are two major
                                     classifications of the major cause of urticaria. The first
                                     category is composed of those causes that are of an allergic
                                     nature. Meanwhile, the second classification is where the
causes that are other than allergic reactions fall under.

For some people, contracting urticaria is as easy as simply being in one place where exposure to
certain substances is high. Those are the cases where urticaria is said to be presenting due to
allergic causes. There are also medications that cause urticaria in the person who takes them.
Drug-induced urticaria is not unheard of; in fact, they are quite common. Some of the drugs used
to control day to day pains, as well as some of the more potent medications used in the
management of diabetes and convulsions have been known to induce urticaria in some people.
Urticaria is actually a common side effect among a number of medications now available in the
market. But you will notice that these medications are specifically for the treatment of severe and
life-threatening conditions. But side effects are often ignored in favor of the fact that these
medications are used to cure a greater ill or sickness. That's why they are willing to live with

Now let us take a look at the non-allergic causes of urticaria. We all know that allergic reactions
and allergies are not the only reason why urticaria develops. When people scratch their skin, it is
possible that they can immediately develop urticaria. Other people are actually very sensitive that
firm stroking could actually give rise to urticaria. In fact, it is now established that there are certain
people who can have urticaria simply from rubbing their skin.

As far as non-allergic causes go, rough pressure or firm stroking of the skin is not the only cause
of urticaria appearing in some people. Drastic and extreme changes in temperature actually
causes urticaria in some people. We can classify them as either cold-induced urticaria and heat-
induced urticaria. Aside from temperatures, urticaria can also be caused by exposure to water. For
this problem, they can simply buy many of the available creams in the market that are specifically
developed for just that purpose. Finally, we have people who are known to exhibit signs of urticaria
upon being exposed to the sun. This condition is called solar urticaria.

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