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PR Log - Work at Home Jobs - Sick of Make Money Online Lies


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									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

                             Work at Home Jobs - Sick of Make Money Online Lies?

       Source: Bernard Okoth
       Dated: Jul 14, 2010

       How can you tell if an online work at home job posting is a scam or legitimate way to make money from the
       comfort of your own home?

       Apart from obvious suspicions, there are some websites that can help you differentiate a real work at home
       opportunity from a scam.

        Scams are often a bigger issue when it comes to searching online for home based business opportunities.

        Though a majority of job listing sites try to monitor and evaluate their online listings, a number of
       loopholes still do exist making it quite hard to remove all bad listings in a timely manner.

        Always take care when reviewing work at home postings to ensure that you don't fall into the traps of
       unscrupulous make money online posters.

        How to Evaluating Home Based Business Opportunity Listings;

        1) Check Out the Job Listings:
        If the job is not listed in the correct category, try and find out if you will be paid a wage or on commission.

        For work at home jobs, enquire how often you will be paid and by what method whether by check, wire
       transfer or paypal. Also make sure to ask what equipment you will need to provide or have in order to
       qualify for the job.

        2) Make sure to avoid job listings that seem to guarantee you wealth, financial success, or help you get rich

        Also ensure not to sign-up for work at home listings that offer you a higher income for part-time work
       hours. Such are just claims made to lure you into the program that will always go unfulfilled.

        3) Do not purchase any start-up kits or send money to anyone promising to hire you or give you access
       upon payment of a fee to a work at home business directory, and get you started on a job.

        4) Make sure to always check or ask for references if you are having doubts about the company's

        Request to see a detailed list of other employees or contractors to find out if and how the job has worked
       for them by personally contacting some of the references.

        If a company fails to provide you with required references such as the names, email addresses and phone
       numbers of some of their employees and or contractors, stay clear of their alluring work at home

        5) Think twice
         before you take any drastic step. Always remember the old adage 'if it sounds too good to be true, you can

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

bet it is!'

 Make sure to read any "job offers" you get very carefully. Some may offer you employment that you never
applied for and even go to an extend of asking you to provide certain sensitive information such as your
bank account details so they can pay you.

 Always be very wary of such exaggerated claims, though some may be so well-written making it hard to
tell a real job offer from a potential scam.

Work at Home Jobs To Avoid
at all Costs:

 a) Assembly Jobs - Such jobs will just be a complete waste of your time and money. You will not make
your desired income assembling craft kits or any other type of kits.

 b) Data Entry Jobs - There are usually many listings for data entry jobs both in online and offline print
media. Such jobs usually either involve positions like ads posting or a sales pitch to have you purchase a
'miracle' kit to get you started.

 c) Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) - These jobs often involve recruiting new people to your 'downline', to
sell a product. If all you are doing is trying to find more people to join you and do what you're doing, know
that there are probably thousands of other people like you attempting to do the same thing.

 Most people in MLM programs rarely make any money and note that an MLM is not a job with a paycheck
- it's like starting a business that has no guarantees whatsoever.

 d) Online Businesses - Do you want to start an online business and get rich quick? Be extremely cautious
on such tempting ads too. Most such ads will have you paying for some 'guide to working at home business'
which is often just a copy of information you can easily find online for free.

 e) Posting Ads - There are many ads looking for workers to post ads on online bulletin boards and forums.
Such ad posting jobs will not pay you for posting their ads, rather you may get paid only if other people
sign-up through your posted links.

 f) Processing Claims - Such will often require that you buy certain recommended equipment or software
before you get "hired" and also pay for your training.

 g) Stuffing Envelopes - Believe it, or not, there are still ads claiming you can earn $3 or $4 per stuffed
envelope. YOU WILL NOT EARN A SINGLE DIME. All major companies have machines which stuff,
sort and meter their postal mails.

 The winner in the scam contest are often sites that offer to sell or provide you with information on only
legitimate work at home jobs - but for a nominal fee, of course. Don't pay a dime!

How do you find out if a posting you are responding to is a legitimate work at home job or a fake?

 Well, if you are sick and tired of all the make money online scams, work at home biz frauds or any such
scams often with fake screenshots, bogus testimonials, and exaggerated claims, I recommend you check
out: http://owingdebt.com/money.html

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution


About http://owingdebt.com/money.html offering help for persons sick and tired of all the make money
online scams, work at home biz frauds or any such scams often with fake screenshots, bogus testimonials,
and exaggerated claims.

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