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									  Real Time Flood Alert
    System (RTFAS)

       Néstor J. Rodríguez

           SoReL Lab.
Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez
     Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
Existing Flood Alert System

                      USGS Gaging Stations    CD Gaging Stations

  NWS Doppler Radar

  NWS                 ASA                CD          PREPA
Real Time Flood Alert System

                          USGS Gaging Stations   CD Gaging Stations

     NWS Doppler Radar


     NWS                 ASA               CD          PREPA
USGS & Civil Defense Rainfall
Data Collection Network
 17 Basins

 Over 120 data collection stations from USGS

 34 data collection stations from CD

 Five types of measurements
   •   Rainfall
   •   River discharge
   •   River level
   •   Lake level
   •   Lake discharge
La Plata Basin Stations Sensors
14 Rainfall sensors (RF1-RF14)

4 River level sensors (RL1-RL4

4 River discharge sensors (RD1-RD4)

2 Lake level sensors (LL1-LL2)

2 Lake discharge sensors (LD1-LD2)
Types of Independent Events
RF- Rainfall Report

RD- River Discharge Report

RL- River Level Report

LL- Lake Level Report

LD- Lake Discharge Report

RAD- Radar Detection

NWS- National Weather Service Bulletin

EIC- Emergency Information Center Report

IR- Information Requests

OE- Other Events
Types of Dependent Events for Water
Company Procedures on La Plata Basin
RFA- Rainfall Accumulation on a station
MAJ- Majority of Stations within a range of rainfall
HRD- High River Discharge
HRL- High River Level
HLL- High Lake Level
RW- Risk Watch
MR- Moderate Risk
HR- High Risk
EP- Event in Progress
List of Independent Events
RF1-RF14 (rainfall sensors report)
RL1-RL4 (river level sensors reports)
RD1-RD4 (river discharge sensors reports)
LL1-LL2 (lake level sensors reports)
LD1-LD2 (lake discharge sensors reports)
RAD1 (atmospheric system with potential intense, expanded
  or extended rainfall)
RAD2 (atmospheric system with potential intense, expanded
  or extended rainfall has started)
RAD3 (atmospheric system with intense, expanded or
  extended rainfall is in progress)
List of Independent Events (Cont.)
NWS1 (rainfall watch)
NWS2 (flash flood watch)
NWS3 (rainfall warning)
NWS4 (flash flood warning)
NWS5 (rainfall in progress)
EIC1 (atmospheric system with significant rainfall has been visually
EIC2 (start of significant rainfall has been confirmed)
EIC3 (significant rainfall in progress has been confirmed)
IR1 (information request)
OE1(saturated soil)
List of Dependent Events
RFA1- RFA14 (accumulation between .25 to .5 inches)
RFA15-RF28 (accumulation of more than .5 inches)
RFA29-RFA42 (accumulation between .5 to .75 inches)
RFA43-RFA56 (accumulation of more than .75 inches)
RFA57-RFA70 (accumulation between 2 to 3 inches)
RFA71-RFA84 (accumulation of more than 3 inches)
RFA85-RFA98 (accumulation between 3 to 4 inches)
RFA99-RFA112 (accumulation of more than 4 inches)
MAJ1 (majority of RFA1 through RFA14 take place)
MAJ2 (majority of RFA29 through RFA42 take place)
MAJ3 (majority of RF57 through RFA70 take place)
MAJ4 (majority of RFA85 through RFA98 take place)
List of Dependent Events (Cont.)
HRD1-HRD4 (RD > critical value)
HRL1-HRL4 (RL > critical value)
HLL1-HLL2 (LL > critical value)
RW (Risk Watch)
MR- (Moderate Risk)
HR- (High Risk)
EP- (Event in Progress)
RW Event
           NWS1        NWS2
    RAD1                      EIC2

MR Event
                     HLL2   OE1   RAD2
              HLL1                       NWS3
       HRL1                                     NWS4

   HRL4                                            EIC2



HR Event
                       HLL2      OE1          MAJ1
              HLL1                                   MAJ3
       HRL1                                                 RFA15
                              NWS5     EIC3

   HRL4                                                     RFA28

HRD1                                                            RFA71

HRD4                                                            RFA84

EP Event
                     HLL2   OE1   MAJ2
              HLL1                       MAJ4
       HRL1                                     RFA99

   HRL4                                         RFA112

HRD1                                                RFA43

HRD4                                                 RFA56

MAJ2 Event

      RF1    RFA29

      RF2    RFA30

      RF14   RFA42
HRD, HRL & HLL Events

RD1   HRD1   RL1   HRL1   LL1   HLL1

RD2   HRD2   RL2   HRL2   LL2   HLL2

RD4   HRD4   RL4   HRL4

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