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Leaders Buzz on Social Media


									Leader’s buzz on social media.

The time of news paper, once a medium of revolution during the freedom struggle is ended. Media (TV)
was successful in influencing several minds with its visuals pointing the cause! So was the reason why
many have their own channels. Ages passed by, simple navigation and interesting applications lead the
beginning of social media.

 Billions of people around the world having 50% of their time on social media, A post will never go
unnoticed! A late night comic share on Facebook in west Bengal had officials on its toes to make sure
the demise of it.


Anna hazare, leader of youth now a days in India who raised his voice for a corrupt free India , achieved
masses with thoughts expressed on social media, shares and posts went on, of course we know the rest
of the story. Amitab bachan a well known actor had thousands of followers on his first day on
facebook. Appeal to kill kasab who played prominent roll in 26/11attack, protest on who tries to
restrict social media in India, posts revealing Iipl4 is fake, inside new about our politicians, disgraceful
act in rajya sabha, had set some examples about the real world in the hearts of plenty. Many unknown
and rightful names are recognized through social media. Corruption and misdeeds of officials buzzed
the social media for a significant period.

 With that being said, social media is an opportunity to directly connect the breath of country, the youth
indeed. Political parties are uninterested in it so far, though they make their presence felt, the fact is
unknown and the cause is diluted.


Appealing, apologizing, provoking and revolting, always is a routine on facebook. Pictures, pages, videos,
which portray the bitter truth, are touching the hearts of millions. Result, Law’s and agendas were
made to suppress it, a herculean task for government indeed, though many countries are successful in
abolishing the social media, it still is popular in reaching the public and is successful in transforming the
life’s of ordinary.


A fear in the dear one’s of wrong dwelt had begun, a fear of ignominy in the hearts of well lived. At last
truth has found its space, though its virtual, it is effective and aggressive indeed. People judge on basis
of social media right now, emotional responses, realization of social political and economical
responsibilities are its affidavits. A day when elections are polled on facebook will surely be seen in the
near future.

Having noticed the publicity power of renowned social media channels, Industries, celebrities, take
their presence on these channels seriously and demanding, one single tweet or share could make or
break their reputation, after all it’s the most simplest yet the toughest job to do.


Social media is boon for those who know how to use it, for awaited voices to be heard, for a leader who
we all want to see. It is in conception at which we look at it.

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