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									Where are they?
Computer science engineering, Information technology, once cited to be the most liked career
streams by any graduate, are being abandoned. With civil and other humanity streams offering
far better options, students are much likely to opt for them rather to software fields. Latest
reports reveal that 33,917 students have selected “CSE and IT”, where as 95,070 students
selected “EEE, Mechanical and Civil” as their fields in engineering (2012-2013).

What is the difference?
Software streams are more easygoing and are well-suited to a life of luxury when
compared to its counterparts. High pay and good growth pave the way for a bright
future, and not to mention, a unique work and lifestyle. But, trends do change! All of a
sudden, it turned upside down.

What could be the reason?
A dream of a fresher for a fancy job with fancy income is trashed by recession in ‘IT-
sector’, vacancies are less, and the one who is employed, could never know when he
could be stripped from his chore due to lack of projects, bench pressure messes up with
the brain and result is total breakdown of his career.

Presently, it’s the annual cost for pursuing engineering which is breaking the backs of
middle man, is drawing him towards non-IT streams. Many, who deserve and are skilled
for, are losing their opportunity to take up the field which they desire, on top of that
reservations are flirting with bright and talented candidates.
While other jobs are much more convenient for both management and its employees,
software jobs are never nine to six, you may be called in the middle of the night and are
assigned to accomplish the task. Night shifts and over time, both official and personal,
are pretty common in many “IT- Companies”, which is less healthy.

What is the situation?
Trend without technology is unimaginable, opportunities though are few, are open for
well deserved. Companies like Microsoft and Infosys are acknowledging losses, which
accounts to re-engage and rearrange the chart of existing employees for new projects
rather than hiring new employees. Though it is a burden, the cost of hiring and training
freshers will be nullified.

With that being said, freshers of CSE and IT are depending on their communication
skills to survive the existing competition and are folding for government and other non-
IT jobs, which are not so relevant to their background.

What could be expected?
If inventions are primary goal and talent is primary objective, spotlight will be on the right
person. Until the recession is over, the number of software engineers will still decrease,
and recession could only be perished by governments of all the countries. One policy
made by government can turn things around, if cost of studies, taxes, cost of daily living
can be reduced, things might get back to normal.

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